Many of the multi ethnic countries in the world are full of colorful festivities, Thailand is one of them. Its Chinese influence brought in the lunar calendar giving attention to its special dates. On a full moon evening of the 12th month one such festival takes place, Loi Krathong.

The festival takes place at throughout the country; city, towns or villages. Loi meaning float and Kathrong defining part of a banana tree trunk a floating device is created. On this night Thais will float their beautifully decorated Kathrong of various sizes in ponds, lakes and rivers illuminate every corner of the country. Although back in the days this ritual was taken place to pay respect to the spirit of water and many more now days it’s simply for fun time with family & friends.

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Lined with white powder dusted beaches and coral studded secluded islands as far as the eye can see, the Maldives is an island archipelago of dreams for most newlyweds. This is why many of the world’s newly married couples head down to the sun-kissed perfection that is the Maldives to indulge in the honeymoon of a lifetime.

Those who wish to simply soak in the sunny atmosphere while working on a tan on sandy beaches could not ask for a better venue than the Maldives. As an island enclave of nearly 1000 islands, the Maldives includes innumerable secluded islands where couples can truly get away into a paradise of their own making. Blessed with sunny weather all year long, newlyweds can enjoy the sun, surf and sand while more adventurous couples can take a tour of the islands on board a cruise ship. Trips to the Utheem Island and Hulhule Islands are ideal for cruise lovers offering picturesque landscapes and spectacular views amidst a romantic ambience.

One can also discover the stunning world beneath the ocean floor by going snorkelling or scuba diving in the many coral islands dotting the country’s landscape. Infested with colourful marine life and beautifully formed internal lagoons and rock formations, the underwater wonderland just below the water is as romantic as the setting of the country’s pearl necklace of isles. Other popular couples’ activities on the islands include parasailing, surfing and sailing while whale watching is also an equally engaging experience. Reputed as one of the top five places in the world for whale watching, guests can expect to see over 20 different species including Blue Whales and Spinner Dolphins in the Maldives. Home to a wide variety of dolphin species, Bottlenose, Striped, Fraser’s, Rough-toothed and Spotted dolphins are also frequently seen by seasoned visitors.

With a host of luxurious spas to its name, the Maldives is also the venue to indulge in relaxing spa therapies for two. Housing overwater treatment rooms and spa retreats, couples can unwind with a bottle of bubbly as they enjoy a sensual frangipani bath followed by an aromatic massage. Home to sprawling parklands and historic monuments, other points of interest within the Maldives includes Sultan Park and the National Museum where guests can get a feel for the nation’s culture and history.

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The exceptional country of Maldives has long been a popular wedding destination. The pristine beaches with golden shores and tranquil water, colourful coral reefs and the beautiful marine life create the perfect place for a romantic Maldives wedding. The number of people arriving in Maldives to take their vows and celebrate the occasion in an elaborate and grand way is rapidly increasing. The stunning surroundings and the atmosphere make a wedding in Maldives extra special.

The marriage ceremonies in these islands follow the Muslim system, conducted by the ‘gazis’ and the Atoll chiefs. These ceremonies are usually held at private halls or mosques. Feasts are organized inviting a large number of guests. However, the country is famed as a wedding destination for tourists who prefer golden beaches or a resort.

The fantasy of a romantic Maldivian wedding can be realized in an array of momentous experiences at a villa in the islands. Amidst the myriad of natural wonders, each passing moment will bring bountiful pleasure, as you say your vows with ever growing passion. Enter the new delightful chapter of your life with your partner with a ceremony that is inspired by the poetic enchantment of the exotic setting of a beach, or on a cruise into blissful tranquillity.

The utmost serenity of an occasion of love held barefoot on pristine white sand is truly exceptional as a host of unexpected guests adorn your bridal party – such as dolphins rhythmically jumping atop the distant waters. Amidst the intriguing whispers of the ocean breeze you may share your vows making memories to treasure. Toast your love with glasses of champagne while enjoying a candlelight dinner by the enchanting beach.

