Quench your taste buds with the tantalising aroma and bittersweet flavours of the Singapore Sling. Founded at the Raffles Hotel Singapore and surrounded by the history of colonial times, the Long Bar at Raffles saw the birth of this infamous drink by the hands of barman Ngiam Tong Boon in the early years of the 19th century.

The Singapore Sling was originally created as a drink for women, and this factor is evident in the pink hues of the drink. However, nowadays both men and women enjoy the drink. With the recipe indulging in many contrasting flavours and spirits, the Singapore Sling is the signature cocktail of the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel. The drink which has been around for nearly a century, includes the likes of gin, cherry brandy, pineapple juice, lime juice, Dom Benedictine, Cointreau, a touch of Grenadine and a slight dash of Angostura Bitters. The Singapore Sling is then poured and garnished with a slice of watermelon and a cherry.

Originally, the drink was known as “Straits Sling” and was nicknamed Singapore Sling. Nevertheless, with passing time, the drink was permanently revamped to Singapore Sling. The modern Singapore Sling is available on all Singapore Airlines flights, being free on all classes of travel. The success of the drink has resulted in other Raffles Hotels’ creating similar signature drinks such as the Dubai Sling at Raffles Dubai. The drink is also served in most hotel bars of the Raffles Hotel chain around the world.

Visitors should not miss the chance to savour the bittersweet flavours of the Singapore Sling at the Long Bar while staying at the Raffles Hotel Singapore. With the recipe provided to all guests along with the drink, anyone can dabble in concocting this marvellous cocktail. Make sure to take in the sumptuousness of this wonderful drink when in Singapore.

Popularly known as Bakheng Phnom, the hill is reminiscent of a temple mountain where you can catch one of the best sunrise and sunset views that you will see in the Angkor area. Atop the hill stands a temple that is built in a manner that resembles Mount Meru which is believed to be a shrine to the Hindu gods.

Streams of tourists crowd the upper levels of this famous temple hill to experience the magnificent rays of the sun as it highlights the surrounding area. An ideal time to ascend this mountain would be early morning before the sunrise to see the golden hues of the sun as it begins to radiate the magnificence of the area. The setting and rising of the sun illuminates the Angkor Wat main temple, which lies approximately 1.5 kilometers southeast in the lush greenery that surrounds Bakheng Hill. Other places such as the Phnom Krom to the southwest near the Grand Lake, Phnom Kulen in the east and the West Baray can also be seen in its majesty and splendour during this time.

Visitors wanting to view the beauty of nature in the rising and setting of the sun can also enter the mysterious world of the Khmer by exploring the temple that stands on this site. The mountain and the temple can be accessed from all 4 cardinal directions. You can take a peek into history as the site is home to ancient relics and architecture. There are 5 sandstone sanctuaries that lay in a quincunx design on the topmost level of the temple which is worth a look.

A visit to Siem Reap would not be complete without climbing up Bakheng Hill to witness the spectacular sunset. Visitors looking for a Siem Reap hotel should consider the Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor. It is aluxury hotel in Siem Reap and provides an elegant base from which to explore the surrounding area.

Horton Plains is one of the most unique and most scenic gifts found in the tropical island of Sri Lanka. This is conserved parkland situated upon a plateau at one of the highest elevations in the island, at the country’s mountainous heart. Semi-embraced by the great rivers of Kelani and Mahaveli, flanked by the towering majesty of the Thotapolakanda and Kirigalpottha mountains, this sun-dappled plateau is a dichotomy of evergreen forests and verdant montane grasslands.
The World’s End, the Mini-World’s End and Baker’s Falls form the trifecta of main attractions within the park, all three of which are found along a single semi-circular, 9-kilometre trail. World’s End is a 4000 foot high escarpment that affords a stunning panorama of the island, stretching even to the azure seas of the coastline. Mini-world’s end is a more easily accessible precipice with less sheer a drop while the Baker’s Falls is indubitably one of the most picturesque waterfalls found in the beautiful hill country.

