If you are planning a visit to the magical island of Bali and are considering Uluwatu hotels an outstanding choice would be the Anantara Bali Uluwatu. This attractive hotel provides well-appointed rooms and gracious hospitality assuring that you will enjoy a pleasurable and satisfying holiday.

This Indonesian island is unquestionably counted amongst the world’s most acclaimed holiday destinations. Featuring splendid sandy beaches, an appealing tropical climate and a unique culture and ambience this magical island is undoubtedly a unique treasure trove of delights.
Bali boasts a varied and picturesque landscape of mountains and hills, spotless beaches, rocky coastlines, volcanic formations and verdant rice paddies. Its unique culture is an attraction in itself, with its multi-faceted and vibrant native traditions.
As you might expect this magical environment with its romantic appeal has come to be a popular destination for couples desiring to get married, as well as those wishing to enjoy an idyllic honeymoon or renew their vows.

A wedding celebration is undoubtedly one of the most important occasions in the life of any individual, and celebrating this event in an exotic and beautiful setting such as Bali will be an experience that will never be forgotten. Imagine being surrounded by steep cliffs and waves gently lapping at your feet, the mesmeric sounds of the ocean blending with the hypnotic music of the traditional gamelan orchestra. The subtle scents of Balinese incense will create a magical moment as you take your vows with that special person in your life.

The possibilities truly seem to be endless, as you will have the choice of selecting a traditional wedding ceremony or a more contemporary one. The theme of the wedding is entirely up to you, whether you desire a Western style wedding or one incorporating traditional Balinese elements. Regardless of what kind of nuptial ceremony is chosen, this island in Indonesia will provide a backdrop like no other.

If you choose to spend your honeymoon in Bali after concluding your wedding ceremony this beautiful land is an ideal choice. Offering many diversions and activities this entrancing island provides all the different ingredients that combine to create a delightful experience.

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The United Arab Emirates of the Middle East is composed of seven Emirates of which Abu Dhabi is one. This Emirate is enthusiastically visited by many tourists and travellers whilst its economy and business opportunities attract a number of businessmen to its borders annually. Literally meaning the ‘Father of the Gazelle’, Abu Dhabi was a wildlife haven until recently when the discovery of oil propelled its development. Abu Dhabi also enjoys the distinction of being the capital of the United Arab Emirates and has diverse attractions designed to thrill tourists with diverse interests.

Those who are travelling to the Emirate for their honeymoon or even with their families, might appreciate the rare opportunity to leave their familial responsibilities and enjoy a night on the town. For such couples, Abu Dhabi is truly a wonderful place for the capital is filled with restaurants that pride themselves on designing and maintaining an ambience conducive for romance and intimacy.

One such restaurant that comes highly recommended is Bord Eau that excels in French cuisine. This restaurant offers customers the option of tasting menus or a la carte and the variety is phenomenal! From seafood to vegetarian dishes and of course, meaty delights, Bord Eau triumphs and many customers leave delightfully pleased. Another restaurant, Finz sets the mood via its spectacular views and low lighting. Specialising in memorable seafood dishes, this is one restaurant that is worth a visit for a lover of fish. La Mamma on the other hand is well known for its delectable Italian cuisine. Very spacious, this restaurant facilities cosy and comfortable seating and ensures that you have privacy during fine dining. When searching for a dazzling yet classy location to enjoy a truly romantic dinner, one cannot do much better than Pearls and Caviar.

However, for those residing in luxury hotels Abu Dhabi, the options that are available in terms of romantic dining are endless. if you wish to enjoy a romantic dinner without stepping out of your Abu Dhabi hotels, most such hotels and resorts, such as the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara will be delighted to arrange a romantic setting for the perfect dinner.

When planning a wedding, the number of details one will need to care of are truly too numerous to count. Conventional wisdom dictates that you start planning the event at least a year in advance and for that one year, the number of issues one will need to sort out will most likely be overwhelming. Given this reality, it is truly no surprise that many couples nowadays opt for destination weddings. Having a destination wedding does not mean you have to compromise on the grand plans you had for your ceremony: it simply provides you with a change of scenery and a truly memorable backdrop against which to be married. For instance, a couple can opt to travel to Indonesia and choose to have a beach wedding in Bali, one of the most scenic islands belonging to the country.
A destination wedding provides you with numerous advantages and one such huge advantage is that most resorts including Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Indonesia,offer couples with the option of choosing a wedding package. This reduces not only the cost, but the hassle of having to organise it yourself. Given that the wedding will take place on the beach, one can also save on décor, for the stunning setting alone will be more than sufficient. It’s also ideal for guests seeking to go away on vacation, for most resorts will happily negotiate a reduced rate for a large number of guests making it more affordable. The only glitch is ensuring that you aim to have the wedding during the peak season for a beach wedding on a rainy day is surely not the way to go.
A beach wedding in Bali is also more likely to be less stressful than a wedding back home. The change of scenery contributes to a change of pace and instead of meeting and greeting your new in-laws for a few minutes, couples will feel more inclined to take their time and mingle with their guests. The wedding will be a lovely combination of elegance, relaxation and celebration for most resorts will go that extra distance to ensure that the venue is beautifully decorated. Just imagine the marvellous photo opportunities! With a destination wedding, the choices are limitless.

