There are numerous islands that belong to Thailand and many of them are in the Andaman Sea and in the Gulf of Siam. Idyllic beaches that offer a tropical paradise can be found on these islands, each with its own unique characteristics. Phuket is the largest island and famous for its full moon parties. Phi Phi Islands offer a picturesque setting for relaxation. Coral Island, Racha Islands, Lanta Islands, Khao Lak, Similian Island, Tarutao, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Koh Chang and Koh Kood are just a few of the other famous islands here. Krabi, located a three hour journey from Phuket and set amidst the blue waters of the Andaman is a stunning island worth visiting.

Here, visitors can relax and enjoy the pristine nature which includes a jungle covered interior, limestone caves and waterfalls which have also made it a thriving habitat for wildlife. Much of the island has been demarcated for natural preservation, making it relatively more pure and less cluttered than its counterpart Phuket.

Phra Nang Beach is located between Railay Beach and Ao Nang Beach. The location is just as beautiful and offers a more private locality compared to Railay. This beach also has an old folklore attached to it; there is a limestone cave here that local fisherman believed to be the home of a sea goddess. One can reach this beach by long tail boat and there are several options for refreshments and light snacks if you decide to spend the whole day.

There are some interesting things to do while on holiday in Krabi such as visit Railay beaches and caves, go island hopping around the 200 or so islands around Krabi and head to such attractions as the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, Wat Tham Sua, Klong Thom Hot Springs, Khao Khanab Nam and Susan Hoi the shell cemetery.

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The capital of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi is a charming city built amidst a stark and picturesque dessert. A great way to explore this landscape is by embarking on desert walks which gives one the chance to get a firsthand experience of the city’s environs. Such tours let visitors appreciate the natural setting and the lifestyle of the Bedouin’s who call the desert home. Offering desert walks, Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara is a luxury Abu Dhabi hotel that gives one the chance to explore the nearby Empty Quarter. One of the best Abu Dhabi hotels, this stylish and modern desert resort also offers such outdoor activities as camel trekking and mountain biking amidst rolling sand dunes.

With stretches of pristine beaches kissed by turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Maldives make for the ideal destination for a memorable honeymoon. Popularly referred to as paradise on earth, the Maldives islands are adorned by vibrant coral reefs and sparkling aquamarine lagoons. With such exceptional scenic beauty, the islands effortlessly evoke intimacy as you enjoy a candle light dinner by the sea under the starry skies. Couples can either laze around in their private bungalow being treated to a spa treatment or visit a nearby uninhabited island to bask in the comfort of seclusion. Travellers in search of Maldives luxury hotels will be pleased with the accommodation at Anantara Dhigu, Maldives. Ideally located amidst captivating natural splendour, the Maldives resort offers various facilities for water sports.

A city famous for excellent shopping opportunities, glittering temples, a vivacious nightlife and hospitable people, Bangkok is an exotic destination ideal for a memorable honeymoon. Couples can embark on a delightful shopping excursion, experience a revitalizing Thai massage or sample delicious Thai cuisine. Whether you are planning a long or short honeymoon vacation, the city will not disappoint owing to its wide range of attractions and accommodation options. Among Bangkok serviced apartments, the ones at Anantara Baan Rajprasong, Bangkok exceptionally elegant. With an array of additional leisure facilities, this residence is the best choie for the traveller seeking a serviced apartment Bangkok.

Rich in history, China boasts a wealth of cultural traditions and beliefs that can be seen even today. Weddings in China are an example of a cultural event that provides fascinating insights into the traditional practices.

A traditional Chinese wedding begins with the proposal, usually facilitated by a matchmaker who acts on behalf of the families of both the potential bride and groom. The main parties in these negotiations are the parents rather than the couple. Once the prospective parties are in agreement, the betrothal process begins. When an agreement is reached and engagement tokens have been presented, the families would then decide on the most favourable auspicious day for the wedding ceremony.

Two important rituals take place on the wedding day and they are both symbols of the bride and groom’s progression into adulthood. The ‘hair dressing’ ritual concerns the bride who on the dawn of her wedding bathes with water that has been mixed with pumelo that is believed to purify her from evil influences. This is followed by the bride being attended to by a person referred to as the ‘good luck woman’, who styles her hair in a traditional manner while speaking words believed to bring about good fortune. The ‘capping’ ritual involves the groom who puts on a red sash and a pair of red shoes before going and kneeling at the altar of his family. The groom’s father then places a cap adorned with cypress leaves on his son’s head. Since red is symbolic of joy, the bride and groom usually have a lot of red in their attire.

The wedding itself is a simple ceremony which centres on paying homage to family ancestors, ‘Heaven and Earth’ and ‘Tsao-Chun’, the Kitchen God. The ceremony also includes the offering of tea with two lotus seeds or red dates to the parents of the groom. An important element of the wedding is the subsequent banquet where family and friends join together to celebrate the union.

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The Couple’s Retreat Garden located in Suzhou City has gained recognition as one of the region’s most esteemed parklands. The park seen today is an additional development made to the original park, the Sheyuan Garden which was created in the Qing Dynasty by Lujin. The garden as it is seen presently is considered to be amongst one of the outstanding classical gardens in Suzhou. The scenery of the area which spans 1.81 acres features rockeries, water features, green mountains, towers, elegant halls and pavilions, imposing trees and lovely blooms.

The Couple’s Retreat Garden was included in the World Heritage list of UNESCO in 2000. The park comprises of smaller houses and a large mansion constructed in the centre of the landscaping arrangement with two gardens located to the west and the east respectively. The park is surrounded on three sides by a large canal. Presently the garden features 21 couplets and tablets, 24 buildings, valuable ancient trees and brick carvings. The most attractive scenic areas are the Yellow Stone Rockeries, Western and Eastern Gardens, and the Chengqu Cottage.

The central mansion on the grounds resembles other such ancient edifices seen within Suzhou. The mansion features four principal terraces, of which each includes a main hall, guest hall and lobby. On the west and east sides of the mansion wing-rooms may be seen. The gate of the grounds is faced by a large courtyard.

Visitors may traverse the twisting corridors to reach the Eastern Garden, which features ponds and hills. In a corner the visitor will see the Chengqu Thatched Cottage, which lies adjacent to the Chuxiang House and other attractions.

Not to be missed is the Yellow Stone Rockeries, an artificial hill where visitors will see various platforms, stone chambers and a pool on the eastern side. The western section is less imposing but is still a charming part of the garden. Another key attraction is the Western Garden, which contains lakes, rockeries and platforms as well as the Heshou Pavilion and a library.

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The breathtakingly beautiful environment of the Maldive Islands is always a delightful location for holidaymakers, and it is recognized as a premier destination for yachting. As the Maldives consists of an archipelago of islands scattered across vast expanses of ocean, naturally yachting is an ideal way to explore the numerous atolls. Yachting enables enthusiasts to get away from it all and experience the magical ambience and picturesque landscapes of the Maldives.
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