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Romantic Island Getaways in Maldives

Maldives is classed as one of the top destinations to holiday, be it honeymoons and romantic getaways or family vacations by the sea. Exceptionally popular amongst honeymooners, Maldives create the ideal setback for you and your partner to have that romantic break and escape to paradise away from the bustle of ordinary life. Apart from hours and hours of snorkelling and swimming in the mesmerizing waters of Maldives, there is plenty more in store for couples. Wander hand in hand surrounded by the splendour of Sultan’s Park, hop into a sea place and take off into the twilight above the glittery waters and observe Maldives at dusk or enjoy a scrumptious meal together beneath the stars while gazing into the endless horizons.Β 
If you want some alone time with your partner then you have a winner with a holiday getaway at Maldives. Island resorts in this part of the world are renounced for their warm hospitality and for those of you looking for an exceptionally good Maldives Hotel enjoy the array of comforts and fine wine and dining offered at Naladhu Maldives.