Baker’s Falls is found on one of the tributaries of the Belihul Oya, and is named after the famous 19th century colonial explorer and huntsman Sri Samuel Baker. Cascading down from a height of 20 metres, the falls do not simply hurtle downwards in a mist of white; instead, white curtains of water gush over three elevations of smooth rock, into a steep gorge from which emerge flourishing ferns and Rhododendrons. The waterfall is said to be one of the spots Sir Baker would use as a resting point in his numerous hunting trips.

There are many crystal-clear pools and shallow streams in and around the waterfall, which are rather curiously overrun with trout – a fish which is not native to the island. This singular occurrence also harks back to the efforts of Sir Samuel Baker, who imported various livestock from England as part of his vision in establishing an English-style farming community in Nuwara Eliya. The chilly climes of his area mimic that of his colonial motherland, making it ideally suited to this enterprise and helping to popularize Nuwara Eliya as a popular holiday resort among Europeans, while the colony was still largely underdeveloped.

Baker’s Falls are easily accessible to visitors who trek along the well-used hiking trail, appearing seemingly out of nowhere after only a shirt journey. The more adventurous will be able to go right down to the water’s edge (although it must be cautioned that the rocks are slippery) and find their way to the large flat rock face on which they can sit and splash their feet in the falls. Tourists with exceptional bravado even take a dip in the pool found downstream, although the line between refreshing and hypothermic is rather fine when it comes to these waters.

This is one of the key natural attractions that tourists staying in Nuwara Eliya hotels are strongly encouraged to see. In terms of nearby accommodation, St. Andrews is a beautiful escape and well-reputed hotel Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka that affords great access to both the Horton Plains and other picturesque draws of Sri Lanka’s scenic hill country.

Weddings are a special time for families, and it literally is a once in a lifetime event and wanting the day’s proceedings to go on without a hitch with just the right setting goes without saying. For an occasion as special as one’s wedding the location plays a major role in setting the right tone and mood. For those looking to hold there special day on a sandy beach surrounded by clear blue water need look no further then beautiful Maldives islands.
This nation comprising of beautiful islands offers some breathtaking scenery right in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives comprises of twenty six little islands that spread themselves across a North South direction closer towards the Indian island of Lakshadweep and has an equally stunning neighboring country towards the south west of its location in Sri Lanka.

Among the countries in Asia the Maldives is the smallest and Male is the capital city. Its population is a little over a hundred thousand. Male is situates towards the south of the Male Atoll and not only is it the commercial hub it’s also the administrative capital of the Maldives.

Tourism is the major foreign exchange earner for these beautiful islands and many tour operators offer wedding packages as well. A popular beach for weddings is the Kuda Bandos Beach. A wedding in the Maldives offers everything from traditional to a modern style ceremony. A traditional ceremony will incorporate Maldivian cultural aspects included into the function.

A traditional wedding would include decorations with a local theme and beautifully attired Maldivian drummers heralding the new couple as they walk off into the sunset. Imagine a cruise round the island on a boat called a dhoni and later on enjoy either a private dinner or reception for family and friends on the beach.

Shifting one’s wedding destination overseas and having family and friends over would require some comfortable accommodation and the little island nation has many Maldives villas to choose from. For the couple who are looking to enjoy a bit of pampering and luxury Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa, Maldives is the ideal place to accommodate the special couple. These Maldives resorts have warm and friendly staff who will make sure everything runs as planned for that special day.

