The Seychelles is a beautiful Indian Ocean nation, blessed with year round sunshine. This makes it a favourite among European travellers looking for that perfect sun and sand vacation. The beautiful golden beaches and the turquoise blue ocean are great for relaxing evenings and exciting water sports. But beneath the surface, the Seychelles is also home to some great artists who express their thoughts and desires using their chosen medium. The country has a rich cultural heritage thanks to the influence of the native African and Asian cultures as well as the colonial French heritage.

One such artist who has had much acclaim is Colbert Nourrice; he is a young painter who has really put the country on the contemporary art map. Contemporary art transcends the traditions that were adhered to by artists previously; it is a means of pure expression of one’s innermost thoughts using just a blank canvas and paint.
As such many critics see this genre of art as being the closest to the public as the message conveyed by the artists resonates easily. The Colbert Nourrice Gallery which is located on Mahe Island is a treasure trove of this artist’s work. He was awarded the third place in the 5th Annual Contemporary Art Biennale which was the first time an artist from the Seychelles had been recognized on the international stage. His artwork is primarily paintings, while an occasional sculpture has also been attempted.
His work has been inspired by traditional African tribal art traditions as well classical Asian styles; in a way it is a fusion of several continents. This is fitting as the culture of Seychelles is also a mix of African, Asian and European influences. Nourrice’s artwork is notable for its use of bold colours and vibrant designs. He attempts to tell a storey through the canvas and each painting on display at the gallery has its own tale.
As the gallery is located close to most Seychelles resorts this is an attraction that travellers can easily enjoy. A Seychelles hotel such as Raffles Praslin Seychelles allows guests the opportunity to visit several other cultural highlights on the islands.

Bali is one of the world’s most famous and beautiful destinations that many tourists would love to visit during a vacation. It is significant as a tourist destination due to numerous reasons. The serene beaches are just one of the major attractions among Bali visitors. In this magical place you would feel relaxed, and replenished with the lush environment making it the perfect spot for nature lovers. The Butterfly Park in Bali or most popularly known as the Kupu Kupu in Bali is a must visit travellers destination in Bali. This astounding venue is situated in Wanasiri which is about 7 km from Tabanan town. It is an easy location to find out with the giant butterfly sign decorating the entrance with an interior which is home to thousands of butterflies.

As you enter you would come across a souvenir shop and a ticket counter. You could get a pass paying a small amount and enter the place of paradise swarmed with colourful butterflies of different species. A traveller would experience the diverse life forms of various hues both big and small fluttering by peacefully giving every visitor an astonishing sight. It would be very valuable if you could reserve a date from your Bali holiday to entertain and educate yourself about the butterflies. The park is about 3500 square meters of land from the southern region of Bali. It is not merely a park but a place that breeds, and preserves butterflies for the future generations. This is a perfect spot for eco lovers to research and observe the life pattern and cycle of the fluttering creatures. 
Once you pay a visit to this vibrant place you get a fair knowledge about the endangered butterflies and how you conserve them. At the souvenir shop you could treat yourself with some rare souvenirs to remember the Butterfly Park in Bali which will definitely give you an unforgettable time. While you are on your Bali tour a Bali spa resort would give you a splendid treat. If you are visiting the Butterfly Park the best option would be to choose COMO Shambhala Estate Bali as your place of stay and its one of the most renowned Bali spa resorts in town.

