The beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka offers many attractions for the visitor from abroad. It has also acquired a strong reputation as an appealing wedding location offering an array of outstanding wedding venues such as those to be found in the charming town of Bentota. To make the most of a stay in this attractive town a Bentota resort such as the Avani Bentota Resort & Spa would be ideal. This fine hotel is reputed for its quality accommodations and picturesque setting.

Bentota’s beautiful natural scenery, beachfront location and balmy climate have made it a popular wedding location for both couples from overseas as well as locals. This attractive typically Sri Lankan town offers many different settings for an unforgettable dream wedding, with wedding specialists offering an array of special packages which include all the necessary elements for a memorable nuptial ceremony.

Many remarkable wedding locations may be found in the environs of Bentota. A beachside wedding is a popular choice, with the spotless soft sands of the shimmering local beachfront underfoot and palm trees as well as the glistening Indian Ocean as a backdrop.

You may choose to have an authentic Sri Lankan wedding ceremony complete with elaborate costumes, dynamic Kandyan dancers and the traditional customs and rituals. Even an elephant will be provided to create a genuine local flavour for the event.

Another attractive option would be a more intimate garden wedding in one of the local resorts. Often all the various aspects and details of the event will be handled by the wedding specialists, freeing you of the stress of coordinating this very special event.

As the environs of Bentota are so picturesque you will find many other delightful nuptial venues here, including a riverside ceremony or alternatively a cliff top wedding on the local hills. With so many captivating options couples will be spoilt for choice by the array of wedding locations to be found in Bentota.

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The Maldives offers many attractions for visitors and undoubtedly one of its most novel opportunities is the chance to conduct your wedding beneath the sea or in the otherworldly environment of an underwater chamber. Although this is not an experience available at all Maldives hotels it is possible at the attractive Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas. This fine accommodation also offers appealing rooms and considerate hospitality.

A wedding ceremony is the experience of a lifetime and most couples would want it to be a truly memorable and distinctive experience. Perhaps the ultimate fantasy themed wedding would be to exchange vows beneath the sea, in the exotic setting of the beautiful Maldive Islands. The delightful underwater environment of the Indian Ocean is pretty enough on a diving expedition and it will be truly unforgettable for a ceremony of this nature.

In an underwater wedding the couple is surrounded by vibrant marine creatures as they put their signatures on a special wedding certificate. Even the wedding rings are exchanged within the undersea setting and every cherished moment is recorded by a professional undersea photographer.

Another alluring option would be to exchange vows in a one of a kind underwater restaurant. This option makes it possible to include other guests in your wedding ceremony. With only a fully transparent glass wall standing between the participants and the stunning surroundings of the ocean reef, this will be a truly magical setting for your nuptial ceremony. Often the undersea wedding package will include such aspects as makeup and hair styling for the occasion, comprehensive photography and an elaborate dinner for the couple.

The exotic Maldive Islands is also a delightful location for a romantic honeymoon. The exquisitely beautiful environs of this magical archipelago is the ideal setting as you embark on the initial days of your wedded life. You will undoubtedly make memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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Travellers in search of a luxury Kandy hotel for their holiday in the hill capital will find no finer rest than The Secret Kandy. Located in a strategic position in the city this elegant hotel provides easy access to the Kandyan Kingdom’s most popular attractions.

Regarded as the island’s foremost botanical garden the Royal Botanical Garden of Peradeniya is a horticultural attraction of monumental scope and significance in Sri Lanka. Established as early as 1371 by King Kirti Sri Rajasinhe the venue was later transformed in to a botanical garden by Sir Edward Barnes.
Spread out across 147 acres the Peradeniya Botanical Garden occupies pride of place in the heart of hill capital Kandy where it is located. Towering above the surrounding landscapes at an awe-inspiring altitude of 460m the venue also holds the honour of being the largest botanical garden space of its kind in all of Sri Lanka. With cool weather conditions prevailing throughout most of the calendar year the scenic setting of this royally commissioned horticultural expanse could not be more appropriate.
Showcasing more than 4000 floral species within its confines the garden is lined with ferns, palm trees and screw pines that tower above the rolling lawns of the meticulously manicured grounds of the venue. Must-see points of interest within the garden include its Orchid House where rare species of the flower are housed while The Great Circle with plants planted by foreign rulers including Russian Tzars and British royalty is equally intriguing. The Spice Garden and the park’s own Arboretum and Herbarium are other highlights while the Ebony Collection, Cactus House, Medicinal Garden and the Octagon Conservatory are stunning corners of a garden that is a popular haunt for picnics and weekend getaways.
The Cycad Collection, Fiscus Collection and the Plant House with thorny plant genera are other intriguing quarters of Peradeniya which is also home to a large number of Sal Trees. Ideal for long walks and quiet evenings the flower beds that litter the park contain chrysanthemums, bougainvilleas and roses in full bloom.
A tranquil lake also occupies the centre of the garden and is laden with papyrus reeds and vibrant water lilies for all to see. A tributary monument to George Gardener is also located near the lake in the shape of a domed rotunda.

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