Situated a mere 88 kilometers from Beijing and 110 kilometers from Tianjin, Mount Panshan Scenic Area is a popular destination among city dwellers as a weekend getaway for the tranquil and stunning beauty that surrounds the mountains as well as the historical importance and significance that it plays in the rich culture of China. It is also a popular tourist destination for the same reasons as well as for pilgrimages to visit the number of Buddhist temples and monasteries scattered across the mountain range. 
Since the age of the Hang Dynasty the dazzling beauty of Mt. Panshan has been acknowledged and admired. During the times of the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasties close to seventy two temples, numerous Xanadus, thirteen pagodas and several towers were built on the mountain. The dramatic boulders, rough terrain, elegant crystal clear streams, astonishing peaks and lush green vegetation of jade pine trees has drawn hundreds of poets, scholars, officials and emporers through time and one such is the illustrated emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dyansty who made thirty visits and wrote 1366 poems about the scenic brilliance of the mountain. 
Though during the World Wars the resort went into deterioration, the present government has undertaken steps to restore as well as build new temples to preserve this national heritage site. The four main temples, Tiancheng Temple (God proposing temple), Yunzhao Temple (Cloud Hiding Temple), Wanfo Temple (Ten Thousand Buddha Temple- home to 10,960 small Buddha statues) and Wansong Temple (Ten thousand Pine Temple) have been restored to their original brilliance as well as the Ancient Dagoba which is tallest tower on the mountain. Known as the ‘First Mountain east of Beijing’ the mountain has been named as one of the fifteen most scenic views in China for its spectacular view of the surrounding valleys and even a small section of the great wall, and is a must visit for all who visit China to get a glimpse of the rich past and culture of China.
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With sundrenched beaches and immense natural splendour, Maldives is a tropical paradise ideal for a honeymoon. Married couples from all over the planet arrive here to immerse in its coastal beauty. A couple can take a leisure stroll along one of the pristine beaches of the islands and as the dusk sets in they can enjoy an intimate candle light dinner beside the beach.

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Daybreak Waterfall is a breathtaking waterfall located around three kilometers off the shore of Lovina in a district known as Banjar. This waterfall is also known as the Singsing waterfall and is a hidden place in the land of Bali and is attracting many tourists to boast about its impeccable beauty. When you drive up the Tigawasa Village you would come across this enchanting waterfall with the most striking surroundings and shade making it a place loved by all its visitors. 
Once you reach Tigasawa village it is a small path of about 600 meters that is when you will discover the first Singsing waterfall. The steeper you go the trail leads you to the second waterfall. Since it’s a place of attraction among visitors you would not have to worry about meals and drinks because the place is already stalled with a few restaurants and shops to entertain the travellers. The significance of this place is that it has managed to give a purely romantic, exotic and exquisite touch to the atmosphere. Because of its natural scenery many nature lovers and couples love to have a peaceful time watching the calm waters rippling down in a cascade. When you climb up the hill near the daybreak waterfall you get to catch the most spectacular views of the far away glamour. From top of the hill it gives you the rare opportunity of watching an undisturbed sight of the full stretch of the Lovina beach.
In whatever the season of the year the daybreak falls still remains beautiful at its best taking any persons breath away at sight. When you come near the waterfall you would also get the chance of visiting other places of interest like the monument built during the reign of the Dutch. You might need some Bali Resorts to spend your nights and to relax while you are tour around the country. Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa is a great place to try out and is locate in the vicinity of Daybreak waterfall. It will probably be the best Uluwatu Hotels that you will try in Bali.
While Sri Lanka may be known for its pristine beaches, this island paradise also has a number of other stunning natural attractions including waterfalls. Many of the country’s well known falls can be found in and around the hill country or what is referred to locally as the “up country”. Made up of not one, but two cascading water sources, St Clair’s Falls, is a picturesque site definitely worth visiting when in the area. The 329 foot Ramboda Ella, the 281 foot Devon Falls, Lakshapana Falls at Maskeliya Oya and Baker’s Falls at the Horton Plains National Park are among the other scenic spots one can head to when exploring the up country.
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The natural beauty that Bali is famous for owes much to its varied terrain. The island’s numerous beautiful aquatic features of lakes, waterfalls, rivers and streams are as well known as its beaches and Gitgit Waterfall is one such beauty spot. To see water cascading down a green wooded hillside of a tropical rainforest is one of the most attractive sights anywhere. Gitgit Waterfall, part of the Gitgit river system in northern Bali, 10 km from Singaraja town and 70 km from Denpasar, is one of the most visited places in Bali on account of the elegant plume of water dropping 35 meters straight down from the edge of a cliff into a pebble lined pool below. 

It is relatively easy to hike to Gitgit Waterfall as it is about 500 meters downhill off the main road and the access route is well defined and signposted. The best time to visit it would be during the dry season between May and October when it is not dangerous to bathe under the waterfall as the water flow is generally less than during the wet season. There is also less likelihood of dangerous debris rushing down the hillside. Gitgit during the dry season is an ideal location to enjoy a dip in the pool below the falls, relax in the cool water just listening to the sound of water falling and gurgling away. However the waterfall is at its best during the wet months from November to April when the cascade is at its most spectacular and the water is really cold. Local legend has it that honeymooners should not swim in it as separation is inevitable if they do so. This is perhaps hinting at the danger of swimming under any waterfall the height of Gitgit. The thunderous roar of the waterfall is what greets visitors even before it comes into view and the first glimpses of Gitgit through the trees are always spectacular especially with the sun glinting off the falling water. 

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While modern western wedding customs are followed in Thailand, there is still a place for traditional ceremonies. Traditional Thai weddings occur in rural areas where arranged marriages are common place. Incorporating Buddhist rituals, the traditional wedding features several Buddhist monks who recite chants, in order to bless the union. This is followed by the custom of applying powdered incense on the couple’s foreheads, while other rituals include pouring water over the hands of the bride and groom by elders. After the ceremony guests can join the couple in a festive party where a meal is served. Those looking to experience some local culture should look to explore the enchanting Thai island of Phuket. 
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