Some prefer a wedding aboard their very own private yacht which promises many pleasures in the spectrum of intimacy and joy as you cruise along the kaleidoscopic beauty of the Indian Ocean. But the greatest ever romantic adventure would be an underwater wedding; you dive in together to where the colorful corals and exotic marine life create an extraordinary setting for your ceremony. A seafood BBQ will be set up on an isolated island as your newlywed dinner. The experienced dive master photographer will capture each and every amazing moment, both below and above the surface. Plant some corals together one day while reminiscing your surreal underwater wedding; you can imagine them growing strong just like your love.

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Showered by a sub Mediterranean climate USA’s second most populous city Los Angeles is known for many other aspects than “Hollywood”. Diverse climate is a result of its unique geographical positioning as a hilly coastal plain. Encircled by the Pacific Ocean to its south and west the city resides from the Santa Monica to San Gabriel Mountains from the east. Thus opening doors to many canyons and valleys for the wondering eye to explore. This is an ideal getaway for couples who enjoy exploring the diverse regions of USA.

Its diverse Spanish-American culture fills the daylight while the nightlife is kept alive by the party animals that crawls the city the streets till the break of dawn. If you are less of a party fanatic there are many aesthetic cravings that you can savor which could be found in the Los Angeles Country Museum of Arts.

The many Los Angeles hotels will pamper you with relaxing spas and local to international gastronomic cravings that will present you with a complete romantic escapade.

Macau, a ‘special administrative region’ of the People’s Republic of China, was a colony of Portugal for over 400 years. It has the distinction of being the initial as well as the final European colony in China. The European influence can be clearly seen in the western style buildings of Macau’s old city.

Today Macau is one of the most affluent cities in the world, with its flourishing economy based on electronics, textile and toy manufacturing as well as tourism. The city enjoys a high degree of autonomy in many spheres, with the freedom to continue its successful market economy.

Macau is a delightful destination for honeymooners with an array of entertainment options available. Having fun is the major intention of any honeymoon, and there are many recreational opportunities in Macau. If you desire to view flamboyant cabaret-style shows, Macau offers many options in the form of a variety of nightclubs. For the visitor with slightly different tastes the selection on offer includes Portuguese folk dancing, discotheques with prominent DJs, high-profile entertainers and live dance bands.

If live music is your entertainment of choice, Macau offers a huge variety including Latin, Brazilian and African music in addition to international pop. The Docks area is the venue of choice for live music. This waterfront district has many lively pubs and clubs which stay open till the early hours. Every establishment projects a unique ambience with distinctive varieties of music including hard rock bands, Filipino house groups and Portuguese folk music.

For those who prefer an artistic or cultural experience, the Macau Cultural Centre offers many delights including musicals, ballet, dance or opera at its Grand Auditorium or an art film in its small auditorium.

Meanwhile the Cybernetic Fountain on the waterfront offers nightly music shows and laser displays on holidays and weekends. For movie lovers there are impressive cinema complexes at the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre and other venues.

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Get ready for the experience of a lifetime as you engage in an exhilarating hot air balloon ride in Christchurch. Enjoy panoramic views of Christchurch and the city’s surrounding areas from a vantage point that few have ventured on, and capture breathtaking photography from the balloon’s comfortable interior! All this and more can be experienced upon boarding a hot air balloon when holidaying in the scenic environs of Christchurch. Ideal for families and couples, this thrilling ride is a popular recreational activity among both locals and tourists looking to relax and create memories with loved ones and friends.

Christchurch is one of the few places in the world where visitors can balloon from the centre of the city, journeying towards the snowy peaks of the Alps over the striking greenery of the scenic Canterbury Plains. As you gently float towards the nearby mountains, be sure to capture some outstanding photos of Christchurch’s diverse topography. Several hot air balloon operators can be found in the city centre where visitors will be able to book a hot air balloon ride. Most balloon rides include a refreshing glass of champagne upon arriving at the desired destination, and a flight certificate that is awarded to all who participated in this fantastic journey through Christchurch.

