Imagine dining out under the stars amidst an enchanting desert landscape, enjoying a leisurely stroll along rugged beaches or indulging in the very best of spa therapies. These are just some the things that await couples on a honeymooning in Abu Dhabi! A good option would be to stay at Abu Dhabi beach hotels that provide that idyllic getaway by the sea. Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara is such an Abu Dhabi resort and is uniquely located on Sir Bani Yas Island which offers an island sanctuary in which to begin your new life together.

Honeymooning in Abu Dhabi can be as relaxing or as exciting as you want it to be. Spend your days enjoying spa treatments for couples or lazing on the beach, soaking up the sun and watching the world go slowly by. Those looking for a bit more adventure can try such activities as mountain biking and kayaking which let you witness the stunning natural beauty that the region is known for. For an unforgettable experience one can take a scenic hot-air balloon ride, while evenings can be spent having a romantic meal at a fine dining restaurant, as you sample delectable local dishes. Discover an oasis in the desert as you celebrate your love.

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A romantic getaway with the love of your life to the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean would give you a much-desired head start on your new life together and of course, a much relaxing vacation after all the preparation that went into your dream wedding. Search no more for your place in the sun; the Caribbean has it all. Slews of duty free shops, pristine private beaches, mouthwatering star-class cuisine, hip-swaying reggae music, a skinny-dip in the ocean and much more awaits you at this sophisticated and chic romantic destination.

Antigua, Aruba, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Grenada, Barbados, and the Cayman Islands are just a couple of the most preferred places of honeymooners. If you are after an unpretentious holiday experience, then Grenada is the place to be. This spice island is for the outdoor loving couples who would want to make their honeymoon truly a memorable one. If you are after a colonial Caribbean experience, then Barbados is the place to be. Having retained its British elegance, sumptuous afternoon tea, vibrant garden parties, sporting rounds of cricket, and an intimately romantic walk down Bathsheba Beach are a few things in store for you and your sweetie.

If exploring the exotic local culture appeals to you then the Cayman Islands is for you. Surrounded by breathtakingly pristine beaches and crystal-clear turquoise blue waters, it is a diving hot spot and with the hospitable nature of the locals you will soon feel at home. What would the Caribbean be without Jamaica? Welcome to the birth place of reggae and if you and your partner are fans of Bob Marley, make your honeymoon an exceptional experience by opting to travel in January. The jazz and blues festival at Montego Bay is a festival not to be missed.

These breath-taking isles famously dubbed ‘Beautiful by Nature ‘draws thousands of tourists each year. Make your honeymoon an exceptional romantic experience by choosing to spoil and pamper yourselves at Parrot Cay Turks and Caicos. The elegantly furnished rooms and villas add a spark of glitz to your indulgence at one of the best ranked Turks and Caicos luxury resorts. Heart-warming hospitality coupled with soothing interiors and an authentic Caribbean ambience are few of the luxuries you could look forward to when you opt to honeymoon at this elegant Turks and Caicos beach resort.

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From idyllic beachside getaways to lush tropical sanctuaries, Bali offers some truly enchanting settings in which to celebrate that special day. An ideal choice would be to combine your wedding with a luxury retreat Bali has to offer, ensuring a truly memorable honeymoon as well. Uma Bali is one such option worth considering and is an Ubud hotel which offers intimate settings in which to host your ceremony.

Being such a diverse and beautiful island, Bali provides a range of backdrops that you can take advantage of. A beach wedding is a popular choice amongst couples and the soft sand shores and azure waters offer the perfect setting in which to pledge your love. Heading further inland one will find lush forests and mesmerising valleys that set the scene for an intimate wedding surrounded by Mother Nature decked out in all her grandeur. Another option would be to opt for a Bali villa wedding which provides an independent venue which can be found in a variety of settings be it on a cliff top or by the beach. For a truly unique cultural experience, couples can even get married at a typical Balinese temple where one can enjoy traditional rituals as well.

