What could be more romantic and unforgettable than an outdoor wedding, whether set on a sandy beach, a lush garden or a sweeping field? How about celebrating your big day with a magnificent Outdoor Wedding, Dubai. The city of Dubai is famous as a holiday and shopping destination, but recently, more and more couples are looking to tie the knot in Dubai with lavish outdoor weddings that make the big day just a bit more special.

Several luxury hotels and resorts like the Desert Palm PER AQUUM, offer bespoke tailor services to cater to any individual requests or ideas that the couple might have for the ceremony to make the big day as exceptional as possible. Dedicated wedding planers are on hand to guide you through all the finer details from selecting the backdrop for your location to customizing sumptuous menus, selection floral arrangements, entertainment and even lighting.

Imagining standing barefoot on the shores of a beach, waves lapping at your feet as you recite your vows; Say ‘I do’ as the sun sets and celebrate with friends and family into the night with an al fresco banquet on the beach. Dubai has several impressive locations to host an outdoor wedding or even the resort itself might have unique locations to pick from within the premises. For a more traditional setting, walk down an aisle lined by olive trees and say your vows surrounded by manicured gardens bursting with an array of fresh blooms, or

Dubai has plenty to offer in terms of locations and first class services to host everything from engagement parties to wedding receptions in mesmerising surrounds. Whether by day or dusk, the stunning views and unique outdoor setting provide the perfect backdrop for a day to be treasured with family and friends.

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Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Eyes lock. Hearts fall. And then the story moves to a happily-ever-after. What better way to celebrate love, a union that is embedded in nature itself, than on a nature-provided setting that requires almost no interference from the human creativity. Maldives, in that aspect, is the perfect destination for island weddings. Maldives, being picturesque as it is, is a favourite spot for destination weddings. It is so popular in that almost all Maldives hotels offer special wedding packages and Vow ceremonies. The beauty of an island wedding in Maldives is two-fold: gorgeous locations and convenient ceremony.

What wedding party would refuse perfect weather on their special day? Tropical Sun is a blessing for wedding photography, while the turquoise waters of Indian Ocean that seamlessly blend with the deep blue skies provide a backdrop unlike anyone can create on their own. The golden sand is better than any sparkle one can buy, while the palms provide the perfect canopy. If you wish to add your own personal touch to the ceremony, it is available aplenty in Maldives and in easy reach. All hotels that offer wedding packages have a dedicated coordinator for your ceremony. All you need to do is inform them the date of your special day, and what you need. It is common for the packages to include tropical flower decorations, a Master of Ceremonies, a cake and a simple meal.
However, there is no need for your ceremony to be simple if you don’t want it to. While some couples arrive with their a few of their friends and have the resort staff witness their union, some others arrive as just the couple and the resort provides them with the bridesmaid and the best man in addition to other services. Nonetheless, there are options available, especially at luxury resorts such as Kandolhu Island Maldives, where you can opt not only for a private beach but a private chef and a full course dinner.
Maldives, with its brochure-like beauty, is a destination where love finds love. It, indeed, is an ideal location for your island wedding.

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Being declared once as the world’s fashion capital, London is a multicultural city where culture meets fashion. The locals are dressed with an array of colours, designs and styles making it the largest and most diverse city in the United Kingdom. Tourists looking for hotels near Hyde Park London would find that Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel is a quaint building with a Victorian setting adding to the glamour and history of this city.

Much of the locals and tourists’ fashion styles are dependent on the climate for the day. As most days are usually gloomy, wet and cool; spring, summers and winters have a mind of its own as visitors might see more rain in spring than in winter. Always carry an umbrella, unless dancing in the rain on the streets of London is on the bucket list. Wellingtons or rubber boots, trench coats or jackets are a popular clothing item in London as the chances of using these accessories are quite high. Keep in mind that most people, although they dress with an air of glam and the latest trends; comfort is the key. Women typically boldly accessorise themselves with statement jewellery and eye-catching purses. From sneakers to stilettos, leisure apparel to designer wear, women’s fashion styles adds colour and life to the streets of London! Men’s fashion styles are no different, as the latest trends, comfort wear, various colours, styles and prints are popular amongst men’s clothes and accessories.

For an evening function or a cultural event, men and women don their best attire for special occasions. Shorts and flip flops should be avoided for a special evening function. Being smartly dressed, either in a dress and heels for women or pants and a button down shirt for men is usual on a night out in London. Also keep in mind that most clubs don’t permit jeans and sneakers.

If shopping has been allocated for a whole day in the itinerary, pack a minimum amount of clothes and get to the busy fashion packed streets of London to sport the latest trends and outfits.