The Trang province of Southern Thailand is chiefly dominated by its flora and fauna, thriving in the mist-wrapped mountain peaks, verdant forests and pristine beaches. The western boundary of the province hugs the Malay peninsula’s coastline facing the Andaman Sea and claims ten districts, including an archipelago of 46 islands. The Trang River, one of Thailand’s most significant rivers, flows down from the Khao Luang mountain terrain across the Trang province.
The province is home to many wildlife sanctuaries and preservations that create protected havens for both exotic and indigenous plant and animal life. This has resulted in natural landscapes that are among the most unsullied by the touch of man. Although the coast of Trang enjoys worldwide recognition for its excellent diving and snorkelling sites, its mainland also presents a myriad of breathtaking natural marvels, chief among which are its waterfalls.
In the centre of a lush forest, the Roi Chan Pan Wang falls hurtle down a steep precipice into the rock pools below, from which arise curling tendrils of white mist. Its name translates into “hundreds of steps, thousands of palaces”, an apt description of the majestic rock formation that has been polished into steep ladders by needle-sharp threads of gushing water. A row of towering rubber trees stand atop this semi-circular rock like silent sentinels.
The Pak-Jaem falls, also known as the “Virgin Falls”, is a majestic cascade that streams down four tiers of rock in a sheet of misty white. Framed by blooming vines and creepers and a favourite haunt of colourful native birds, this waterfall appears as a long, virgin-white bridal veil.
The Water Garden of the Asoka Forest of the Khao Laem National Park is an area which boasts innumerable cascades threading through the limestone boulders and trees of a lush and verdant forest. Its main waterfall is Chong Banpot, which appears through a gap in the mountain.
The Tone Tok is a cascade that is yet more stunning. Accessible via a bumpy 3 kilometre track, this waterfall appears in a thick, relentless cascade over innumerable tiers of rock of a wide cliff into a basin below, suffusing the whole area in a rain-like mist. There is no uniformity among the rock formations here; some are rounded while others are simply flat. Nor are these limestone or granite rocks as usually found; beneath their moss-covered surface shines iridescent layers and colourful patterns. The panorama surrounding these falls is truly breathtaking, with sprawling rubber and rice plantations blanketing the vista of high and low hills.
The waters of the Tone Teh falls are among the most beautiful in Thailand. Indeed, it is also known as the “King of Waterfalls”. Appearing at the centre of one of the most scenic forests in the region, these falls have a sort of violent, hypnotic beauty, hurtling down from a spectacular 320 metre drop across a path of boulders, cliffs and stoic foliage. Many bathing pools are formed by these falls at different tiers. These falls and the surrounding wilderness come under the management of the Forest Conservation Unit.
The virgin beauty of the Chaopa waterfall rewards the traveller who braves its rough terrain. Surrounded by durian plantations in the mountain foothills, the route to the falls, which are locally known as Namtok Clongtong, is a scenic obstacle course of limestone cliffs, wading waters and a steep trek to the top of the mountain.  However, the cold, crisp air, leafy shade and crystal clear waters are well worth the trek.
Saving the best for last, the Praisawan and Sairung (Rainbow) waterfalls are seen a mere four kilometres apart from each other. Fourteen kilometres away from Thanonkot an uphill trek yields the Sairung falls and its sister cascade Praisawan. The inspiration for many poets, both these sites are shrouded in an atmospheric charm, the uninterrupted sheets gushing across a many-tiered terrace of rock surrounded by lush green foliage. The basin of clear water at the foot of Praisawan is singularly inviting as a bathing pool. The area is also a known haunt of local avian life.
It is recommended that travellers wishing to experience the many marvels of the Trang Province find accommodation at Amphur of Si Kao. This district encompasses over half the archipelago of islands belonging to the province. There are many elegant and star-class Si Kao hotels that provide great access to the great sightseeing venues both at sea and on the mainland. Anantara Si Kao, Thailand is one of the best reputed luxury hotels in Si Kao, offering a range of amenities and facilities to ensure a pampered and relaxing stay.
The city of Auckland is a city that offers a vast wealth of attractions to visit that have increasingly made it a popular tourist destination. With museums, zoos, amusements parks, dining options and more, it’s hard to go wrong when holidaying in Auckland.
For travellers only having the weekend sampling all that the city offers will prove somewhat difficult or impossible. Still, there is plenty that can be visited in the limited span of two days ensuring a rewarding visit.

The Auckland Botanic Gardens is a destination that is ideal for relaxation. Visitors to this destination can indulge in a relaxing stroll amidst a serene locale. Plants in the gardens originate from all around the world creating a strong amount of variety while there is also a visitor’s centre that showcases art pieces relating to botany in addition to a café that offers wide spanning views over the entire area.

The Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tamaki is the largest art institution in all of New Zealand and is well worth a visit when travelling to the city. Visitors will find housed inside, a staggering collection of over 12,000 works that collectively forms a robust artistic portfolio. In addition to the permanent collection, various exhibitions with temporary art from other institutions and contributors are also regularly held here.

