Home to stunning natural landscapes rich in beauty and biodiversity, Thailand offers idyllic nature escapes both on land and surrounding the wide expanse of blue that surrounds the country’s islands. Since the seas around Thailand are rich in marine life as well, these areas are also perfect for such activities as snorkelling and diving. Among the many nature getaways one can visit and explore, is the enchanting island known as Ko Nang Yuan.

Set amidst Southern Thailand’s stunning Central Gulf Coast, the island is located only around 15 minutes from Ko Tao. Popular for its dive sites, Ko Nang Yuan makes an ideal day excursion for those staying at such islands as Koh Samui and Ko Pha Ngan. It is also home to one of the most scenic beaches in the region and provides a coastal sanctuary where you can just spend lazy days lying in the sand, soaking up the sun and watching the world go slowly by. As the day draws to a close you can enjoy a relaxed walk on the beach with the one you love as you witness spectacular sunsets.


Those looking to explore the area can take to the sea on a diving adventure. You can take part in a variety of tours which are accompanied by qualified dive guides. Afternoon dives and shark dives at sunrise are among the activities available, offering you plenty of opportunities to discover the fascinating world that lies beneath the waves. It is also possible to receive dive certification through training and refresher courses that are ideal for beginners. If you are looking for more relaxed activities when at the island then try your hand at such recreational pursuits as snorkelling and sea kayaking which can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Not to be missed when on Ko Nang Yuan is walking along the beach and making your way atop the South Island, where gorgeous panoramic views await visitors at the summit.

Those planning to make trips to Ko Nang Yuan from Koh Samui can stay at a Samui hotel such as Anantara Bophut Koh Samui which features contemporary accommodation by the sea along with a wealth of leisure facilities. This Samui resort also lets you enjoy the very best the island has to offer including water sports.

The Maldives is unquestionably one of the world’s most attractive holiday destinations, offering mesmerizingly beautiful surroundings and a delightful tropical climate. The pristine sandy beaches bordering glistening sapphire seas gleam invitingly in the balmy sunshine, creating an idyllic ambience to be found nowhere else on the globe. The swaying palm trees and picturesque coral reefs will remain in your mind long after your holiday ends.

For honeymooners there is no better destination than the Maldives with its seemingly endless attractions. The tropical sun and the hypnotically alluring sound of the lapping waves are the ideal backdrop for couples spending this special time of their lives. Take the time to walk in seclusion across the powder-soft sands, spending intimate hours with your loved one. The chance to enjoy an intimate dinner on the beach under serene starry skies is truly the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Maldives offers many leisure options for the holidaymaker. Some resorts offer over-water private bungalows, providing ultimate seclusion and privacy. The services of a private butler may be obtained to cater to your specific needs. World-class fine dining may be enjoyed in the Maldives, with dishes created to suit your fancy. The cuisine of many lands may be enjoyed in the islands, as experienced chefs will provide authentic international dishes with different kinds of healthy food also on the menu. You may choose from a selection of quality wines to complement your meals.

To truly unwind and immerse yourself in the holiday mood, take the opportunity to sample the diverse spa treatments available in the Maldives. There is no doubt that a spa treatment will be the ideal addition to a memorable stay in the Maldives.

As a popular leisure destination it is not surprising that there are innumerable water based activities to be enjoyed in the islands. You may try your hand at snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, sailing, water skiing, parasailing, knee boarding, kite surfing, jet skiing and many other water based activities.
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A Southern Indian state, Kerala is home to a rich culture, stunning coasts, lush greenery and not forgetting its famous backwaters. One of the best ways to explore this enchanting destination is by way of Kerala holiday packages offered by Paradise Vacations. A part of its varied India luxury tour package, this tour lets you experience the very best of what Kerala has to offer including visits to the backwaters and Kovalam beach. Home to stunningly beautiful natural landscapes, this Indian state also has a rich heritage which can be seen in its many Hindu temples, churches and mosques as well as the historical monuments and structures that have left an indelible mark here. Of course no trip to Kerala is complete without sampling its exotic cuisine!


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