Hot air balloon flights to view Dubai from air are provided by Balloon Adventures Emirates LLC, a company which functions in the same capacity in New Zealand, Germany and Hungary. Balloon Adventure Emirates LLC functions under the license of the General Civil Aviation Authority. Their well trained and experienced staff will ensure that you have the best ballooning experience ever.

Ballooning generally starts very early in the morning just so that passengers can experience the amazing sun rise over the soft dunes of the desert, taking off a little north of Al Ain in a little desert oasis. This is around 60 minutes drive from Dubai city and for those living in a hotel or in the urban area of the city transport is provided free of charge up to the take off point. Of course if you are staying anywhere else in the Emirates transport is provided from two meeting points, Dubai Festival City and from the open air car park in front of Plug-ins Store.

The ballooning adventure generally lasts for about an hour and it is generally scheduled during dawn to ensure you get to experience the breathtaking panoramic views of the incredibly beautiful desert landscape. Also at this time of the day it is much cooler and quieter adding a serene ambiance to the balloon ride; but of course all this is possible only if weather permits. Generally the season is from September till May.

Your flight includes cold refreshments, flight certificate, a heap of fun, and memories to last you a life time! The whole journey, from hotel to take off point, balloon ride, and back to the hotel will take about 5 hours.
Visitors to this amazing city in the Emirates can also explore various other forms of adventure and of course there are plenty of attractions to view. An apartment or hotel in Dubai can easily be booked through the internet. For great deals with any Dubai hotel book through your online lodging option provider. For luxury accommodation and complete enchanting Arabian experience try Raffles Dubai, UAE, which boasts one of the best locations in town.


Known as the “Little England” of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya in the local language means ‘city on the plain’. It is 2000m above sea level and faces Sri Lanka’s highest mountain peak; Pidurutalagala. A cool climate throughout the year led to the city becoming the retreat of British rulers during the colonial era. Today it is most frequented by tourists and locals alike during the month of April, when the flowers are in full bloom and motor vehicle and horse racing events take over the town in style.

However, Nuwara Eliya has plenty of attractions year round, waterfalls being one of them. Witness the rush of milky white water cascading down on rocky outcrops from mountain tops, falling down with majestic force and then turning into clear pools or quiet streams; watching these waterfalls makes you wonder whether any of man’s creations will ever match up to the beauty of nature.

Devon Falls and St. Clairs are the most famous waterfalls in Nuwara Eliya. While the former falls down in three cascades the latter has two cascades and is frequently visited by bathers because of easy access through a footpath. This hill town also has Sri Lanka’s tallest falls, Bambarakanda Ella, where water falls from a height of 263m. Baker’s Waterfall is located close to another sightseeing area, World’s End, and is named after Sir Samuel Baker, the Britisher who found it. The Lovers Leap Ella, Ramboda, Poona Oya Ella, Devathura Ella, Gerandi Ella, Laksapana and Ambaragama are a few other waterfalls that one can visit. Queen Victoria Park, Haggala Botanical Garden, Galway’s Land Bird Sanctuary, Horton Plains and Single Tree Hill are also part of the many must-see places in Nuwara Eliya.

Since the time of the British this city has made a name for itself amongst Sri Lanka hotels, having world-class lodging and accommodation. The many Nuwara Eliya bungalows have also been transformed to hotels. Jetwing Warwick Gardens is one such bungalow, constructed during the time of the British it is designed based on architecture similar to a Scottish mansion and is located close to many of the attractions in Nuwara Eliya.


To make the most of every second of your honeymoon in absolute seclusion surrounded by  stunning stretch of white sandy beaches and endless sapphire ocean enclosing isolated islands, the place to head off as you tie the knot is Maldives. The only distractions will be the wind in your hair and the mesmerizing beauty that surrounds you in this paradise array of exotic islands as you and your partner luxuriate in the romantic bliss of honeymooning.

Renounced for their excellent yet discreet hospitality services so as to not to disrupt the tranquility, Maldives has within it the perfect formula for the most romantic getaway.

With 26 atolls that make up an archipelago containing a staggering 1,192 coral islands, your choices are plentiful. While north and south Male atolls are more touristic for its amazing beauty, tranquility can be captured in locations such as Ari Atoll, Lhaviyani Atoll, Thiladhunmathi and Maamakunudhoo to name a few of many.

In terms of hospitality, Maldives Resort and Maldives Luxury Hotels come second best to none! From its mouthwatering cuisine to unsurpassed luxury accommodation in spots of nature’s picturesque best, Anantara Dhigu Maldives is a favorite amongst the local and foreign lodger.

Sri Lanka boasts of beautiful scenery and sprawling tea gardens in the breathtakingly picturesque Hill Country, where at every turn one takes what one might see are sights to behold.
For travelers who are looking forward to spending some quality time exploring the hill country of this island one of the best places to go is towards Nuwara Eliya known as Little England. There are lush green tea gardens as far as your eye can see, cascading waterfalls that almost look like silk and flower gardens that bloom in all the colors of the rainbow. Children along the road will offer big bunches of fresh flowers grown in the region ranging from dahlias, roses and a number of other flowers. There are numerous fruit orchards, racing shows in some seasons and diverse places of interest to explore in the area.