For those wanting a slightly faster paced attraction, the Auckland Bridge climb presents a formidable choice. With the help of a tour guide, visitors will embark on a venture that will take them under, around and over the city’s famous bridge. The tour guide will provide insightful information while visitors will also be privy to fabulous views of the city’s skyline. A special bungee spot is also to be found here providing the ultimate thrill.

The Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari takes travellers to the Hauraki Gulf which is one of the leading spots in the world for marine mammals, which includes over 22 species of whales and dolphins. Going on board such a cruise will provide ample opportunity to catch glimpses of these majestic marine mammals.

During a weekend trip, travellers will have to find a suitable hotel in Marlborough for their stay. Copthorne Hotel Auckland City offers a Blenheim hotel Marlborough surrounded by the ever popular Marlborough Sounds.

Beruwala is small seaside resort in Sri Lanka that is located towards its Southwestern coast. The town is popular among locals and tourists for its close proximity to the capital Colombo which makes for a convenient weekend seaside getaway.

The demographics of this town are predominantly Moor and, according to historical sources, this is one of the first Muslim settlements on the island. It is said that Arab traders set up a village here in the 8th century AD and even today their descendents make up the majority of the area’s residents. Sri Lanka’s oldest mosque, known as the Msjid-ul-Abrar, is one of the historical landmarks in the region.

Today, however, travelers come to this part of Sri Lanka in search of its golden sandy beaches of which there are plenty. The beach stretches for miles and miles all along the southern coast and is only interrupted occasionally by a few coconut estates. Therefore, each and every tourist is assured of finding an excellent spot on the beach.

Because of it close proximity to Colombo, the beaches in Beruwala can be accessed via the Galle Road by a one and a half hour drive. In addition it is also close to many other sea side resorts along the southern coast such as Hikkaduwa and Bentota. The commercial cities of Galle and Matara can also be reached easily which makes Beruwala an ideal base to explore the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

As with many coastal areas, there is no shortage of excellent Sri Lanka hotels in the city. Telecommunication and transportation facilities are also available around the clock from many a hotel in Beruwela such as Jetwing Tropical Villas & Ayurveda Spa. Here in addition to a comfortable to stay, guests can indulge in indigenous medicinal treatment that promises well being and relaxation.

Singapore, well known for its immaculate and pristine living, has much more to offer the traveller. A veritable mix of nationalities, Singapore is home to a diverse population of Malays, Indians, Chinese and Westerners.

This island nation has also come to be famous for its exquisite dining experience, offering its visitors palatable delicacies from around the world. Furthermore the shopping available is every shopaholic’s dream come true. During recent times Singapore has also been building a name for itself in the art circles, and the rich cultural heritage of the island is being brought more to light.

All these attractions and wonders can be experienced during the day; however a Night Cruise is an experience that the traveller is sure not to forget.Singapore really comes alive in the night and is renowned for its vibrant nightlife.There are many kinds of Singapore Night Cruises that can be arranged, ranging from one night to even a week. The type of cruise will depend on the traveller’s convenience and what the traveller wishes to see. The whole experience will definitely include a bumboat ride, scrumptious cuisine, an art work centre and a stroll through the heady quay area with its pulsing night life. If you are a wildlife enthusiast then the Night Safari can also be included in your Night Cruise itinerary.

For the traveller seeking to explore Singapore at leisure and take in the full Night Cruise experience, accommodation at Singapore serviced apartments might be best. If the traveller is looking for a serviced residence in Singapore, then the Ascott Singapore Raffles Place with its prime location close to the business, entertainment and cultural areas will be ideal. This opulent serviced residence is geared to give its visitors the ultimate in luxury living. So come experience Singapore in style!

Towards the south of China rests Hong Kong an archipelago of 260 islets, renowned as one of the heavily populated regions of the World. Notable for its striking landscapes and soaring skyscrapers, Hong Kong is a major financial capital as well as a cultural and business center in the world.

