Koh Phangan is an island spanning an area of 168 square kilometres surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand, south east Thailand.  It is said that the moon is brightest in Koh Phangang and so it is famous for its Full Moon parties held every month, when the beaches come alive with the sound of music and dance. The bone white beaches, turquoise waters and waving palms make it the perfect backdrop for a beautiful beach wedding. 
Most couples are reluctant to exchange vows in a foreign land due to the complexity of legal regulations and documentary. But those willing to take that extra step will find Koh Phangan most rewarding. There are a hundred different resorts and locations to choose from. Be it a simple romantic wedding with only the bride and groom or a religious ceremony with the blessings of family and friends, Koh Phangan hosts it all. There are a wide range of weddings to choose from, a morning wedding on the beach under a palm tree or an exchange of vows bathed in the golden rays of the setting sun to be followed by a night fiesta with a juicy BBQ and fireworks.
Efficient wedding planners can be found by the dozen to make sure everything runs smooth and one will find experienced tailors for all jackets and wedding clothes requirements as well as the salons are more than adequate for all beauty needs. Photographers to capture those memorable moments are available and the fresh seafood and Thai cuisines are scrumptious. Not only will the wedding ceremony be a cherished memory of the bridal couple but it is guaranteed also be remembered by all who attend. Fire jugglers, flying lanterns, fireworks, karaoke, drummers and traditional Thai dancers will add to the splendour of the wedding and even maybe an elephant ride to whisk you off to the sunset. 
Koh Phangan resorts will provide all the services you require to make your wedding perfect. There is a range of Koh Phangan hotels to choose from, each with its own distinct style and beautiful scenery. Rasananda Koh Phangan Villa Resort and Spa has held many such weddings and is one of the best luxury resorts of the island.


Some observe from land, others survey from the waters, while the more daring watch from up and above. Enjoy the hawk eye view from joy riding on a hot air balloon where every seat has a jaw dropping view of the picturesque scenery unfolding beneath you.
Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean offers panoramic views of beautiful green landscapes, exotic beaches that cocoon this tear drop island and many a cultural and heritage sites that never fail to amaze the onlooker. So how does one get about to getting the ultimate sightseeing experience of this paradise island? The answer comes in the exhilarating prospect of hot air ballooning. When conventional sightseeing gets boring, here is the absolute thrilling means of enjoying the natural beauty of this Island.
Enjoy the dramatic views of winding rivers, cascading waterfalls, cultural site, beautiful mountains and local urban homestead that define this island unfold beneath you as you soar above them. The unique aspect of hot air ballooning is that no two rides are the same for always the flight routes are varied and the course of direction is never the same. Typically, flights take off into the rising sun at dawn break offering spectacular sights of the awakening islanders. Generally a flight will take you over the island for a good four hours and its is perfectly safe given the fact that there is always a jeep below the flight path with continuous communication with the pilot to make sure your slight in a smooth flow.
Hot air ballooning is heavily dependent on the weather and climate conditions and while no particular day is the perfect day to soar the best season for hot air ballooning ideally would be any day between October and April. With the lack of rain and light winds to carry you creates the perfect condition to best enjoy the panorama beneath you.   If you are a foreign traveller or a local travelling the distance enjoy the accommodation at one of the hotels Sri Lanka that are in close vicinity to hot air ballooning institutes. Aitken Spence Hotels are an exemplary choice offering some of the best hotels Sri Lanka. Within these beautiful accommodations you will find the finest of Sri Lankan hospitality.


If you are looking forward to transforming your wedding celebrations for an unforgettable event, there is no better way of accomplishing this feat than having a cruise wedding in Bangkok. As one of the premiere Asian cities, weddings in Bangkok as with Thailand are becoming increasingly appealing to couples, amongst which cruise weddings are the popular favourite. Taking you away from the pulsating city without actually leaving it, cruise weddings along the tranquil Chao Phraya River will prove to be an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the passing by splendour of this vibrant capital city of Thailand as you exchange vows and tuck into the delicious cuisine of both international and authentic Thai culinary delights.
Luxury Hotel Resorts in Thailand offer these cruises for you to choose from to celebrate the most memorable event of your life. Discover the flawless fusion of contemporary facilities, personalised services and flawless old world charm all served in the unique form of Anantara Bangkok Cruises  in Thailand. Wedding cruises Anantara,  one of the finest Luxury Hotels, will be everything you dream of and more.

