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Island Weddings in Maldives

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Eyes lock. Hearts fall. And then the story moves to a happily-ever-after. What better way to celebrate love, a union that is embedded in nature itself, than on a nature-provided setting that requires almost no interference from the human creativity. Maldives, in that aspect, is the perfect destination for island weddings. Maldives, being picturesque as it is, is a favourite spot for destination weddings. It is so popular in that almost all Maldives hotels offer special wedding packages and Vow ceremonies. The beauty of an island wedding in Maldives is two-fold: gorgeous locations and convenient ceremony.

What wedding party would refuse perfect weather on their special day? Tropical Sun is a blessing for wedding photography, while the turquoise waters of Indian Ocean that seamlessly blend with the deep blue skies provide a backdrop unlike anyone can create on their own. The golden sand is better than any sparkle one can buy, while the palms provide the perfect canopy. If you wish to add your own personal touch to the ceremony, it is available aplenty in Maldives and in easy reach. All hotels that offer wedding packages have a dedicated coordinator for your ceremony. All you need to do is inform them the date of your special day, and what you need. It is common for the packages to include tropical flower decorations, a Master of Ceremonies, a cake and a simple meal.
However, there is no need for your ceremony to be simple if you don’t want it to. While some couples arrive with their a few of their friends and have the resort staff witness their union, some others arrive as just the couple and the resort provides them with the bridesmaid and the best man in addition to other services. Nonetheless, there are options available, especially at luxury resorts such as Kandolhu Island Maldives, where you can opt not only for a private beach but a private chef and a full course dinner.
Maldives, with its brochure-like beauty, is a destination where love finds love. It, indeed, is an ideal location for your island wedding.

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