Hong Kong is the birthplace for several popular music genres including Cantopop. The term Cantopop is derived from Cantonese Popular Music also known as Hong Kong Popular Music (HK-pop). Cantopop is influenced by a wide variety of popular genres such as Chinese music, Rhythm and Blues (R&B), electronica (electronic music), pop, jazz and rock.

If you prefer classical music, you would not want to miss the Cantonese Opera – a type of traditional musical drama. Originally an art form bestowed from the Cantonese culture of Southern China, Cantonese Opera is a fine fusion of singing, music, acrobatics, martial arts as well as acting.

To gain an insight into Hong Kong culture, you can indulge in the bravura performance of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. While inspiring and promoting musical appreciation amongst local inhabitants the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra claims to have a century old history entertaining 200,000 music aficionados with 150 performances every year.

Other than the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, there are various orchestras based in Hong Kong such as SAR Philharmonic Orchestra, City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra in addition to Hong Kong Sinfonietta.

Not only music, but also many types of dance styles ranging from ballet to flamenco and even tango are performed and practiced throughout Hong Kong. Institutes such as Alan Li Dancing Studio, Angela Lau Dance Studio, B Major Flamenco Club, Academy of Dance and Feliz Primavera Tango Shoes, among others, teach diverse dancing styles whilst enriching the performing arts of Hong Kong.

Moreover to observe scores of alluring musical and dancing performances, you can drop by at Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts or the Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s (LCSD) performing venues, where you can savor various shows of visiting and local performers. To study dance forms and also watch the performances, try the institutes such as Hong Kong Dance Company, City Contemporary Dance Company or Hong Kong Ballet.

You can also capture the vibrant festivals hosted all year around in Hong Kong including the Hong Kong Arts Festival scheduled in February and March, the International Arts Carnival in the summer and the Thematic Arts Festival in October and November.

You can enjoy a host of music from classical to contemporary and many dance forms from traditional to modern, while staying at a comfortable Hong Kong hotel such as the Cosmopolitan Hotel. You can take pleasure in an array of amenities and services while savoring some of the most delectable cosmopolitan dishes at a Hong Kong hotel, with the advantage of having convenient access to many performing venues in Hong Kong.

Walking tours in the environs of Melbourne, one of Australia’s most celebrated cities is a great way for travellers to acquaint themselves with the special features of the city while simultaneously providing pleasurable exercise. Some tours focus on exploring the actual art scene in Melbourne by visiting galleries and artists’ studios but many other walks tour the highlights of the city.

Melbourne art walks aim to acquaint the visitor with the inside knowledge of the art scene; the tour will take you behind the scenes to discover the world of art creation, meeting artists and art educators learning artistic secrets always guided by a knowledgeable art expert.

Other tours aim to introduce the city of Melbourne to curious visitors. Highlights on tours include such notable destinations as the Queen Victoria Gardens, where the visitor will encounter the Queen Victoria Monument; and as you explore the gardens, bask in the shade of the lofty trees, while enjoying the picturesque flower displays. The intriguing statues in the park include The Pathfinder, The Phoenix, Water Nymph and the Water Children.

Also on offer on this route are the much-admired floral clock and the statue of Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria. Other highlights include the famous Shrine of Remembrance, the Royal Botanic Gardens, and numerous other places of interest.

Alternatively pedestrians may choose to explore the waterfront taking in such well known landmarks as the Federation Square, a focus of cultural activities and the historic Princes Bridge; admire the ‘Dervish’ statue while relaxing to the tunes of street performers. You will also take in the Southbank Pedestrian Bridge and the Enterprize Wharf where you will see the beautiful Constellation carved figureheads.

For the visitor who prefers urban features, tours are available to take a glimpse of the city’s imposing edifices which include the majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral, the historic Melbourne Town Hall and the Manchester Unity Building, a famed building constructed in the 1930s deco style. You will also view the imposing Parliament House, the appealing Princess Theatre and the Chinese Museum. These are just a few of the myriad of pleasures that you will experience on walking tours of Melbourne.

For the discerning traveller seeking luxury 5 star hotels, the hotels of The Langham Brand are an ideal option; the Langham luxury hotels collection uphold the finest standards in sumptuous accommodation and attentive service, providing a premier level experience for its guests.