A beach wedding is often held in an exotic location or a local beach whereas a traditional wedding is held in a reception hall or your own home. Here are a few things to consider when deciding which type of wedding you want.

Beach Wedding | Photo via Pixabay by - StockSnap , CC0 Public Domain
Beach Wedding | Photo via Pixabay by – StockSnap , CC0 Public Domain

The perfect location

If you want a traditional wedding, it is advisable that you pick a spacious reception hall in a convenient location. The best choice for a beach wedding is a private beach. If you decide to host your wedding in a Hawaii, Maldives or aย Sri Lanka beach resort, make sure you pick a reliable option that would take care of all the details for you such asย Heirtanceย Negombo.


Decorations in a beach wedding is often minimal due to the romantic ambience of the glorious ocean. A traditional wedding on the other hand includes a closed space decorated the way you like, this often costs a little more than a beach wedding as you are required to take care of every little detail.


Destination weddings contain a lesser number of guests due to travel costs unlike a traditional wedding where guest lists usually go on and on. Therefore evaluate your finances before deciding.

Wedding attire

The windy weather, the heat and the humidity at a beach wedding may require brides to avoid lace, ruffles and sometimes even shoes. Wedding attire in a traditional wedding can be pretty much anything you like.

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