Dreaming of a beach setting for your special day ?With the wind on your face, sand at your feet and the island breeze whisking you away , Bali has the perfect ingredients to make your wedding an enchanting one. There are several beautiful beaches in Bali and resorts that are able to plan your nuptials just the way you want it. But there are also a few details you must be aware of before you choose to tie the knot here.
Indonesia believes that beach fronts are public domain hence there is the issue of privacy when it comes to a wedding in Bali. This applies to even the most renowned hotel and resort fronts. However there are also a few uninhabited, secluded beaches where wedding planners have arranged spectacular events overlooking the sea. Even though there is a lack of shade and somewhat sultry weather conditions during some parts of the year, it is truly worth the risk.

Resorts as well as individual wedding planners offer wedding packages that are both reasonable and perfect on paper. But read several reviews before you decide who to go with. Catch the sunset behind your ‘I Do’s, or find the seagulls sing in the distance a happy tune of good luck when you choose this gorgeous destination to celebrate your togetherness. You can even hold the wedding reception at a beach side location or on the beach itself, for a truly remarkable celebration.
Looking for the perfect sleeping options as you spend a few romantic days of sunshine, white sandy beaches and lying on the beach? There are a couple of beautiful beaches to choose from in Bali. Seminyak is a gorgeous coastal area that has one of the most beautiful beaches. There are plenty of hotels in Seminyakthat offer star class accommodation to holiday makers. W Retreat & Spa Bali Seminyak is a gorgeous 5 star hotel Seminyak that offers the perfect beach vacation. With impeccable service standards, state of the art amenities and well-appointed rooms that let you watch the first rays of sun right from your bed, wouldn’t it be the perfect place to say I do?


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Bali, a tropical paradise island of Indonesia is undoubtedly one of the most romantic getaways for honeymooners. It is a province in beautiful Indonesia that is rich in ethnicity and sceneries. Bali is a much talked-about hotspot among tourists as an exotic escapade which offers incomparable holiday experiences. With gorgeous sun-kissed beaches and its perfect blend of intimate atmosphere and tropical idyll, you will find Bali to be the just right place for your romantic getaway. A pristine beach with gorgeous seashore and mesmerizing vistas of the picturesque ocean are few of the main ingredients of a perfect honeymoon. Well, Bali offers it all. This enchanting isle with its interesting culture will make your special vacation even more memorable.

The sea, sun and the sand is not all that Bali offers to paint your honeymoon a vibrant palate of experiences. Bali provides a wide array of choices for you to choose starting from exploring ancient temples to picturesque strolls near mountain lakes and volcanoes. You could also witness amazing and truly one-of-a-kind cultural festivals with your beloved and be captivated by the Balinese traditions unfolding in splendour around you. Or else you could simply embrace yourself to the peace and serenity of Bali and spend hours pampering yourself in ultimate comfort. While you relax the time away with your partner, do not forget to take a plunge into the warm waters of Bali and discover the vibrant underwater delights they have in store for you.
The quality of your honeymoon will partly depend on the resort you will choose. So make sure you make the right decision. Accommodation options in Bali are ample in offer, from luxury hotels Indonesia to elegant resorts and spas that are some of the best ranked Indonesia 5 star hotels on offer. Your honeymoon is one of the most special life events in your life so don’t hesitate to spend money on a breathtaking one. Out of all the wide arrays of options a good choice would be the Starwood Indonesia which offers unbelievable amenities and services. This luxurious hotel offers excellent accommodation exclusively designed for couples. So head over to Bali and pamper yourself in absolute comfort.


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Your dream wedding can truly be realized by finding the perfect destination. Make reservations at a Maldives hotel such as Naladhu Maldives, one of the most sought after Maldives island resorts. Blessed with a multitude of pristine beaches, Maldives is unsurprisingly an ideal destination to celebrate your wedding and even spend your honeymoon. With its laidback pace of life, and unparalleled natural splendour, this group of islands boasts some of the world’s most desirable locations for weddings. Say ‘I do’ in paradise, with the breathtaking ocean as your backdrop, and the soothing murmur of the waves as the complement to your exchange of vows. The captivating sunsets, golden shores and unspoilt nature, all add up to grant you an unforgettable wedding.


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Are you looking for the perfect setting for your fairy tale wedding? Well then, celebrate your magical day on a beach in Bali. Bali is actually a magical destination with beautiful landscapes. Beach weddings are one of the most romantic ways of celebrating the union of two souls and Bali is on top of the list for offering breathtaking beach wedding venues.