Say “I do” in the tranquil settings of a tropical paradise, within the idyllic surrounds of Sri Lanka, and couples can opt for making it even more memorable by exchanging vows in the midst of a rustic natural setting – sure to make for an interesting topic of conversation for years to come. Make it a part of your Sri Lanka travel itinerary and choose pioneers in the industry Jetwing Travels for a one-of-a-kind Sri Lanka tour package. If you would like a wedding outside of the traditional church or beach options, how about getting married in the midst of a lush tropical jungle? Imagine exchanging your most meaningful promises standing on a platform made entirely of natural materials and decorated with sparkling white spirals of the local “manel” flowers. This unique platform will enjoy a scenic panorama overlooking the Belihul Oya River framed by the backdrop of the stunning Bakers Falls. Or perhaps you might opt for a ceremony as twilight falls (next to Thalakotewewa reservoir) with the impressive Lion Fortress in the background – a mighty photo opportunity. Imagine the twinkling lights of candles and oil lamps decorating the jungle-scape whilst you enjoy a mouthwatering buffet under the stars with loved ones. Experience a truly one-of-a-kind wedding, accompanied by dancers and musicians garbed in traditional Sri Lankan attire, and partake of ancient customs such as the auspicious cutting of the local dish of milk rice to signify a prosperous life undertaken together. Afterward, look forward to truly unique honeymoon experiences in lush natural settings for a wedding and honeymoon that will be utterly unforgettable.

For the adventurous couple, Kalpitiya is a wonderful place to spend their honeymoon as this town is packed to the rafters with exciting activities and places to see and it keeps getting better with the implementation of the tourism promotion proposal of the Sri Lanka Tourism Board.
Kalpitiya benefits greatly from its natural location as it is a peninsular that serves to shelter the Puttalam lagoon from the ocean. Being such a peninsular, Kalpitiya is home to an amazing underwater wonderland. Honeymooners can opt to enjoy these marine wonders in different ways. For those who wish to simply see the coastal plains, the sandy beaches and the saltpans, they can opt to hire a boat and tour the area while the more adventurous can choose to scuba dive and explore the beautiful reefs that protect the coast from the harsh currents of the Indian Ocean. This marine sanctuary also attracts large populations of dolphins and whales and if it is the right time of the year, the coastline is peppered with dolphins, an experience that is sure to make your honeymoon all the more memorable. Begin your married life by exploring the wonders beneath the calm blue surface of the ocean with a glass bottomed boat that will allow you to enjoy its beauty without ever having to get into the ocean.
Newly married couples can also opt to see sea turtles and perhaps even release a couple of newly hatched turtles into the ocean, try their hand at lobster capturing and even see the collection of sea cucumbers. The flora and fauna of this area is diverse and varied and proves to be a unique collection indeed. Other activities that tourists can indulge in include visiting islands in the Dutch and Portugal Bay, visiting the Bar Reef Marine sanctuary and exploring the historical monuments in the area.
As the tourism industry in the area is still beginning to take off, Sri Lanka Beach Resorts in Kalpitiya tend to be scarce. When visiting this town, especially on one’s honeymoon, Kalpitiya Hotels that comes highly recommended due to its location and excellent service is Palagama Beach Kalpitiya.

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Ever wanted to renew your marriage vows in a setting that can be described as a paradise on earth? Then the Maldives is definitely the place for you and your life partner! Those in search of a Maldives resort which offers such ceremonies can consider staying at Anantara Dhigu Maldives. Apart from featuring luxuriousaccommodation in Maldives, it also offers beach weddings and vow renewal ceremonies which provide truly unforgettable celebrations amidst breathtaking coastal landscapes.

If you are looking to renew your marriage vows in Maldives, there are many enchanting settings one can take advantage of. The beach is an obvious choice and those renewing their vows during sunset can look forward to a spectacular backdrop as the sun dips below the horizon. One can even opt for traditional blessings which add some local charm to the ceremony. An alternative to the beach would be to go aboard a Dhoni which is a traditional vessel that takes you out to sea where you can re-pledge your love to that special someone. One can even hire a yacht and head to an idyllic destination of your choice, renew your vows and literally sail into the sunset!

If you are looking for a truly unique setting in which to enjoy meals in the Maldives then definitely consider beach dining. When looking for accommodation in Maldives try and find a resort that lets you enjoy such outdoor experiences. Anantara Dhigu Maldives is a Maldives resort that does feature beach dining along with offering a variety of other enchanting settings in which to enjoy a meal.

Beach dining in Maldives is a great way to not only soak up the soothing coastal atmosphere, but also enjoy delectable seafood dishes. A beach picnic provides an informal setting in which to laze on the sand and enjoy a private lunch or dinner amidst cooling ocean breezes. Another option would be to have a fine dining experience on the soft sands of the shoreline; perfect for a romantic evening meal, the beach is an ideal place to unwind with that special someone as you savour a meal and sip on wine as the stars shine overhead.

Weddings and honeymoons have traditionally cost couples tons and tons of money even before they embark on their new life together. Which is why one of the new trends of combining both these and having a destination wedding is becoming extremely popular.

