Holidays and vocational retreats are in many a form that one can take at will, but a honeymoon is a once in a life time experience that will remain etched in memory forever. To highlight the moment of an unbreakable vow, there is no better retreat than the Maldives which offer the world’s best backdrop to celebrate love in tranquillity and seclusion. Presenting endless opportunities from dinner under the stars to exploring the thousands of uninhabited atolls to diving into the mesmerizing turquoise waters for an underwater exploration, this island holds an intoxicating magic revolving around it that will dazzle you and your partner.
For the more adventurous couples there are many activities to engage in. Diving, snorkelling, water polo, island hopping and night fishing trips are few of a plethora of excitement that awaits you where no two days will be the same. Be sure to catch the amazing boat trip towards the glorious sunset and enjoy a meal out in the sea with only the wind in the hair and the lap of the waves for distractions. Seek sanctuary at a Maldives Luxury Hotel to make the best of the most romantic vacation you will ever have with the love of your life. Designed in the fashion for a foot-in-the-sand easy going experience, Cocoa Island Maldives is a small private island Maldives Resort that will keep you returning back to relive the perfect honeymoon experience.

It is advised to arrive early so as not to miss a moment of this wonderful cruise from beginning to end.  The Navy pier will be all astir as the musicians set out their instruments and crowds discover their companions and as if that were not enough, the crew of the ship will greet you warmly and your host will lead you to your private party while the photographer captures the moment on his recorder. One can but be impressed with the elegant décor of the dining deck that even has a climate controller or can walk out to the observation deck and also not miss out on a visit to the captain’s bridge.

Savour the freshly prepared three course meal complete with dessert and coffee as you wish or simply indulge in some wine as the soft music sets the ambience for the cruise. There’s more to the cruise than simply dinning. Get aboard the deck that serves the place of a dance floor and groove to the trendy tempo or even better still sway to and fro to some slow jazz as the case might be. The night and its activities wear on late into the night as Chicago appears like a dreamland in the distance and the hours just melt away upon the water without even you realizing that the cruise has ended. If a traveler is lucky to be there during summer, he or she can update his cruise to a firework cruise where the night will be ablaze with the electrifying sparkle of a thousand fireworks.

One needs not be stranded ashore when the cruise ends, as there is always some superb Chicago hotel downtown that guarantees absolute pampering on the mainland. The Peninsula Chicago  beckons with its plush interiors and its exquisite array of spacious rooms and suites with their large king size beds, marble bathrooms and so much more of five star luxuries to charm any fastidious traveler.  This is one hotel that goes beyond the title of being a mere Chicago five star hotel and grants the traveler with a feeling of being home away from home.

Thailand is one country rich in deep rooted traditions. What better time to enjoy authentic culture than at a wedding function. Weddings in Thailand are largely festive and come with an array of customary rituals. While some of these customs have been lost over time, yoEntertainmentu still can get a good idea of Thai traditions in this joyous occasion.
Like many rituals, the exact depth and style varies from region to region. In Thailand, villages up country are keener on preserving old traditions and you may see some rather interesting activities preceding the wedding ceremony. Despite the presence of monks, Thai weddings are not really religious. However, it is very traditional and Thai’s believe largely on symbolism to make sure the newlyweds have a good amount of cosmic luck. 
It all starts with choosing the date. Thais seek the assistance of astrologers to pick an auspicious time and date; astrologers first ensure that the stars of both partners are compatible and then go on to give that perfect date to ensure a successful union. Even invitations are passed out at an auspicious time. The right time plays a huge part in the weddings. 
Elders and ancestors play an important role in the lifestyle of Thais. They give much respect to age and wisdom. On this note, the family pays visits to the graves of the ancestors of the bride’s family on the eve of the wedding; this is a rather simple but important part of the ritual. Then there is the gaining of merit; if the couple is Buddhist they usually make a donation to the temple to ensure a love filled marriage and even setting an animal free can count for gaining merit. 
On the wedding day monks chant prayers to bless the couple, after which food is served and there is plenty of merry making. One can enjoy many traditional activities afterwards offering plenty of colour, glitter and fun. Do not miss the preparation of the bridal bed, quite a fascinating culture in Thai Wedding ceremonies.
There is nothing more perfect than Bangkok cruises for a honeymoon gift package. Bangkok Cruise Tour is ideal for this and offers a truly unforgettable holiday experience as you take in the sights and sounds of this enchanting Asian destination.  

Whether to rekindle the old flame of romance, or better still to create incredible memories for one’s honeymoon, there’s nothing like Hong Kong for some star class wining and dining, star gazing, sun soaking or spectacular helicopter rides to lift you  up to the very clouds literally. Take your pick of the array of luxurious suites, condos or penthouses that have their elegant living space set up against the electrifying skyline of Hong Kong.

Start by taking a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong from atop one of its famous skyscrapers like the fourth highest building in the world, the International Commerce Centre, better known as the ICC. Let the eloquent views of the vast city cast the perfect ambience for you upon the 100th floor of ICC at sky100 observation deck with its 360 degree view of the city while zooming on your favourite attractions with the telescopes. Come down from the dizzy heights and snuggle up to your loved one on a yacht that whisks you away to a romantic island in Hong Kong for an exclusive dinner or better still get yourselves on the Dukl Ling, that authentic Chinese junk ship that sails around the ravishing Victoria harbor whose sprinkle of lights upon the dark waters offer the perfect backdrop for some fabulous and romantic snaps of the two of you.

Recapture the good old days of dating when movies were the highlight of an entire week, by going into the drive in movies in Hong Kong. Hire your own classic American car and drive into the theatre set up so tastefully with the harbor in the background with the cluster of looming buildings fencing it. After all that cuddling in the dark or under the moonlight, get some sun and much needed tan by dozing off under the golden rays at one of the many seaside spots that are also great for dining with a lineup of some great restaurants that offer alfresco dining.

A hotel in Kowloon Hong Kong is possibly one of the best formulas for romance while on a vacation to this region. The Peninsula Hong Kong is long known for its timeless allure as a destination in itself for many international travelers to Hong Kong.  Its superb placement so close to the city’s major attractions and logistics adds to its charms especially for the business and practical minded.  This fabulous Hong Kong hotel undoubtedly adds a great deal to your romantic vacation with a million tiny luxuries that envelops you in a luxuriant isolation where time simply stands still.