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Canton City of Flowers

Some may say that driving in one of the most highly populated cities in China, Guangzhou, would be an arduous task; one would say the traffic would undoubtedly give any motorist a headache, the pollution would make environmentalists sob and the long winding roads a nightmare for all citizens. Contrary to any such belief and much to the delight of all these parties, the busy highways are adorned with various flowers of vibrant hues making the roads a stress relieving spectrum of colour.
Decorating the coast of South China, Guangzhou is perfumed by the flowers that are in bloom throughout the year winning the well justified title, City of Flowers, for the province. There is hardly a nook or cranny to be found that is not bordered by bright or pastel shades of mostly bougainvillaea. Its bracts smile as the sun shines and sway rhythmically whenever a vehicle whizzes past. The stems are well pruned and an aerial view makes the flowers look like a carpet or better a well frosted cake.  The entire city resembles a botanical garden and must take hours of tireless efforts as not a leaf is out of place. 
The well maintained flower beds wind themselves along the highways; take all the twists, bends and sharp turns in the primmest fashion. The contrasting shades of magenta, red and yellow are practically aglow above the green stems and leaves. Even at night when the roads are lit up the flowers bring an eternal cheer to the city. Guangzhou is blessed with a climate that can facilitate this beautiful flowering all year round, so whenever you choose to visit should be as good a time as any. 
Pop your head out of serviced apartments Guangzhou early in the morning and the fragrance of flowers will waft into your room while the flowers will nod to bid you a good morning. The service apartments in Guangzhou are also full of floral arrangements and flowering plants, making them eye catching abodes. The Ascott Guangzhou has long since established its position as one of the finest choices of accommodation in the region.