A destination wedding means that you can stay back and enjoy a romantic honeymoon while your relatives fly back home and since it is in another country, guest numbers can be reduced and in turn people won’t hold it against you. Opt for this and an intimate and cost effective wedding in your dream destination is what you get.

Bali continues to fulfil varying roles as a diverse tourist hotspot. Its functions range from being the land of exotic indulgence, backpackers’ paradise and now the best place to say ‘I do’. You can opt for a beach wedding, a ceremony on a misty mountain range, within mysterious rainforests or religious places of worship, anything is available.

A beach wedding in the tropical lands, blue waters, lush palms, loads of sun and sun, surprisingly sounds good to many. Seminyak is one of the favourite wedding destinations. It offers a wide choice of star class hotels who will gladly make arrangements for you big day to be great.

15 minutes away from here the landscape changes to that of paddy fields and soothing rivers. Mountains watch majestically from afar as you tie the knot with your special someone. Jimbaran Bay is another top pick by couples. What you get here is diversity in terms of the theme of your wedding. A Balinese glass chapel, canopy of frangipani trees, Javanese joglo or a ceremony just for the 2 of you, anything can be arranged.
COMO Shambhala, the flagship hotel of this group is known as a retreat. Opened in 2005, it offers a healthy vacation. Winner of best destination spa, it offers a different kind of wedding experience, one that rejuvenates mind, body and soul. This wellness retreat has signature massage treatments and therapies. There are also plenty of activities such as hiking and climbing also available making such a getaway the most popular among health and wellness retreats.

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A visit to the Kerala district would not be complete without a day trip out to the charming locale of Vellayani Lake, ideal for some time spent communing with nature as well as presenting a majestic backdrop for scenic photo opportunities. Kerala’s landscape is stunning to explore, and you’ll enjoy a stint at a Kerala resort that forms a seamless part of the landscape, such as the Poovar Island Resort. A stunning nature resort with gracious hospitality, this is an idyllic 3 star hotel in Kerala to host your stay. Make sure you take the time to explore the Vellayani Lake, as it is the largest expanse of freshwater in the region. A unique feature of the lake is that it features a road that runs through the lake, supported by a bund. Located a mere 7 kilometres from Kovalam, it is a popular tourist draw due to its idyllic surrounds, and it is referred to as “Kochu Kovalam”, which translates to “tiny Kovalam”. The area does not have adequate tourist facilities, so an hour or two at the most is how long your trip should be. However, you’ll also encounter two unique temples that merit exploration, the Vishnu Temple and the Vellyani Devi Temple, and the boat races organized during the festival of Onam (august-september) is an exciting spectacle to behold.

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Amazing seafood and thriving nightlife, all within an iconic beach setting: what could be more perfect? Chaweng Beach found on the eastern coast of Koh Samui of Thailand is the virtual embodiment of this and more.

For those wishing to make their way to Chaweng, it is conveniently located a few minutes away from the airport and can be accessed via van, taxi, motorcycle and jeep. Once you arrive at Chaweng, one will never be at a loss of things to do. For one thing, the area is quite famous for attracting large throngs of people searching for diving equipment so as to explore the wonderful mysteries that lie beneath the calm blue surface of the ocean. As a result, a number of dive centres have been opened to cater to this demand. 100 degrees east is one such centre which is a 5 star PADI Dive Resort that prides themselves on being environmentally friendly in all their endeavours. The Searobin Dive Centre on the other hand offers a series of training courses and one on one attention for beginners making it an ideal option for amateur divers to gain experience and learn the lay of the land. For the more experienced divers and snorkelers, the Salamander Dive Centre offers numerous services including facilitating the rental of diving equipment. Furthermore, with Calypso Diving snorkelers can experience the wonderful underwater world that lies beneath the islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao as well as the Angthong National Marine Park.

In terms of food, Chaweng Beach is jam-packed with amazing restaurants and bars. For familiar western meals, the Cloud Restaurant and Bar is the best way to go while the Khao San Road Restaurant offers tourists with an amazing breakfast. For cheap yet delicious meals, Ninja is a small scale restaurant that rarely fails to deliver.

Staying at a hotel in Samui means that tourists and travellers alike are given the opportunity to taste and enjoy the most delicious seafood dishes and the Sea Food Centre, located on Chaweng Beach is your best bet for the best seafood around. When choosing a Koh Samui resort to reside in during your stay, several things should feature in your decision making process. Ensure that you opt to stay at a resort such as Anantara Lawana Resort & Spa Koh Samui simply because of its impeccable luxury, amazing seafood and of course, comfort beyond imagination.


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