Staying at a Christchurch New Zealand hotel such as the Copthorne Hotel Christchurch Central provides the ideal place from which the vibrant and beautiful city of Christchurch can be explored. With picturesque views of the Avon River, Victoria Square and the Southern Alps, this leading business class hotel in Christchurch is a preferred accommodation base among both business and leisure travellers seeking comfort and class in the heart of the city. Guests staying at this stylish hotel will easily be able to access all that Christchurch has to offer!

Not every couple desires a vacation on a white sand beach. If you are an outdoor fanatic who likes the chilly winter breeze and gaze at extraordinary creations the kiwi land is where you should head. New Zealand has so much to offer than just a romantic ski vacation. It’s snow topped mountains are just one of the many excitements that await. They say that most precious jewels are hidden in secluded places. Likewise the small town of Te Anau created its space in the world map because it holds the key to a mesmerizing wonderland….the Milford Sounds.

This magnificent natural wonder is encircled by mountain peaks that are nourished by lush rain forests and ocean waters that run inland from the Tasman Sea. This besides the beautiful flaora and fauna that surrounds its trekking path, delta opens its door to much marine life as seals, penguins, dolphins and even whales

The valley waters that tip over these high peaks form breath taking waterfalls. On a rainy day tourists would get lost in the beauty of a magnificent water work as giant waterfalls are shaped from all directions. On a sunny days boat cruise you can glare at a mirrored view of the mountain peaks lying atop the calm ocean waters.

Since you would be spending more than half the day “oohing” at this natural marvel a simple Te Anau Hotel is satisfactory for a peaceful nights rest. Let the pictures do the talking as I cannot ever do justice to the Milford Sound’s geographical wonder created by mother earth.

There is only one city in the world that is shadowed by a romantic atmosphere throughout every season. With great cuisines to arouse your taste buds and breathtaking walks ways surrounded by picturesque views, artists & accordion music, Paris is “the” city to appease all your senses.

The city’s greatest masterpiece, The Eiffel tower is a sight to be gaze. But there lays a romantic touch to its iron bars which is only surfaced with the setting sun. An age old bottle of wine, French bread, petite basket of fruits and perfect spot on Champ De Mars is what you need to witness the world wonder lit up with shimmers. The perfect setting for a simple and romantic urban picnic!

After watching the great spectacle and the city views atop the tower you can explore a true French atmosphere at Rue Cler. This small pedestrian street is filled with monsieurs and damsels that flock to illuminate the city’s night life. You can find bakeries spreading sweet aromas, variety of fresh fruit stands, ideal French café’s and many more that gives you the authentic French touch.

Another marvel that could not be ignored is Champs-Élysées. Although during day light it’s a bustling avenue it has a different ambiance during night time. The wide north foot path is an ideal romantic walkway where you and your loved one could walk hand in hand whispering sweet nothings. At the west end of Champs-Élysées stands Arc the Triomphe built in dedication of those who fought and died during the French revolution. The most romantic sunset in Paris is viewed through this man-made wonder and that moment is nothing but a breathtaking sight for sore eyes.

How could anyone possibly miss the cuisines? These one of a kind dishes truly are magnifique! All the French cuisines the world over cannot stand in par with what you dine right here in Paris. Rue Cler and Rue Champs de Mars provides you with many small yet romantic restaurants that will tantalize your taste buds. Make sure not to miss out on the mouth watering tarts, cakes, pastries & variety of cheese and wine available in the open markets.

With the most romantic sights, soothing music & enticing food, love is indeed in the air here in the city of Paris!

