Abu Dhabhi, the city of Gold has more to offer its visitors than all that glitters. Being the second largest and richest city in the world it is in the verge of becoming a tourist attraction with all luxuries the country has in store. One of its prized possessions is The Alhosn Palace. This historical feature has housed administrative and political records as it was home and office to the country’s government and court of justice.

This 200 year old prominent structure now has two sections, the old fort which was built by Sheikh Shakhboot Bin Zayed Al Nahyan as a castle when the seat of the government was moved to bu Dhabi Island in 1793. The second section reveals the changes which were done by Sheikh Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan. As the rulers changed they added a new touch to the age old fort.

The pictures below shows how the fort has changed its imagine to how it appears today.

This historical monument can be visited while your stay at a near by Abu Dhabi Hotel. If your planning on a vacation to the city of gold, don’t miss the opportunity to be dazzle by The Alhosn Palace.