Maldives Wedding

Welcome lovebirds! If you’ve ever dreamt of saying “I do” against the backdrop of secluded shores and swaying palms, the Maldives is the perfect place for a wedding that’s straight out of a fairytale. Before you embark on this magical journey, here are some things to keep in mind that will make your big day an affair to remember.


Before jetting off to the Maldives, bear in mind that the ceremony isn’t legally binding for non-residents. Many couples thus opt for a legal union back home, turning their ceremony at this enchanting destination into a dreamy vow renewal on the shores of paradise. What’s more, once done, you can immediately kick-start an unforgettable honeymoon on a private island!

Unique Backdrops

Wedding Settings
Wedding Settings – Image via Flickr

In the Maldives, destination weddings go hand in hand with a ceremony on an idyllic beach. However, some private resorts like OBLU SELECT Lobigili take it a step further. Imagine exchanging vows on a heart-shaped sandbank for that extra bit of romance and seclusion. Such properties even provide something more unique, like the chance to say ‘I do’ in an underwater venue for an extraordinary celebration!

The Ceremony

Choose the right resort, and a dedicated wedding coordinator becomes your fairy godparent ensuring everything is in readiness! It can include a beachside altar with floral décor, the beat of traditional Boduberu drummers, and a master of ceremony guiding you through your special day. Cap it off with cutting a three-tier wedding cake, popping a bottle of Champagne, and toasting to a lifetime together.

Special Packages

You can enhance your celebration with bespoke wedding packages in Maldives that go beyond the ceremony. Imagine a candlelit dinner on the beach, a four-course feast paired with fine wines, while the bed at your villa will be adorned with romantic touches. The morning after, revel in the intimacy of an in-villa floating breakfast in the pool and a private massage for couples to set the mood for your journey into marital bliss!


Dubai is a captivating wedding destination that seamlessly marries opulence with breathtaking landscapes. Renowned for its iconic skyline, glamorous lifestyle, and cultural diversity, Dubai offers a unique and extravagant backdrop for couples seeking a truly remarkable wedding experience, setting the stage for a truly memorable occasion.

dubai | img via Wikipedia commons

Tons of expertise
The wedding planners, florists, and photographers in Dubai are seasoned professionals who will assist you at every stage of the journey, ensuring that your special day becomes unforgettable for all the right reasons and in all the minds of the guests you choose to invite.

A melting pot of cosmopolitan brilliance
Dubai, a diverse city, accommodates over 200 nationalities, embracing a broad spectrum of faiths, traditions, and customs. The cosmopolitan ambience of Dubai ensures that everyone feels a sense of belonging no matter what country you’ve originated from – a great place to celebrate togetherness.

Incomparable venues
Whether you seek a luxurious five-star hotel for an extravagant celebration or envision a more intimate beachside wedding, Dubai offers a plethora of stunning venues, providing countless options to suit your preferences from subtle to extreme opulence through hotel suites in Dubai like the ones offered at Oaks Liwa Heights. 

 A place full of thrills unending
In only a brief drive, Dubai stands as one of the rare cities globally where futuristic cityscapes, rugged mountain landscapes, and exquisite beaches are easily accessible. Dubai holds the promise of extraordinary moments waiting to be experienced by none other than your gracious selves.

Seeking a holiday that transcends the ordinary? Well, pack your sense of wonder because the Maldives awaits, ready to sprinkle a touch of magic on your getaway! Whether you’re a beach bum or an adventure seeker, these unique experiences promise to turn your holiday into an enchanting tale of tropical delight.

Movie Night Under the Stars | img via rawpixel


Go Snorkelling Right Outside Your Villa
Forget the usual snorkelling spots – imagine stepping from Maldives water villas directly into the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. With an outdoor deck, private pool, and easy access to the water, you’re not just staying in a villa, you’re living in an aquatic wonderland. Dive in for an impromptu snorkelling session and let vibrant marine life welcome you to their world!

Enjoy Movie Night Under the Stars
Swap the cinema for a celestial theatre on the sandy shores of paradise offered by select resorts like SAii Lagoon Maldives. Imagine snuggling in a comfy bean bag on the sand and a bowl of popcorn in hand while cinematic tales unfold, and the magic of the Maldivian night sky enhances every frame. It doesn’t get any better for a family movie night or a special date night!

Experience Traditional Boduberu
Immerse yourself in the drumbeats of Boduberu, the traditional music of the Maldives inspired by the rhythms of African culture. It also features singing and dancing with no right or wrong steps adding to its allure. This unique cultural experience not only connects you with others but also allows you to find your rhythm in this tropical paradise. Join the fun, and let the music set your spirit free!

Get Involved in Coral Conservation
For an eco-friendly adventure, get involved in coral conservation. Become a guardian of the marine ecosystem at certain resorts by participating in coral propagation programmes led by marine biologists. It’s something the whole family can join with kids even getting the chance to engage in activities as a ‘Junior Marine Conservationist’. So, don’t miss this chance to be a crusader for corals!

Tokyo, a city pulsating with vibrant energy, unveils plenty of special experiences for couples seeking an intimate escape. From dazzling illuminations to starry nights, Japan’s enchanting capital creates the perfect backdrop for unforgettable dates and here’s a curated list of the top romantic things to do to make your trip truly magical.

Take in the Panoramas from Tokyo City View 

Roppongi Hills is where you will find the towering Tokyo City View, a pinnacle of romantic escapades. This site, within easy reach of properties like Oakwood Apartments Minami Azabu Tokyo, is famed for its Indoor Observation Deck, 250 metres above sea level, and the outdoor Rooftop Sky Deck at 270 metres; both these vantage points offer breathtaking views to enjoy with your loved one before heading off to experience the popular dining and nightlife options in Roppongi Hills.