Around 5 millenniums ago, Chinese Empress Si Ling-Chi discovered silk by a fluke. Si Ling-Chi developed the sericulture, the science of silk production, and also introduced silk garments to the world. Thousands of years later it was spread across the world, including Thailand. Thai silk industry dates back to some 3000 years, according to the archaeological discoveries. Whereas the oldest evidence for Thai silk is reported from Baan Chiang, a heritage site in Udon Thani Province.

Towards the northeast of Thailand is the Khorat Plateau, popular for being the country’s hub of silk industry. From raising the silkworms called Bombyx mori, to weaving graceful silk fabrics, Khorat Plateau oversees the silk production and also supplies rose silk since many years. At present, Thai silk is acclaimed as the finest fabric in the world.

Bombyx mori silkworm is hatched from the silk moth’s eggs and they feed on mulberry leaves. After feasting on the leaves the silkworm spin a fluffy cocoon using their spittle. The colours of the cocoon vary from pastel green to light gold, while the total length of its fibrils spans from 500 to 1500 yards. It is soaked in boiling water to separate the fibrils.

It takes several fibrils to produce one fine silk thread strong enough for weaving. Some use machines while a majority use hand-reeling to produce these raw silk thread. Its natural yellowish colour is removed by immersing the skeins in hydrogen peroxide. Before the weaving process, the raw silk is again soaked in hot water and dyed in vibrant colours. Weaving is done using traditional handloom methods, after washing and drying the silk yarn.

Unlike other types of silk, Thai silk have special attributes that defines its prominence. The special lustre of Thai silk comes from its triangular shaped fibres, reflecting an iridescent similar to a prism. The sheen and lustre of the silk also changes alluringly according to the angle and the reflection of light. To authenticate the quality of Thai silk, the fabrics are also given a special peacock emblem. The peacock emblem has a range of colours such as gold, silver, blue and green symbolizing its production method, quality and authenticity.

Products made from Thai silk are handbags, handkerchiefs, neckties, readymade clothes, scarves and even photo frames. Travellers to Bangkok can find these rich silk products at any popular shopping mall, silk fabric shop, department store, shopping plaza as well as in the nearby Chiang Mai City. Visitors can find comfortable lodging at a cosy Bangkok apartment such as those available at Bangkok President Park, a Bangkok service apartment complex. Visitors can take pleasure in a delightful shopping extravaganza while gaining an insight into the art of Thai silk production.

One of the most joyous and celebrated occasions in Khmer traditions is a marriage in a Khmer family. Wedding celebrations may last for approximately 3 days and can even stretch on for a week, and is usually filled with much merriment, festivity and colour. A lot of preparation goes into the numerous events that are held during the wedding period and is bound to keep the whole family busy and celebrating on a continuous basis.

The Khmer tradition of the wedding evolves around the legendary story of Cambodia’s origins. It is said that the first Khmer prince, Preah Thong, married the Naga princess, Neang Neak, who he met on his many travels as he was exiled from his homeland. As a marriage gift, the princess’s father was said to have swallowed a part of the ocean bringing forth the land of Cambodia.

As the wedding celebrations begin, family, friends and other community members continue to stream in to join in this joyous occasion. Some typical features of the wedding would include a band of musicians playing throughout the day, and the bride changing her wedding garments time and again. Dressed like royalty, the couple is truly a magnificent sight to see.

The wedding ceremony is made up of many events put together. Some of the highlights from these include the Groom’s Processional where the groom is invited to the bride’s home bearing many fruits and sweets. The Cleansing Ceremony will captivate you as according to Khmer tradition the couple needs to undergo a process of elaborate cleansing that involves dancing around the couple, cutting their hair, shaving the groom and perfuming them. The knot tying ceremony is also a unique one where family and friends come forward to tie ribbons on the couple’s wrists as a sign of good wishes and to be photographed with them.

Apart from all the festivities of the actual wedding celebrations, there are plenty of other pre and post wedding functions as well. Witnessing and being part of a Khmer wedding is a true experience of the extensive culture and rituals involved in Khmer traditions and are a series of events that you will never forget.

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