Vellayani Lake

A visit to the Kerala district would not be complete without a day trip out to the charming locale of Vellayani Lake, ideal for some time spent communing with nature as well as presenting a majestic backdrop for scenic photo opportunities. Kerala’s landscape is stunning to explore, and you’ll enjoy a stint at a Kerala resort that forms a seamless part of the landscape, such as the Poovar Island Resort. A stunning nature resort with gracious hospitality, this is an idyllic 3 star hotel in Kerala to host your stay. Make sure you take the time to explore the Vellayani Lake, as it is the largest expanse of freshwater in the region. A unique feature of the lake is that it features a road that runs through the lake, supported by a bund. Located a mere 7 kilometres from Kovalam, it is a popular tourist draw due to its idyllic surrounds, and it is referred to as “Kochu Kovalam”, which translates to “tiny Kovalam”. The area does not have adequate tourist facilities, so an hour or two at the most is how long your trip should be. However, you’ll also encounter two unique temples that merit exploration, the Vishnu Temple and the Vellyani Devi Temple, and the boat races organized during the festival of Onam (august-september) is an exciting spectacle to behold.

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