Today’s lifestyle is quite the hustle. Be it getting to work, meeting deadlines, attending meetings, maintaining your social profile, or taking care of family matters, people are always forced to be engaged in something or the other. More often than not this will create both mental and physical stress, and it is always better to find a healthy outlet to relieve yourself of this stress once in a while. This is why you deserve to have a spa day; so that you can relax and bask in tranquility.
Modern day spas offer numerous spa treatments and facilities which are ideal for soothing and revitalizing the body and mind. Incorporating ancient techniques and an array of traditional and exotic herbs and spices, which are complemented by a professional staff and masseuses, you can be assured that you will experience relaxation and tranquility, which will energize you to carry on with your day-to-day tasks. Many luxury hotels and wellness resorts, such as the COMO Hotels and Resorts, offer heavenly spa packages suited for all budgets and needs.

Stress kills productivity and ages your body and mind. It further can be a cause for several chronic ailments, which will stifle your ability to carry out your duties. Having a spa day on a regular basis can drastically reduce your stress levels and enhance your body and mind. Modern spas practice many traditional techniques such as Thai massages and Balinese massage rituals which have been used for centuries to channel and control the blood flow to ensure heightening of the senses and enhanced physical wellbeing. Spas also infuse Ayurvedic herbs and oils to their treatments, which have proven medicinal qualities, such as increasing mental focus, curing bodily ailments and reducing inflation and the collection of unhealthy bodily fluids. Hence, by incorporating a spa day to your monthly schedule, you can be assured of benefiting from all the wonders that spa treatment offers, and ensure that you are functioning at your peak, both physically and mentally.

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One of the most beautiful and tranquil tourist destinations in the world is the Maldives. Known for its natural beauty and thriving hospitality industry, Maldives is an excellent place to wind down and relax. The islands are known for their pristine white sandy beaches, marvellous coral reefs, exciting aqua sports, and many other fascinating tourist attractions making it a more than perfect tourist destination. A luxury Maldives resort that offer tranquil accommodation and great service is the Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa.

Given that the Maldives is one of the most tranquil and beautiful locations in the world, it has also become a popular wedding destination. With glorious tropical scenery and warm & relaxing ambience, these islands are excellent for creating romantic and everlasting memories. Thus a wedding in the Maldives is sure to add a bit of tropical and exotic magic to your special day, making sure that it will always stay etched in your heart.

The Maldives faces its annual monsoons from the months of May to October, and even though the island is still beautiful during this season, it might wash out your special day. Hence the best time for celebrating weddings in the tranquil islands of the Maldives in the months of December through April. The Maldives offers a variety of types of weddings so that you can choose a style that suites you and your partner best. You can opt for a minimalistic beach wedding, keeping things simple yet elegant on the beautiful beaches of the Maldives. The beaches are romantically enchanting at night, with the waters sparkling of the moonlight. You could even plan the wedding of your dreams at one of the many beautiful resorts in Maldives which offer beach wedding packages to suit a range of tastes and budgets. Another great factor about having your wedding in the Maldives is that it is a great place to spend your honeymoon, as the natural exotic beauty of the island is sure to complement the romance between you and your partner.

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If you are looking for the perfect way to start your new life together, Sri Lanka has some of the most romantic places to make your dream a reality. Sri Lanka is a small paradise filled with magic. This magical island is an attractive honeymoon destination because of its selection of luxury hotels, its golden beaches and romantic landscapes. Your first holiday together as a married couple can be turned into an unforgettable moment by choosing the best Sri Lanka Wedding Packages that Walkers Tours Sri Lanka has to offer which will guarantee that your every desire is met.

So why not choose this island surrounded by the swirling waves of the Indian Ocean and the feeling of the tropical warmth for your romantic getaway as newlyweds, starting your lives together, or as lovers in search of some quiet time. Fall in love all over again while lying on one the golden sandy beaches or while cuddling with a hot cup of tea in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, or while enjoying a walk together along shady paths admiring the rich cultural and historical heritage of this romantic island.

This ultimate destination for honeymooners has endless privileges for that perfect honeymoon vacation. Activities such as taking a hot air balloon, seeing blue whales rolling out of the turquoise blue waters, and spotting a leopard asleep in a tree in one of the National Parks, are memorable moments worth sharing with your loved one. Part of a honeymoon in Sri Lanka can include travelling by seaplane or helicopter where you can experience the real sense of the beauty and diversity of this island. More magic is added to your romantic holiday in Sri Lanka by the friendliness of the people, the spectacular scenery and the numerous activities and experiences you can enjoy together. Experience the true beauty of Sri Lanka and its traditions and make it a moment to cherish a lifetime. A dream is a wish come true in this paradise island.


Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.