The Xian springs were built by Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty and is only a small part of the Tang Dynasty Palace, covering an 85,560 square meters of area. The current site is only a part of the Tang Dynasty. The springs have a fascinating love story attached to it. It is said that the emperor use to spend his winters at the springs with his favourite companion, lady Yang. Yang who was known as a fine lady in China was spoilt in luxuries by the emperor.
When entering through the west gate of the pools you would see the imposing Nine Dragon Pool and the breathtaking Lotus Flower Pool and other structures all built in 1959 keeping to traditional Tang architectural values. With its 3000 year old history, the Springs are a national heritage of china and it’s gardens are known to be among the finest  100 gardens in China.
The Flying Rainbow Bridge, Flying Glow Hall, Lotus Pavilion are some of the famous structures visible in its gradens. The Emperor Xuanzong is known to have spent dearly to put up this gorgeous palace and was responsible in changing its name to Huaqing Hot Spring. The majesty of the environment makes you wonder 6000 years back in history to the very beginning of these hot springs. 
The City of Xian transcends you into an age old history. The city is home to one of the earliest civilizations in the world and it is also known as a textile town earning its name from textile factories built there since the 1950s. With so much to see and experience the best way to see Xian would be to be part of the city itself. This is possible with the any Xian Apartment that has come in to being as a result of the increased visitors to the area. If you are on the lookout for Accommodation in Xian , Citadines Gaoxin Xi’an is a great place to experience this age old city’s charm.
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Situated a mere 88 kilometers from Beijing and 110 kilometers from Tianjin, Mount Panshan Scenic Area is a popular destination among city dwellers as a weekend getaway for the tranquil and stunning beauty that surrounds the mountains as well as the historical importance and significance that it plays in the rich culture of China. It is also a popular tourist destination for the same reasons as well as for pilgrimages to visit the number of Buddhist temples and monasteries scattered across the mountain range. 
Since the age of the Hang Dynasty the dazzling beauty of Mt. Panshan has been acknowledged and admired. During the times of the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasties close to seventy two temples, numerous Xanadus, thirteen pagodas and several towers were built on the mountain. The dramatic boulders, rough terrain, elegant crystal clear streams, astonishing peaks and lush green vegetation of jade pine trees has drawn hundreds of poets, scholars, officials and emporers through time and one such is the illustrated emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dyansty who made thirty visits and wrote 1366 poems about the scenic brilliance of the mountain. 
Though during the World Wars the resort went into deterioration, the present government has undertaken steps to restore as well as build new temples to preserve this national heritage site. The four main temples, Tiancheng Temple (God proposing temple), Yunzhao Temple (Cloud Hiding Temple), Wanfo Temple (Ten Thousand Buddha Temple- home to 10,960 small Buddha statues) and Wansong Temple (Ten thousand Pine Temple) have been restored to their original brilliance as well as the Ancient Dagoba which is tallest tower on the mountain. Known as the ‘First Mountain east of Beijing’ the mountain has been named as one of the fifteen most scenic views in China for its spectacular view of the surrounding valleys and even a small section of the great wall, and is a must visit for all who visit China to get a glimpse of the rich past and culture of China.
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While Sri Lanka may be known for its pristine beaches, this island paradise also has a number of other stunning natural attractions including waterfalls. Many of the country’s well known falls can be found in and around the hill country or what is referred to locally as the “up country”. Made up of not one, but two cascading water sources, St Clair’s Falls, is a picturesque site definitely worth visiting when in the area. The 329 foot Ramboda Ella, the 281 foot Devon Falls, Lakshapana Falls at Maskeliya Oya and Baker’s Falls at the Horton Plains National Park are among the other scenic spots one can head to when exploring the up country.
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The natural beauty that Bali is famous for owes much to its varied terrain. The island’s numerous beautiful aquatic features of lakes, waterfalls, rivers and streams are as well known as its beaches and Gitgit Waterfall is one such beauty spot. To see water cascading down a green wooded hillside of a tropical rainforest is one of the most attractive sights anywhere. Gitgit Waterfall, part of the Gitgit river system in northern Bali, 10 km from Singaraja town and 70 km from Denpasar, is one of the most visited places in Bali on account of the elegant plume of water dropping 35 meters straight down from the edge of a cliff into a pebble lined pool below. 

It is relatively easy to hike to Gitgit Waterfall as it is about 500 meters downhill off the main road and the access route is well defined and signposted. The best time to visit it would be during the dry season between May and October when it is not dangerous to bathe under the waterfall as the water flow is generally less than during the wet season. There is also less likelihood of dangerous debris rushing down the hillside. Gitgit during the dry season is an ideal location to enjoy a dip in the pool below the falls, relax in the cool water just listening to the sound of water falling and gurgling away. However the waterfall is at its best during the wet months from November to April when the cascade is at its most spectacular and the water is really cold. Local legend has it that honeymooners should not swim in it as separation is inevitable if they do so. This is perhaps hinting at the danger of swimming under any waterfall the height of Gitgit. The thunderous roar of the waterfall is what greets visitors even before it comes into view and the first glimpses of Gitgit through the trees are always spectacular especially with the sun glinting off the falling water. 

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Some may say that driving in one of the most highly populated cities in China, Guangzhou, would be an arduous task; one would say the traffic would undoubtedly give any motorist a headache, the pollution would make environmentalists sob and the long winding roads a nightmare for all citizens. Contrary to any such belief and much to the delight of all these parties, the busy highways are adorned with various flowers of vibrant hues making the roads a stress relieving spectrum of colour.
Decorating the coast of South China, Guangzhou is perfumed by the flowers that are in bloom throughout the year winning the well justified title, City of Flowers, for the province. There is hardly a nook or cranny to be found that is not bordered by bright or pastel shades of mostly bougainvillaea. Its bracts smile as the sun shines and sway rhythmically whenever a vehicle whizzes past. The stems are well pruned and an aerial view makes the flowers look like a carpet or better a well frosted cake.  The entire city resembles a botanical garden and must take hours of tireless efforts as not a leaf is out of place. 
The well maintained flower beds wind themselves along the highways; take all the twists, bends and sharp turns in the primmest fashion. The contrasting shades of magenta, red and yellow are practically aglow above the green stems and leaves. Even at night when the roads are lit up the flowers bring an eternal cheer to the city. Guangzhou is blessed with a climate that can facilitate this beautiful flowering all year round, so whenever you choose to visit should be as good a time as any. 
Pop your head out of serviced apartments Guangzhou early in the morning and the fragrance of flowers will waft into your room while the flowers will nod to bid you a good morning. The service apartments in Guangzhou are also full of floral arrangements and flowering plants, making them eye catching abodes. The Ascott Guangzhou has long since established its position as one of the finest choices of accommodation in the region.   


