Traditional Chinese Wedding Celebrations

One of the largest and most populous countries in the world, the People’s Republic of China is an awe inspiring destination to visit. China is home to a diverse geography due to its sheer size. You will come across deserts, mountains, plains and beaches if you travel across the country. With a history spanning over thousands of years the Chinese are a proud nation. China is the home to the ancient Silk Road which connected Asia with Europe. Traders travelled this route taking with them Chinese silk to European countries even before the birth of Christ. Today this fascinating country is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and is a major financial and political player in the global arena.

Traditional Chinese wedding celebrations consist of many rituals and traditions. Although at present most Chinese do get married by their own will, according to tradition the parents decide whom one will get married to. Usually the grooms’ parents will send a matchmaker to the brides’ family with a proposal. If the brides’ parents give consent, then the birth dates of the couple will be matched for future fortune. The grooms’ family will then send a betrothal letter and wedding gifts to the brides’ family. Then the two families would decide on a wedding date and arrange the ceremony. This process is known as the six etiquettes in Chinese traditional culture. The traditional Chinese bride usually wears the colour red for good fortune and the wedding banquets are quite elaborate with as many as ten courses being served.

Home to world renowned Chinese cuisine, the country itself has a wide variety of fare to offer. You will notice that local food differ depending on the region of the country. However no matter where you are in China you can easily find delightful dishes to fulfil your appetite. Street food is also extremely popular especially in the major cities.

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