The deep blue sea and the silky beaches are uniquely connected to Maldives, a destination much favoured by honeymooners. But the treasure trove that lies in this dreamy destination is richer and deeper. The cluster of beautiful islands, which comes into view as you land in the Maldives, is the first hint. The islands add much glamour to the destination, especially as it is spread across the huge swathe of Indian Ocean.

Before setting off to explore the rich treasure trove, you need to find proper accommodation. Since it is a tourist hotspot, the Maldives luxury resorts are not hard to find. However, the best option is if you book a resort like Adaaran Prestige Vadoo in advance lest they will be fully booked.
Once settled down in the resort of your choice, you can take time to organise a day trip in the capital, Male. There is an old palace, which has been converted into a museum. The museum is home to a good number of interesting archaeological findings. If you are looking for a souvenir-like item, there are shops open until around 11 pm.
Male is a highly populated city where you can observe the common Maldivian lifestyle. The capital lies with skyscrapers along the narrow street in sharp contrast to the idyllic atmosphere surrounding a private island.
When you do not have anything fixed on your holiday schedule, exploit that free time to enjoy the scenery. The Maldivian sky is so enchanting, and you will find yourself looking forward to evening to settle in. The blue sky turns out to be a magnificent combination with crystal white beaches and deep blue waters glistening as dusk dawns slowly.
Look for underwater adventures as well. Maldives made history with its former President having a cabinet meeting underwater in a bid to address the climate change. Underwater adventure is among other favourite water sports such as surfing and snorkelling. Even if you have no idea about snorkelling, do not ever worry. There are courses that you can take up for learning the much-adored water sport.

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bangkok weddings
bangkok weddings
Image Credit: AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel

Bangkok is much more than just a fascinating shopping destination. With the colorful local culture, vibrant surroundings and the availability of great hotels and resorts, expressing your love is definitely a possibility in beautiful Bangkok.

With a myriad of attractions, secluded beaches and the vibrant nightlife, creating a world of romance and beauty that will always create lasting memories, Bangkok is the perfect getaway for honeymooners and lovebirds. A tour along the Chao Phraya River is a must for a great romantic evening in this city. Ensure to purchase the garland made of flowers, commonly known as Phuang Malai Song Chai, to give to your better-half as an act of showing respect and love. It is your night to cherish and remember.

Staying in a wedding hotel in Bangkok and enjoying a candlelight dinner at a place such as the AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel is something that shouldn’t be missed by any traveller to Bangkok. You can also choose to make the moment special by opting to dine in room, creating the perfect world of seclusion that only you and your lover can share.

What could be more enjoyable than exploring renowned temples hand in hand with your loved one? Bangkok has experienced a rich and colourful history and this is very evident in the splendid temples that you will find in this vibrant nation. Visiting the famous temples of Thailand in the company of your life partner is sure to be an enthralling experience. A bicycle tour around the attractive streets of Bangkok is sure to be a captivating experience and will also provide you with the opportunity to observe many of the city’s appealing sights first hand. It will also be a great way to spend quality time with your loved one as you explore this vibrant city at your leisure.

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Did your S.O. just get down on one knee and pop the question? It’s time to find the big white dress and prepare your bouquet throwing skills! But first- pick a location in Dubai! Luckily, being the awesome Emirate that it is, you have plenty of places to choose from!


Allan Ajifo, Destination wedding, CC BY 2.0

Garden weddings held at any luxury hotel in Dubai look quite similar to having your wedding at the Garden of Eden, especially at the beautifully groomed garden at Desert Palm PER AQUUM.


Allan Ajifo, Beach wedding, CC BY 2.0

Beach weddings are gaining popularity across the world, as mesmerizing blue ocean waters and golden beaches make add the perfect amount of colour to your wedding photographs!


Addington Palace, Dinner in the great hall at Addington Palace, CC BY-SA 3.0

Having an indoor wedding means that you get to control temperatures and avoid any weather situations like sandstorms or rain! You can even decorate the hall in any way and with anything that you want!

Other venues

Other Wedding Venues
Other Wedding Venues via Pixabay

Dubai is massively beautiful and has a number of venues that will be ideal for your wedding – choose from having it against the backdrop of the Arabian Desert or on a yacht as you cruise along the shimmering waters of the Persian Gulf.

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A seaside wedding with a rose walkway
A seaside wedding with a rose walkway
A seaside wedding with a rose walkway | Photo via Good Free Photos

An island blessed with immense natural beauty, Sri Lanka has long been deemed as an ideal holiday destination. Encircled by the emerald waters of the Indian Ocean, it has a varied landscape that is the perfect complement for its rich cultural and historical heritage.

Sri Lanka’s diverse attractions make it the ideal destination for a getaway with the dearest family and friends if they are attending the wedding. Couples planning destination weddings usually want their guests to enjoy a vacation with the wedding being the centre piece of the adventure. Noted for its enchanting beaches, it would be ideal for you to have a beach wedding in Sri Lanka. Choose a reputed resort such as AVANI Kalutara Resort to say “I do” against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset.

