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Romantic Dining Ideas in Abu Dhabi: Celebrate Your Love

The United Arab Emirates of the Middle East is composed of seven Emirates of which Abu Dhabi is one. This Emirate is enthusiastically visited by many tourists and travellers whilst its economy and business opportunities attract a number of businessmen to its borders annually. Literally meaning the ‘Father of the Gazelle’, Abu Dhabi was a wildlife haven until recently when the discovery of oil propelled its development. Abu Dhabi also enjoys the distinction of being the capital of the United Arab Emirates and has diverse attractions designed to thrill tourists with diverse interests.

Those who are travelling to the Emirate for their honeymoon or even with their families, might appreciate the rare opportunity to leave their familial responsibilities and enjoy a night on the town. For such couples, Abu Dhabi is truly a wonderful place for the capital is filled with restaurants that pride themselves on designing and maintaining an ambience conducive for romance and intimacy.

One such restaurant that comes highly recommended is Bord Eau that excels in French cuisine. This restaurant offers customers the option of tasting menus or a la carte and the variety is phenomenal! From seafood to vegetarian dishes and of course, meaty delights, Bord Eau triumphs and many customers leave delightfully pleased. Another restaurant, Finz sets the mood via its spectacular views and low lighting. Specialising in memorable seafood dishes, this is one restaurant that is worth a visit for a lover of fish. La Mamma on the other hand is well known for its delectable Italian cuisine. Very spacious, this restaurant facilities cosy and comfortable seating and ensures that you have privacy during fine dining. When searching for a dazzling yet classy location to enjoy a truly romantic dinner, one cannot do much better than Pearls and Caviar.

However, for those residing in luxury hotels Abu Dhabi, the options that are available in terms of romantic dining are endless. if you wish to enjoy a romantic dinner without stepping out of your Abu Dhabi hotels, most such hotels and resorts, such as theΒ Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by AnantaraΒ will be delighted to arrange a romantic setting for the perfect dinner.