Known as the “Little England” of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya in the local language means ‘city on the plain’. It is 2000m above sea level and faces Sri Lanka’s highest mountain peak; Pidurutalagala. A cool climate throughout the year led to the city becoming the retreat of British rulers during the colonial era. Today it is most frequented by tourists and locals alike during the month of April, when the flowers are in full bloom and motor vehicle and horse racing events take over the town in style.

However, Nuwara Eliya has plenty of attractions year round, waterfalls being one of them. Witness the rush of milky white water cascading down on rocky outcrops from mountain tops, falling down with majestic force and then turning into clear pools or quiet streams; watching these waterfalls makes you wonder whether any of man’s creations will ever match up to the beauty of nature.

Devon Falls and St. Clairs are the most famous waterfalls in Nuwara Eliya. While the former falls down in three cascades the latter has two cascades and is frequently visited by bathers because of easy access through a footpath. This hill town also has Sri Lanka’s tallest falls, Bambarakanda Ella, where water falls from a height of 263m. Baker’s Waterfall is located close to another sightseeing area, World’s End, and is named after Sir Samuel Baker, the Britisher who found it. The Lovers Leap Ella, Ramboda, Poona Oya Ella, Devathura Ella, Gerandi Ella, Laksapana and Ambaragama are a few other waterfalls that one can visit. Queen Victoria Park, Haggala Botanical Garden, Galway’s Land Bird Sanctuary, Horton Plains and Single Tree Hill are also part of the many must-see places in Nuwara Eliya.

Since the time of the British this city has made a name for itself amongst Sri Lanka hotels, having world-class lodging and accommodation. The many Nuwara Eliya bungalows have also been transformed to hotels. Jetwing Warwick Gardens is one such bungalow, constructed during the time of the British it is designed based on architecture similar to a Scottish mansion and is located close to many of the attractions in Nuwara Eliya.

Sri Lanka boasts of beautiful scenery and sprawling tea gardens in the breathtakingly picturesque Hill Country, where at every turn one takes what one might see are sights to behold.
For travelers who are looking forward to spending some quality time exploring the hill country of this island one of the best places to go is towards Nuwara Eliya known as Little England. There are lush green tea gardens as far as your eye can see, cascading waterfalls that almost look like silk and flower gardens that bloom in all the colors of the rainbow. Children along the road will offer big bunches of fresh flowers grown in the region ranging from dahlias, roses and a number of other flowers. There are numerous fruit orchards, racing shows in some seasons and diverse places of interest to explore in the area.

Other popular hill country areas are Banadarawela and Haputale. As it is quite cold in these regions, you can be sure to snuggle in a cozy sofa and read a book or enjoy the beautiful scenery that one can see through the windows of almost all the hotels and boutique resorts in the region. If you are keen on taking a stroll there are miniature waterfalls, fresh water springs to visit and beautiful wild flowers to be picked along the way. For those who are keen on photography, the scenery to capture in their lenses are endless and it is truly an experience to see the quilt of lakes and mountains and low land below and enjoy the sun rise early in the morning when the sun comes up through the veil of mist.

There are also areas such as Ella close to Bandarawela, famous for scenery and waterfalls, Badulla a basin like town in the hill country which is home to a famous Buddhist temple and one of the most beautiful water falls in the country known as Dunhinda Falls. Diyathalawa is yet another area that is a popular hill station. So if you are keen on indulging in Sri Lanka travel be sure to choose a reputed Sri Lanka tours service such as Jetwing Travels which is known for their excellent service.

Visitors to Abu Dhabi should make it a point to include a visit to the Liwa Desert in their itinerary. Visitors will be able to experience dune bashing in a powerful four wheel drive vehicle amidst the magnificent natural scenery. Visitors can choose to camp overnight in the desert, and sample delectable traditional Arabian foods. A Liwa Tour is a truly unforgettable experience.
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