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The riverside location of Anantara Bangkok Sathorn, with its proximity to the Sathorn boat pier makes it one of perfect hotels Bangkok to experience the city via the Chao Phraya River. As a prominent luxury hotel in Bangkok Thailand, guests are offered an amazing selection of accommodation, facilities and amenities and the opportunity to join some of the most adventurous and captivating night cruises in the city.

One of the highlights of a visit to Bangkok is taking a boat on the Chao Phraya River or exploring the many big and small canals around Thonburi. Doing this in the evening has its own charm as many of Bangkok’s great temples and historic sites are located along the water and these beautifully illuminated buildings offer the perfect opportunity to experience the city’s history through its monuments. Among the many ways to cruise Bangkok’s water are dinner cruises that are probably the best known option to see the city by night and overnight cruises on converted rice barges. Piers along the river ensure visitors have easy access to night cruise boats and to many attractions.

Good food, traditional Thai dancing and music and even a disco on board in addition to fabulous views of Bangkok’s famous historic landmarks are a part of many cruises. Potential passengers can choose from several types of vessels to suit their mood; from large modern boats with hundreds of other guests that are literally moving restaurants to private boats with a luxurious ambience and candlelit dinner thrown in and cruises on converted old teak barges that serve a limited number of guests. The choice of the cruise would naturally depend on the passengers. Those in a hurry can opt for the fast modern boats while others with time to savour the beauty of a river trip in the evening can make their way leisurely along the river in a converted rice barge enjoying the passing scene silhouetted by the setting sun or illuminated and gleaming in the water. The play of light on polished teakwood, savouring beautifully presented Thai food while listening to traditional music in an elegant environment are some of the advantages of cruising on a luxuriously appointed rice barge. As the sides of the barge are open, every table is guaranteed unimpeded views and the feel of cool evening breezes. For those who wish to experience longer leisurely journeys, overnight private and shared cruises are also options on converted rice barges that take passengers past the Bangkok sites further along on the Chao Phraya River.

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Travellers intending to visit the beautiful Maldive Islands desiring an appealing Maldives resort will find a pleasing choice in the Anantara Dhigu, Maldives. This attractive accommodation offers well-appointed interiors with a selection of contemporary amenities.
The pristine Maldive Islands have secured a strong reputation as a premier holiday destination, offering a delightful climate, spotless sandy beaches, shimmering sapphire seas and a host of water-based activities. Visitors of all ages and preferences will be captivated by this exotic vacation destination, which truly offers something for everyone.
The Maldives has also become a popular destination for romance, with many couples arriving in the islands to get married, enjoy a delightful honeymoon or renew their nuptial vows. The idyllic loveliness and unsullied beauty of the islands provide an ideal setting for these special moments which must always be perfect and memorable.
There can hardly be a more romantic backdrop than this magical archipelago scattered in the vast reaches of the expansive Indian Ocean. With spotless sands underfoot and the bright tropical sun overhead, the ocean stretching to the far horizon, this is truly a setting from a romantic movie, which is probably unmatched anywhere in the world. The ambience is casual and laidback, the pace of life delightfully unhurried.
Many couples who are already married and wish to rekindle their nuptial vows have frequently chosen the Maldives for this very special occasion. The actual renewal of vows may performed on the beach itself, or if you prefer, in a secluded gazebo where you may enjoy the company of your loved one in privacy.
Typically you will enjoy the services of a master of ceremonies, a traditional Maldivian dance ensemble, and if you so desire, a professional photographer. The resort where you will renew your vows will typically provide you with a package which includes wedding cake, a bridal bouquet, champagne, a romantic dinner, and so on.
You will also be able to enjoy other delights such as, for example, an intimate sunset cruise along the local waters. Offering a selection of water sports and activities the Maldives also provides the couple with many delightful pastimes to enjoy together.

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