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What is it about islands that spell romance? It’s possibly the scent of the sea, the powdery sands, the sweaty palms and the seeming perfection. Maldives is one of the most popular spots to get hitched. The beauty of the location and the possibilities it offers are remarkable. You might want a bunch of family and friends with you on your special day or it could be just the two of you. The options are endless. Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon is a magical Maldives beach resort that allows you to celebrate weddings sparkling with love. However, that’s just one option among a gazillion. Marriage is synonymous with adventure in the Maldives.

An arch, with billowing white fabric and a splash of carefully chosen flowers awaits you in the horizon. The sea dances swiftly in the background while you vow to love and cherish for the rest of your lives. The world stands still momentarily, and you are bound to your partner in an unshakeable bond.

Suddenly, the world comes alive. Your friends cheer and break into fits of dance. The sky darkens and the sea takes on a different sheen. It’s then that the fireworks light up the island and sparks rain upon the dormant sea. It’s a blissful start to a life-long commitment.

Plan to have risqué wedding? Then an underwater ceremony would be the ideal option. Plunge deep and be pronounced man and wife in the most adventurous way possible. An underwater wedding is one that is explored by many fun-loving couples.

If you plan to tie the knot any time soon, Maldives is the perfect spot. It’s certain that your honeymoon would be unforgettably heavenly as well. So why not choose the Maldives?
It’s the best place to be officially bound for life.

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When it comes to Dubai, you can be assured that any celebration will be classy and spectacular. One of the most important days in anyone’s life is the day of your wedding, and if you want to celebrate that day by having a spectacular destination wedding, then Dubai is the place to be.

Can Anyone Get Married in Dubai?

The straightforward answer to that question is yes. However, there are certain requirements that you will need to fulfill before you can get legally married in Dubai. The problem is that these requirements do not apply uniformly to couples of all nationalities. Therefore, it can be very easy, or it can be a bit of an inconvenience. Even if it is an inconvenience, you don’t have to worry that much as many couples get married in their own countries, and fly to Dubai and have their wedding party there.

Religious, Symbolic or Party – Dubai offers it All

If you want a religious wedding, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. Given the diverse nature of Dubai’s society, there are members of all religions. Thus, a representative of your religion can be arranged with hardly a hassle. You can even choose to give your wedding a symbolic celebration, by customizing your wedding so that you and your partner can start your wedded life together in a manner that is special to the both of you. Of course, you might also want to party and celebrate your wedding with your friends and family, so you can even arrange a dance floor with wine and music.

What’s the Perfect Destination Wedding Venue in Dubai?

Well, there is no one answer to that question as all the luxury hotels and resorts in Dubai have various wedding packages to make your wedding truly special. Hotels such as the Desert Palm PER AQUUM even offer an outdoor wedding in Dubai, as well as many other facilities to make your wedding day unforgettable.

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Walking into the city, you can still see the colonial remains there. Galle is a city that was occupied first by the Dutch, then the Portuguese and finally by the British. The 36-hectare Fort is the best example of Dutch influence as far back as 1663. Starting from Fort, you can walk among other old walls and streets. All these colonial remains have earned Galle the prestigious status of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you are looking for tropical white sand beaches fused with fine art and streets marked with colonial history, you do not have to go anywhere else. It fulfils almost everything you will look for in a romantic destination. If you are looking for an ideal hotel, Galle has plenty of them which maintain good standards. A majority of the colonial buildings has now been converted into swanky restaurants and hotels. Closenberg Hotel is one such hotel among several others.

Galle is undoubtedly an essential place to visit when you are in the southern hemisphere of Sri Lanka. As for tourist attractions, the area is teeming with whatever you name from architecture down to nature. As you walk in the city, you will see how it stands a cut above the rest. That is much owing to the heavy colonial occupation. Thanks to that colonial inspiration, the city has a classic outlook. And the best thing about this area is that you can reach here within a few hours. If you are in Colombo, get to the expressway that leads to Matara. From Colombo, the Galle-bound expressway journey takes only an hour. This expressway journey is possible even if you use public transport.

To this day, you can see a large number of foreigners – outnumbering the locals at times, probably. For most foreigners, Galle has become their home. In fact, one-third of the houses is said to be occupied by foreigners. Today, you will see art flourishing in the city with the participation of both foreigners and locals alike. Whether it is creative writing, photography or designing, you can see kind of a revival here. The renowned Galle Literary Festival had been held here for a number of years.

Catalina Forbes is a travel writer who bases her content on many thrilling escapades experienced across the world.