Maldives is classed as one of the top destinations to holiday, be it honeymoons and romantic getaways or family vacations by the sea. Exceptionally popular amongst honeymooners, Maldives create the ideal setback for you and your partner to have that romantic break and escape to paradise away from the bustle of ordinary life. Apart from hours and hours of snorkelling and swimming in the mesmerizing waters of Maldives, there is plenty more in store for couples. Wander hand in hand surrounded by the splendour of Sultan’s Park, hop into a sea place and take off into the twilight above the glittery waters and observe Maldives at dusk or enjoy a scrumptious meal together beneath the stars while gazing into the endless horizons. 
If you want some alone time with your partner then you have a winner with a holiday getaway at Maldives. Island resorts in this part of the world are renounced for their warm hospitality and for those of you looking for an exceptionally good Maldives Hotel enjoy the array of comforts and fine wine and dining offered at Naladhu Maldives.

The Angkor Wat Balloon Ride is a spectacular method to enjoy panoramic views of the historic side of Siem Reap. Sought by a plethora of locals and tourists alike, it has become a popular activity that makes a must experience for anyone visiting the city.

The city of Siem Reap is a treasure-trove of historic monuments most of which have ancient religious significance. The Angkor Wat stands as one of the oldest remains in the city that has a deep rooted history of its own. A balloon ride over this popular Angkor Wat enables you to enjoy a panoramic birds-eye view of this remarkable temple courtyard highlighted by its lush greenery and ancient ruins. A Big Bright Yellow Balloon waits to take off into the sky roughly a km from the Angkor Wat. Pumped with light weight Helium, the Balloon takes you high up in the sky giving you the feeling of floating in thin air which is an exquisite experience in itself. Enjoy the magnificent skylines and soothing winds as you sail up into the sky in one of the most memorable events of your life time. The Balloon has a total capacity of holding 30 people and the best part of all is it comes at a very affordable price. After the balloon sails up high enough its stands stationary for roughly 10 minutes enabling you to capture some remarkable shots of the spectacular spread of landscape before you. From stretches of rolling greens, rice fields and villages to ancient temples and structures you can see it all luxuriously from the sky affording you the best of Siem Reap scenery in a nutshell. The Angkor Wat Balloon Ride makes an excellent option of sightseeing if you are short on time in Siem Reap.

Siem Reap is a myriad of historical tales that is exhibited by its carefully preserved remains. For the ultimate experience of the city and its wonders stay at the Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor which affords spectacular facilities that ensures you fully enjoy your stay. This Siem Reap Hotel provides luxury topped with fine service, making it one hotel Siem Reap proudly boasts as its own.

Located in the North of Krabi, Koh Hong Island or the Room Island is a part of an archipelago in Thailand. Pelay beach in Koh Hong Island is popular as one of the best beaches in Thailand and truly a paradise on earth. If you are interested in exploring the Koh Hong Island, you can take a speed boat tour. Apart from an island tour, you can experience snorkelling, swimming and enjoy a picnic at Koh Hong Island, a perfect getaway while holidaying. If you are planning to visit Krabi, Anantara Si Kao Thailand is one of the perfect Krabi resorts with five star luxuries. This Trang resort hotel will offer you the perfect atmosphere to unwind and enjoy your holiday in the island.

Some may say that driving in one of the most highly populated cities in China, Guangzhou, would be an arduous task; one would say the traffic would undoubtedly give any motorist a headache, the pollution would make environmentalists sob and the long winding roads a nightmare for all citizens. Contrary to any such belief and much to the delight of all these parties, the busy highways are adorned with various flowers of vibrant hues making the roads a stress relieving spectrum of colour.
Decorating the coast of South China, Guangzhou is perfumed by the flowers that are in bloom throughout the year winning the well justified title, City of Flowers, for the province. There is hardly a nook or cranny to be found that is not bordered by bright or pastel shades of mostly bougainvillaea. Its bracts smile as the sun shines and sway rhythmically whenever a vehicle whizzes past. The stems are well pruned and an aerial view makes the flowers look like a carpet or better a well frosted cake.  The entire city resembles a botanical garden and must take hours of tireless efforts as not a leaf is out of place. 
The well maintained flower beds wind themselves along the highways; take all the twists, bends and sharp turns in the primmest fashion. The contrasting shades of magenta, red and yellow are practically aglow above the green stems and leaves. Even at night when the roads are lit up the flowers bring an eternal cheer to the city. Guangzhou is blessed with a climate that can facilitate this beautiful flowering all year round, so whenever you choose to visit should be as good a time as any. 
Pop your head out of serviced apartments Guangzhou early in the morning and the fragrance of flowers will waft into your room while the flowers will nod to bid you a good morning. The service apartments in Guangzhou are also full of floral arrangements and flowering plants, making them eye catching abodes. The Ascott Guangzhou has long since established its position as one of the finest choices of accommodation in the region.