Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is one of South Asia’s most fascinating and popular destinations. Boasting a rich 2600 year heritage and a vibrant culture, the tropical island of Sri Lanka is renowned for its stunning golden sandy beaches, breath-taking scenic beauty, world famous archeological & cultural attractions, and recreational attractions. For all your internal transport needs, including wedding cars in Sri Lanka, try out the services of Malkey Rent a Car.
Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for any couple that wishes to have their dream wedding in an exotic and tropical location. The exotic charm and beauty of Sri Lanka, couple with the island’s warm hospitality, makes it perfect for any romantic occasion, especially wedding. But what really makes Sri Lanka one of the best locations for a romantic wedding is that it offers so many different settings, each of which is special in its own way.
The topography of Sri Lanka is such that it offers different kind of experiences in different parts of the country. Sri Lanka’s coast is known for its amazing tropical conditions and stunning beaches. Thus, for those of you who wish to have a special beach wedding, the options are numerous. There are many beach resorts in Sri Lanka that offers customizable beach wedding packages, so that you can celebrate the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, fused with the exoticism of Sri Lankan rituals and customs. Night time beach weddings are all the more desirable, as the cool nighttime breeze and the starry sky is sure to make your special night all the more memorable. Or you could have your wedding in Sri Lanka’s famously beautiful and tranquil Hill Country. With gentle rolling mountains, luscious plantations, and rich with culture, the Hill Country offers some truly spectacular locations to make your wedding simply magical. You can couple your wedding with traditional Sri Lankan rituals, ceremonies and customs, such as drummers, dancers, oil lamps and ‘poruwa ceremonies’, so that your wedding is both romantic and exotic.

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