Whether it is a traditional or contemporary wedding you are after, Bali provides you the most enthralling locations for an unforgettable wedding ceremony. Bali is much talked of as a dream island for having pristine beaches. Indeed, it is the fabulous beaches and turquoise sea that makes Bali a stand out among other tourist destinations. The main advantage of having a beach wedding in Bali is that it offers romantic sundown and sunrise vistas to your wedding. Tie the knot under the beautiful sky on a white sandy beach in perfect bliss.
Out of the beaches in Bali there are few exceptional locations where you can make your dream a reality. Sanur beach is one such beach. Despite its many resorts near the coast, it is a beautiful beach line with a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. Nusa Dua is yet another venue for your wedding. Renowned for its splendid beach with white powdery sand and shallow waters, Nusa Dua is a hotspot for a romantic getaway.
Canngu is also a recommended beach for Bali weddings with a slight touch of difference. The beach has grey sand and is best known for offering panoramic sunset views. Located in the south portion of Bali, Canngu beach is surrounded by a small village that affords idyllic photo opportunities for a truly exotic wedding. So if you are looking for an authentic wedding ceremony, consider this gorgeous seaside locale. Seminyak beach is also ideal for a beach front wedding. This is an upscale beach town with a sophisticated yet laid back setting. This beach guarantees to turn your wedding day into a magical experience. Last but not least, Jimbaran beach, with its calm waters and perfect white sand is also ideal for throwing your dream wedding.
So what are you waiting for? Head over to Bali and celebrate that very special day in style in a tropical paradise island and rejoice the wedding bliss with priceless memories. If you are seeking luxury hotels Indonesia to host your “forever” moment, consider the Starwood Indonesia which offers gracious hospitality and elegant surrounds that make it one of the best Indonesia 5 star hotels to host your special day in the tropics.



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That once in a lifetime moment when you say ‘I Do’, it has to be only at the most extraordinary and unique venue. The memories last a lifetime and the photographs and videos live on for generations to relate a tale of true love; thus the setting has to be perfect and the proceedings have to be flawless. The Balinese beach of Nusa Dua where one finds exotic romancing and intimacy is a fitting location for the purpose.

The Nusa Dua Beach is a graceful stretch of powdery sand that looks heavenly and inviting; the ocean is tranquil, gorgeously azure and provides rhythmic lulls to the atmosphere. The platform on which you exchange vows can either be placed on this golden and pure sand or on a patch of jade green grass at the border of the beach, either way the sea will be the backdrop of all the photographs and each time you turn to look at your better half, the sea waves will gush from behind you.

The Indonesians have their own style of marriage ceremonies so expect a bit of a local twist which provides a refreshing deviation from the traditional ceremonies that people are accustomed to. The wedding registrar will appear on site along with a bandwagon of other professionals who will make sure your fairytale ending is achieved. The musicians will play tunes that are familiar to you and your merry making guests are likely to echo them soon, but everyone will have an opportunity to discover the Indonesian vibes when they play something that is really from Bali. Local children will attend in their own traditional costumes to add colour to your celebrations and if you so wish to, one may even choose to have a few of them as your flower girls or page boys.

Let your dream wedding come alive at a Nusa Dua resort where the locals are waiting to be a part of your special day and give you a luxury resort Bali experience like no other. Honeymoon getaways, such as Laguna Resort & Spa Nusa Dua Bali is an idyllic venue for your ceremonial proceedings as well.


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Maldives has always been renowned as the top destination for honeymoon travellers and for romantic getaways. This reputation has certainly been aided and abetted by the peaceful tranquillity that the serene blue green waters and sun kissed white sands of the islands offer.

Made up of an archipelago of over 1,000 islands, half of which are as yet uninhabited, the Maldives is mainly a resort nation. Most resorts occupy an entire island or two and also extend into the clear blue water.

The idyllic surroundings are sure to soothe and calm you, allowing for a relaxing and romantic holiday free from the hustle and bustle of the city. The waters surrounding the islands too are teeming with a rich diversity of sea creatures, corals, wrecks and other intriguing aspects. A chance to catch sight of a school of dolphins or whales is an added attraction when visiting here.

Visitors enjoying a romantic getaway can opt to laze out on the beaches soaking up the sun, cooled by the wind from the swaying palm trees and sipping a refreshing drink or practice yoga with the calming and soothing sounds of crashing waves enveloping you. One can also enjoy a relaxing massage that will calm and rejuvenate, or go out on an expedition exploring the waters by scuba diving, snorkelling, diving or if you are more adventurous, paragliding, surfing or waterskiing.

Whatever relaxation and romantic activity you choose, you can be guaranteed that you will have a wonderful and enjoyable time in the Maldives. For those who wish to take something of the islands back home, there are many curio shops especially in the capital – Male – from which cultural items of interest can be purchased.

For those wondering which one of the Maldives resorts to opt for, choose wisely and think carefully as to what exactly you want from this Maldivian holiday. Maldives spa resorts are sure to be the best bet for those on an intimate holiday as there is nothing that sets the mood better for a romantic evening than a luxurious spa treatment. Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas is such a luxurious spa resort that would be ideal for couples.