There are even more outdoor settings to choose from in the island, from mystic mountainous terrain to lush green forests. Having a destination wedding in Sri Lanka will allow the couple to celebrate their nuptials for longer instead of the few hours of a wedding ceremony back home. More importantly a document registering the marriage can be obtained, thus legitimizing the union. All the paperwork can be handled by the wedding planners. However the best advantage is the ease of celebrating a wedding in Sri Lanka that will eliminate stress for the couple and their parents. .

Of course if you want to truly create a magical moment of romance, you can always opt to include an elephant in the ceremony! Yes such things can be arranged and a gentle giant will take you and your one true love on an unforgettable first ride along the shore, as the sun sets in the horizon, splashing fiery reds and oranges across the sky in celebration.

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Wedding decorations at Seychelles
Image Credit: AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa

Seychelles an archipelago of 115 small islands has plenty to offer when it comes to romantic holidays. Pristine dazzling white sandy beaches and lush forested islands, many of which are protected reserves for rare bird and animal life are surrounded by a clear blue sea full of amazing marine life and offer dreamlike settings for romantic holidays. Although the weather is mostly hot and humid for a good part of the year, clear blue skies add to the dreamlike quality of the environment

With plenty of natural beauty, gorgeous attractions and luxurious holiday amenities to indulge in, visitors won’t have a dull day in beautiful Seychelles. Couples looking to have their weddings in Seychelles, should look at the many hotels such as the AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa and to choose one that provides you with all the right amenities with a romantic touch. Whether you are planning your honeymoon, a couple’s retreat or a quick getaway from your busy life with your loved one, the right hotel matters a great deal in making sure that your stay is comfortable, enjoyable and romantic.

Visiting some of the country’s amazing national parks such as the Vallee de Mai with its wonderful collection of flora including the coco de mer, world’s largest seed, the Aldabra Atoll the world’s largest coral atoll stretching 22 km and enclosing a huge tidal lagoon home to giant land and marine tortoise and other marine creatures can form an exciting part of a romantic holiday. Diving, snorkeling, fishing, viewing corals from a glass bottom boat and sailing around the islands on day trips or longer itineraries are other options to consider. Try out pampering spa treatments to promote relaxation and to slow things down. Turn off all electronic devices and tune out from the world for a while.

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Image Credit: AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort

With the engagement behind them, most couples would commence the long drawn out and somewhat tedious process of arranging the wedding plans. There will also be the few who wish to have a destination wedding. For such couples, Malaysia is an affordable option. However, there are certainly several tips one should take advantage of when getting married in Malaysia to make the most of their money and time. Malaysia is an affordable option for those working in a limited budget. Because travel to Malaysia from nearby nations is not very expensive, tourists have the added advantage of making use of early bird discounts on airfare because a wedding would have to be planned well in advance. However, this does not mean that a wedding cannot be planned spontaneously either for many hotels and resorts would be delighted to accommodate you with prepared wedding packages.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when planning a wedding is time. Time is of the essence, especially in wedding planning, because there are many tiny details from flower arrangements to dinner menus that require your fullest attention. Therefore, start planning well in advance and after deciding on a budget, lock down a wedding hotel in Sepang. In the process of selecting your venue, you may be inundated with choices, but the first important thing is to request a proposed cost estimate from the hotel after factoring in all your needs. This can be done over the phone, as most hotels are very accommodating, or even online such as the service offered by AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort through their website.

Since most hotel packages include the basics required (including flower arrangements, meals for the guests and seating space), the next major thing to keep in mind when planning a wedding in Malaysia is to book a photographer well in advance of the date to get the best deal. Follow these tips and you will undoubtedly enjoy a very memorable and smooth wedding.

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Image Credit: AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa

With the rapid globalisation witnessed by the world during the past fifty years, the world has shrunk in size, metaphorically, making communication and travel convenient. Increased globalisation also means that those who wish to get married in an exotic destination can also do with immense ease for the internet facilitates such events effectively. Weddings abroad are fast becoming the ‘in’ thing to do as it allows couples to have memorable places they can visit and relieve old memories, while enjoying the convenience of opting for wedding packages that make the process hassle free. If you wish to get married in Thailand, there are certain tips and tricks that one can take advantage of to obtain a better deal.

First and foremost, the wonderful diversity Thailand enjoys in terms of its culture, architecture and natural beauty, allow couples the wonderful opportunity to choose the kind of backdrop they wish when they exchange their vows. Couples can choose to select a wide variety of backdrops for their wedding photographs and choose, for instance, a beachside wedding at AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa and exchange vows and sunset leading to a dinner in the evening. On the other hand, a wedding in Pattaya can also be a reception at a hotel with a stunning interior.

Apart from the wedding ceremony itself, there are several other rules and regulations foreign couples will need to comply with prior to exchanging vows. These include a trip to the Embassy to obtain an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry in Thailand. In order to obtain this Affirmation, a form has to be filled and submitted with your passport. Once obtained, the Affirmation must be translated into Thai. This can be done in less than an hour if you are willing to pay extra. Afterwards, all these documents need to be submitted to the Thai Consular Office for Authentication.

Thereafter, when the marriage is to be registered, there are several documents that are required by the relevant government office. These include copies of passports, visas and the Letter of Affirmation. Also, make sure to take two witnesses!

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