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Weddings at Per AQUUM Niayama

It’s time for your special day and you have reached that stage in your planning where you are deciding on the venue. While a traditional church wedding is one option, if you and your significant other are more the outdoorsy type, and love the ocean in particular, then a wedding in the Maldives is the perfect choice. It is the ideal place to combine a couples getaway, wedding and honeymoon!

Many of the resorts in Maladies offer wedding ceremonies and while these don’t constitute as being legally binding they are nevertheless magical occasions that celebrate love. Apart from the setting, most resorts have their own wedding planners as well as feature distinctive restaurants in Maldives that can cater to your specific menu requirements. Of course decor and dining aside, what is truly special about a wedding here are the backdrops.

A beach wedding is one of the most popular options and while you can choose to have a typical western style wedding, for something truly one of a kind try a traditional ceremony. Set amidst the sight of an infinite Indian Ocean horizon, couples can walk along a path of soft sand accompanied to the beat of bodu beru drums. If you prefer an indoor setting that will easily be one of the most unique wedding venues, you can opt for such options as Subsix at PER AQUUM Niyama Maldives which offers an underwater backdrop!

Still not found that perfect setting? You can always choose a ceremony on the water be it on a luxury yacht or traditional boat known as a dhoni. Set sail into the horizon as a glorious sunset bears witness to your love; toast champagne with your life partner as the ocean breeze carries your whispers of love eternal to the star filled sky above.

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Inspired Weddings | Courtesy : Anantara Hotels , Resorts & Spas

Destination weddings or weddings where you follow the traditions and customs of the country you are in are becoming popular all over the world. Among the numerous luxury wedding venues that are highly favoured – Maldives, Vietnam, Langkawi – Thailand also is ranked up high. Before you sign up for a Thai style wedding, though, it is important to know the traditions and customs you are signing up for.

A large part of Thai wedding customs involve negotiation of a dowry, invitation distribution, as well as paying respect to ancestors. All these are done prior to the actual wedding, and it is unlikely you will be taking part in these activities. However, there are quite a few customs that take place on the wedding day itself that you might find interesting. One is Sai Monkhon. It is a custom where an elder wraps a long piece of string around the wrists of the couple while they kneel before him. The string is looped in circles which symbolise that the couple’s destiny is linked, but their individual identity is retained. Water is poured over this while chanting blessings. Following this blessing by the elder is the Shell Ceremony where other guests bless the couple. The name of the ceremony is derived from the use of a conch shell filled with water, which is poured over the couple’s entwined hands. It is in this instance that each guest places their gift in a basket – usually an envelope of money. You might not have the latter part of the tradition, but you most certainly can have the former.

As some of these customs might be uncomfortable for your guests, it is a good idea to have a wedding planner. Alternatively, you can opt for the service of a luxury hotel like Anantara Hotels, Resort & Spa to ensure that your theme wedding is customised.

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Bangkok is a laid back city in that you can stroll along the streets hand in hand, and no one would bat an eye. However, the high population and the busy nature of the people might make this leisurely stroll difficult. Having said that, there are ways to enjoy some cheesy romance in this city of busyness, if you know what to do, where to go, and what exactly is it that you want.

There are several things to try for a cheesy and romantic couples’ outing. One option is to watch the sunset from Wat Arun. Wat Arun is perhaps the most beautiful temple of all the temples in Bangkok. It stands on the bank of River Chao Phraya, rising above the water. If you can scale the steps at the tallest tower of the temple, you can witness a spectacular sunset over the city, a truly romantic view for any couple. If you are highly social people, you must visit the Moon Bar, a one of a kind rooftop bar that provides panoramic views. However, if either of you is with vertigo, it is best that you steer clear of this place, no matter how romantic a night out here ought to be. However, the most famous romantic couple activity is to visit a Bangkok spa resort. Or opt for a couple spa treatment at any of the numerous massage parlours that are there in the city. It is best that you read up the reviews and look for quality in terms of a spa treatment, though, as most places are more equipped for a quick foot massage than for a day-long romantic one. You can make this a truly memorable experience by opting for a place like Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort where you will get a treatment of a lifetime complete with a view.

Caleb Falcon is a travel writer who specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.