The city of Pondicherry in India offers a perfect blend of all religions, cultures as well as heritages and is the best place to taste a blend of the east and the west when in India. There are several festivals celebrated in the city and the Villianur car festival is one of the main celebrations that many people take part in. The Villianur temple car festival, also known as the Brahmotsavam, is the annual festival of the Thirukameswar Kokilambal temple in Villianur, Pondicherry. This vibrant Hindu festival in India is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of May each year.

The Villianur Car festival is an ancient tradition practiced by the villagers to pay respect to the famous deity Thirukameswar Kokilambal. The festival is given its name because a “temple car” or rather a chariot that is decorated with colourful flowers and décor is used to take the statue of the god Thirukameswar Kokilambal on a procession throughout the neighborhood. The procession visits the local areas of the village and ends its journey at the temple. The chariot is generally pulled by the devotees taking part in the procession and it is considered to be a very holy tradition to do so.
A certain group of devotees at the festival sponsor the supply of curd, rice, sandal and buttermilk to the thousands of adherents who attend the festival and it is believed that by doing this their wishes will be fulfilled. The festival goes on for a period of ten days and the highlight of it is the procession that parades the deity, and this usually falls on the ninth day of the colourful event.
If you are travelling to India, Pondicherry is a city you need to note down on your itinerary. Finding suitable Pondicherry Accommodation is not that difficult, but to ensure that you locate a Pondicherry Hotel that will make your holiday a memorable one is going to be tough. Perfectly located close to the prominent tourist attractions in the area, the Hotel Atithi is a great choice for the discerning traveller. You will find that the hotel offers great service and comfortable accommodation to all who visit the place.

Thailand is not only well known for its amazing shopping experience, its exotic surroundings and breathtaking cultural connections, it is also widely recognised as a location for health care which attracts over a million tourists a year seeking health care. Medical tourism is projected to earn the country more than 50 billion Baht a year and is a major source of foreign income to the country.

From cosmetic treatment, cardiac treatment, orthopedic treatment to organ transplants there is a long list of treatment offered in Thailand. Along with spas and therapeutic centers, the hospitals here are well geared to offer a wide variety of treatment. Apart from the comfort and well developed facilities, Thailand is also known as an affordable venue for these treatments.

Equipped with four well established international private hospitals, Koh Samui in Thailand is well geared to offer the best medical care in Thailand. The beautiful surroundings of this gorgeous village like atmosphere are sure to heal the body and mind much faster after medical treatment of any kind. Apart from these fringe medical treatments, there are several beauty treatments. Most of these establishments have an around the clock emergency center and offer a good range of procedures to the western world at a fraction of the cost.

While you are receiving treatment at local hospitals and enjoying the balmy breeze that has a heeling touch to it, stay at a Samui Resort that is perfect to spend a few lazy days. Anantara Bophut Koh Samui is a gorgeous Samui Hotel that offers the best of hospitality in the area. The beauty of Koh Samui is best enjoyed while staying at an authentic resort such as Anantara. The well-appointed rooms of this resort lets you sit back and celebrate the good times and good health while they pamper you with the best known hospitality in the world.

Moreover whether you travel to Thailand for the gift of good health, beauty or enjoyment this vibrant country will not let you down. Surrounded by natural beauty and fascinating man made wonders, you will never have a moment of boredom.


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Maldives has long since established a name for itself as the ideal honeymoon destination. Accommodation in Maldives is not an issue at all since the myriad of resorts available for travellers mostly on secluded individual islands make it the most intimate of honeymoon sites. Anantara Dhigu Maldives is one such Maldives resort that offers opulent luxuries for couples that would enhance the sense of intimacy and let their romance soar on wings. Maldives is an exotic paradise where one could enjoy a romantic sunset cruise accompanied by a candlelit dinner with your loved one or relax in a luxurious ocean view Jacuzzi with your significant other enjoying the vibrant sea life below. If not anything, the pristine white sands, the glistening turquoise water and the lulling breeze tinged with the hues of the ocean should be enough to allure you to this enchanting land promising you nothing but bliss during your stay. 

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Honeymooning in the Maldives has been a sure-fire favourite excursion of couples worldwide. But whether you’re both embarking on a life anew, or simply celebrating an anniversary of a life well-spent together, a sunset cruise provides a magical backdrop where you can cuddle with your sweety, and is an experience provided by many of the Maldives luxury resorts on the islands. So let yourself and your partner indulge in a fine Maldives villa such as those offered at the Baros Maldives for the perfect getaway experience for two, and soak in the sights of the islands from a picturesque sunset cruise. Almost all cruise packages include a sumptuous candlelit dinner, affording you both the best opportunity to whisper sweet nothings to each other while you’re serenaded by the sounds of the tranquil tropical sea. Enjoy the delicious dinner offerings which vary from resort to resort, but are no less delectable on the tongue across the board. Toast your new path with a bold bottle of bubbly or a sparkling wine, complimented by a decadent array of crispy canapés suffused with lush fillings, both savoury and sweet. And when the time is right, share a kiss while you watch the vibrant orange sun descend on the horizon, taking with it all your hopes and dreams that will shine afresh the next day, and the next, infusing the days of your lives together with ultimate bliss.


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If you are on the lookout for something truly special to treat your loved one to when on a holiday in the Maldives, then definitely consider sandbank dining which gives you the chance to enjoy a private meal on your very own sandbank! Couples in search of Maldives luxury resorts that offer such experiences can stay at Baros Maldives. Reside at its luxurious Maldives villa before hoping aboard a boat that will whisk you away to your private slice of paradise.

A sandbank is an exposed sandy area that can be accessed during times the tide pulls back the waters of the ocean. These areas provide the ultimate privacy and there is nothing but the rhythmic sounds of the waves, the seemingly endless stretch of blue around you, the enchanting wind in your hair and not forgetting a sumptuous meal to share. Sandbank dining can be enjoyed at different times of the day; take in the first rays of the sun while tucking into breakfast, indulge in a romantic picnic lunch as you watch the world go slowly by or for something truly enchanting have a cosy dinner served by your own personal chef and waiter as the night sky is lit with a myriad of stars.

From idyllic parks where you can enjoy romantic strolls to intimate fine dining restaurants that serve candle lit dinners, London is one of the best destinations in Europe for a honeymoon. Couples in search of a Central London hotel from which to set off on their adventures in the capital can consider Metropolitan London. This London luxury hotel also has elegant wedding reception venues making it the perfect place to begin your journey of discovery.

There is much to see, do and experience for those planning a honeymoon in London. There are many spots in the city that are perfect for a romantic walk. Hyde Park and Richmond Park are among the several lush green escapes where one can enjoy a leisurely stroll with that special someone, while not to be missed is a chance to walk along South Bank where you will find a variety of street performers too. Take in a show at the theatres of the West End or see the works of the Bard brought to life at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on Bankside. Shopping is a fun couple’s activity that can be enjoyed at the variety of malls, department stores and markets in the city. End the day with a romantic and private meal sharing in the memories that will last a lifetime.


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