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Dreaming of that perfect beach wedding serenaded by the perfumed sea breeze on the backdrop of the turquoise seas beautifully contrasting with the whiteness of the powdery sands? Then Bentota is the place for you. There are many Sri Lanka boutique hotels located along this alluring beach strip and a recommended luxury hotel Sri Lanka has to offer would be Saman Villas Bentota known for its fine melange of elegance and style. Let the wide open blue skies be your witness as you make your vows to one another. Whether it be a traditional Sinhalese wedding adorned with elaborately dressed Kandyan dancers, colourful rites performed ceremoniously or a simple intimate wedding for two, Bentota is the ideal place that will add that extra touch of romance to your important day. Feel the soft sands beneath your feet and the warmth of the coast as you take your first steps together as man and wife along a sun-kissed beach.

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Vietnam possesses a wealth of treasures that would entice travellers from all walks of life. From its soaring mountain peaks, scintillating coastline to its serene village lifestyle, the sights and sounds of Vietnam are indeed worth exploring. Offering some of the most popular Vietnam holidays from Sri Lanka that will take you to the heart of the country, Jetwing Holidays with its tours from Sri Lanka will lead you on a journey of great discovery.

Take a tour guide with you as you follow each enchanting trail in Vietnam. Encounter a range of temples located in the capital of Hanoi. Located on the Hoan Kiem Lake, one will be able to witness the Ngoc Son Temple while the Quan Thanh Taoist Temple which dates back to the 11th century will be one destination where you could gather an understanding of the olden days. For a traditional performance of stage art, head over to Northern Vietnam where you can feast your eyes on some Water Puppetry.

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Every little girl has dreamed of her wedding day – the blissful realisation of her romantic musings – when she gets to wear a beautiful white dress and be whisked away to her own castle in the sky by her handsome Prince Charming. As castle weddings are a little harder – and more expensive – to come by these days, an excellent alternative is a romantic beach wedding, which adds an element of adventure to a romantic event that will be treasured for a lifetime.

The Maldives is one of the top destinations in the world to host your dream wedding, and you can choose to exchange vows with the breathtaking sunset as your backdrop, or within the edenic surrounds of a beautifully decorating garden setting. Depending on the resort package you choose, you will be treated to a variety of perks as part of your tailor-made wedding package. With warm island hospitality geared to cater to your every whim and desire, this will be a wedding that will evoke memories for a lifetime.

You will be able to indulge in luxurious comforts of a unique tropical setting with friends and family before the big day. Laze on the pristine beaches, or partake of the exciting water activities on offer, such as diving, snorkelling and scuba diving in order to discover the vibrant marine life lingering beneath the turquoise waters framing each paradisiacal isle. For the more adventurous amongst you, participate in a thrilling bout of wind-surfing, parasailing, water-skiing and other adrenaline-pumping activities, which help heighten the anticipation and excitement of the big day.

Your wedding will be recreated out of a fairytale to fulfil your wildest and most romantic expectations. Each Maldives resort offers a diverse array of activities and perks, but among those, you will get to enjoy a sunset, candle-lit dinner after the ceremony, indulge in a lavish spa treatment for two, enjoy a complimentary bottle of champagne, and even plant a coconut tree as a symbol of your love growing within the passage of time. Your ceremony will be heralded by traditionally attired drummers and delicately clad maidens sprinkling rose petals down the sandy aisle before you and your partner walk up the path together to declare your ever-lasting love for each other. Afterward, you will get to party under the stars with your family and loved ones, in a riotous and raucous reception with your friends and family members, a true celebration of this new chapter of life you are starting together with your partner.

If you are seeking the ideal luxury resort in Maldives to host your big day, consider exchanging vows at the Maalifushi Maldives. With its charming over-water villas and an open-air yoga pavilion, it presents an ideal and idyllic accommodation option of all the island resorts in Maldives.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.


Maldives is widely known for its peaceful and secluded surroundings and popular as a perfect romantic beach getaway. If you are looking for a Maldives resort to spend your holiday, Cocoa Island Maldives is a commonly recommended option. Among many other Maldives luxury resorts, this place is known to offer luxury accommodation accompanied by modern amenities. When you are planning your big day in one of the paradisiacal islands in Maldives, there are many ideal locations to make it a magical event in Maldives. The climate in Maldives is always ideal for a bright event like a wedding and there are many activities organized by various resorts for the couples who get married in the Maldives and look for a perfect honeymoon. Beautifully designed water bungalows and deep water diving are some of the attractions that a newly wedded couple would look for. Plan your wedding and the honeymoon in this breathtaking romantic destination and add more to your unforgettable holiday in Maldives.

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