Other popular hill country areas are Banadarawela and Haputale. As it is quite cold in these regions, you can be sure to snuggle in a cozy sofa and read a book or enjoy the beautiful scenery that one can see through the windows of almost all the hotels and boutique resorts in the region. If you are keen on taking a stroll there are miniature waterfalls, fresh water springs to visit and beautiful wild flowers to be picked along the way. For those who are keen on photography, the scenery to capture in their lenses are endless and it is truly an experience to see the quilt of lakes and mountains and low land below and enjoy the sun rise early in the morning when the sun comes up through the veil of mist.

There are also areas such as Ella close to Bandarawela, famous for scenery and waterfalls, Badulla a basin like town in the hill country which is home to a famous Buddhist temple and one of the most beautiful water falls in the country known as Dunhinda Falls. Diyathalawa is yet another area that is a popular hill station. So if you are keen on indulging in Sri Lanka travel be sure to choose a reputed Sri Lanka tours service such as Jetwing Travels which is known for their excellent service.

Visitors to Abu Dhabi should make it a point to include a visit to the Liwa Desert in their itinerary. Visitors will be able to experience dune bashing in a powerful four wheel drive vehicle amidst the magnificent natural scenery. Visitors can choose to camp overnight in the desert, and sample delectable traditional Arabian foods. A Liwa Tour is a truly unforgettable experience.
The selective traveller considering Abu Dhabi luxury hotels will find an ideal choice in the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara. One of the exclusive Abu Dhabi hotels this outstanding rest offers well-appointed accommodations and impeccable service.

Secluded, Serene and simply tantalizing, the islands of Seychelles have been recognized time after time as one of the most breathtaking honeymoon destinations. With its quiet breathtaking ambience where the crystal clear waters gently sweeps into the beautiful white sanded shores, the setting of these islands is nothing short of perfect.

With 115 islands making up Seychelles you could get lost in its mesmerising beauty and find yourself secluded in your own private world, where no one can find you, when you most certainly don’t want to be found. The ultimate privacy is what makes Seychelles ever so romantic. It is the destination for honeymooners and opens up a new side of love and passion that is fuelled by the breathtaking scenery surrounding. Seychelles offers an array of packages to suit your specific tastes and desires. If you are the more adventurous couple eager to indulge in one of the many water spots available in Seychelles try staying at the larger resorts of Mahe. For those of you wanting the typical ambience of quiet romance then it is better to choose the several hideaways, smaller islands and the famous hidden coves of La Digue and Praslin. Since Seychelles gets a plethora of honeymooners year after year it now offers interesting packages with an array of complimentary benefits such as Spa treatment, chocolates, complimentary Champaign’s and free nights only adding to the element of surprise within the islands of Seychelles. Additionally, Seychelles consist of a number of ‘honeymoon specialists’ who will help you plan your perfect honeymoon in the island.
Seychelles is famous for its good, resorts and hotels which has a myriad of state of the art facilities. A good hotel is of vital importance for a good honeymoon. The best hotel in Seychelles is by far the Raffles Praslin Seychelles. It is scenic, luxurious and romantic in more ways than you can imagine. The staffs at Raffles is exceptionally friendly and go out of their way in giving you that perfect private dinner by the beach or go one notch further in giving you that romantic breakfast in bed. All in all this Seychelles hotel ensures you have the most perfect honeymoon you could ever dream of.

One of the largest and most populous countries in the world, the People’s Republic of China is an awe inspiring destination to visit. China is home to a diverse geography due to its sheer size. You will come across deserts, mountains, plains and beaches if you travel across the country. With a history spanning over thousands of years the Chinese are a proud nation. China is the home to the ancient Silk Road which connected Asia with Europe. Traders travelled this route taking with them Chinese silk to European countries even before the birth of Christ. Today this fascinating country is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and is a major financial and political player in the global arena.

Traditional Chinese wedding celebrations consist of many rituals and traditions. Although at present most Chinese do get married by their own will, according to tradition the parents decide whom one will get married to. Usually the grooms’ parents will send a matchmaker to the brides’ family with a proposal. If the brides’ parents give consent, then the birth dates of the couple will be matched for future fortune. The grooms’ family will then send a betrothal letter and wedding gifts to the brides’ family. Then the two families would decide on a wedding date and arrange the ceremony. This process is known as the six etiquettes in Chinese traditional culture. The traditional Chinese bride usually wears the colour red for good fortune and the wedding banquets are quite elaborate with as many as ten courses being served.

Home to world renowned Chinese cuisine, the country itself has a wide variety of fare to offer. You will notice that local food differ depending on the region of the country. However no matter where you are in China you can easily find delightful dishes to fulfil your appetite. Street food is also extremely popular especially in the major cities.

While visiting China luxury hotels can easily be found in cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. One of world’s legendary hotels that have established their presence in China is Peninsula Hotels an excellent option where you will be pampered with world class service and you can simply relax and absorb the greatness of the People’s Republic of China.

Visitors to the idyllic Maldives should avail themselves of the opportunity to take a sunset cruise. You may embark on a traditional Maldivian vessel, a dhoni, which will take you into the mesmeric Indian Ocean waters during the sunset hours. Watching the sun set from the middle of the ocean will truly be the opportunity of a lifetime. Often visitors will be able to see the endearing antics of dolphins in the ocean waters.

Selective visitors choosing amongst Maldives island resorts will find an outstanding choice in the Naladhu Maldives. This quality Maldives hotel provides excellent accommodations with impeccable service.