Explore Yebisu Garden Place

A romantic oasis is what to expect at Yebisu Garden Place, a commercial complex that can be accessed from Minami-Azabu-based furnished apartments in Tokyo. Date nights at this site during the Christmas season give couples a chance to enjoy a glittering wonderland complete with a Baccarat chandelier and champagne gold lighting that create an ethereal atmosphere. You can also watch a movie at the Yebisu Garden Cinema which offers private seats or ascend to the observation decks of Yebisu Garden Place Tower for more panoramic vistas.

Syced, Illuminations in Ebisu Garden Place 2, CC0 1.0

Dinner Cruise on the Sumida River 

Embark on a romantic journey along the Sumida River, where a traditional Yakatabune houseboat promises an unforgettable dinner cruise. As the city lights dance on the water, you will pass key attractions like Odaiba and the Rainbow Bridge. Indulge in a multi-course traditional Japanese dinner, savouring both culinary delights and the spellbinding views. Surrounded by Tokyo’s dazzling cityscape, this cruise will provide memories to cherish long after your trip is over.

Visit the Konica Minolta Planetarium Manten

What better place to visit than a planetarium if the stars have aligned for you and that special someone? Plan a date night at the Konica Minolta Planetarium Manten which offers a celestial haven for couples; immerse yourselves in a realistic starry sky created by cutting-edge technology, and revel in the ‘healing planetarium’ experience, blending mesmerising visuals with fragrant aromas. Look to book the unique ‘cloud seats’ at the planetarium designed for couples ensuring you and your partner have an extraordinary romantic retreat!

Located on China’s eastern coast, Hangzhou beckons couples to embark on a journey of love, where ancient charm meets nature’s splendour. Enjoy heartfelt moments as you explore this destination which offers romantic experiences that intertwine with the city’s rich cultural and natural heritage.

Spend Time at Picturesque West Lake

West Lake, a muse for poets and artists, unfolds its beauty for couples as well. Bike or stroll around its shores, serenaded by the gentle ripples. Row a small boat, sip Longjing tea with a lakeside view, and witness the sky ablaze with sunset hues. After dark, be captivated by the Impression West Lake night show or the Music Fountain, a symphony of water, light, and music under the moonlit sky. Return to the contemporary comforts of properties like Oakwood Residence Hangzhou and plan for more romantic adventures!

Wander Around Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Unwind together at this verdant sanctuary northwest of West Lake that can be easily reached by couples staying at nearby apartments in Hangzhou. This botanical garden is home to huge bamboo, vibrant blooms, and diverse flora that create a canvas of natural beauty. Wander through the garden with that special someone, find respite on benches overlooking the lake, and marvel at the ‘Lingfeng Tanmei,’ adorned with over 5,000 plum trees, a winter wonderland of blossoms and tranquillity.

shankar s. from Dubai, united arab emirates, A pleasant stream in the park (35803229093), CC BY 2.0

Explore Scenic Longjing Tea Plantations

Venture to the idyllic village of Longjing, where Hangzhou’s renowned Longjing tea is cultivated amidst spellbinding scenery. Wander through tea plantations, tour traditional factories, and savour these teas at their source. The unique flavour, attributed to an ancient spring feeding the village’s well, infuses romance into each sip. Discover the art of tea-making and the beauty of this cultural tradition set against the backdrop of one of China’s most scenic countryside.

Go On a Captivating Night Cruise

Under a starlit sky, set sail on a West Lake night cruise aboard Song Dynasty-style boats, taking in stunning views as well as enjoying various performances. Alternatively, cruise the famed Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, indulging in local cuisine and vistas of key attractions. Couples can also opt for a Qiantang River night cruise, where charming illumination marks the union of river and canal. Let the night unfold its magic, creating a mesmerising backdrop for shared moments and whispers of love!

Embark on a romantic odyssey in the cosmopolitan city of Bangkok, where love blossoms amidst urban sanctuaries and riverside charm. Read on to find out how you can curate the ideal getaway with that special someone on an unforgettable journey to the Thai capital.

Suitable Accommodation

For a tranquil escape to Bangkok, apartment hotels in a residential area of Sukhumvit make an ideal choice with easy access to attractions and Skytrain stations away from the bustling streets. Independent couples will find bliss in studios or serviced apartments at properties like Citadines Sukhumvit 8 Bangkok with kitchenettes, living and dining areas, and free Wi-Fi. Begin the day with a hearty breakfast at an onsite restaurant and end your adventures with a dip in a pool overlooking the city, the perfect setting to unwind together.

Image via Citadines Sukhumvit 8 Bangkok

City Parks

Romance can find room to bloom in the idyllic parks of Bangkok as you stroll through lush green spaces. These urban havens, such as Lumpini Park and Benjakiti Park, offer ample room for you to enjoy a picnic or walk hand-in-hand enjoying the scenery and each other’s company. Some parks even provide paddle boats for an enchanting ride on a serene lake. Experience the beauty of nature, share intimate moments, and let the city’s parks become the backdrop to your love story in Bangkok.

Shared Wellness

Rekindle the flame of romance with side-by-side rejuvenating massages, creating a shared wellness experience. Find a Bangkok spa that offers private rooms for intimate healing rituals, from soothing oil massages to aromatic treatments. Indulge in a variety of massage options, each designed to transport you both into a state of bliss. Let the healing touch of expert therapists become a part of your romantic escape, enhancing the connection and relaxation between you and your partner.

Dinner Cruises

Set off on a magical escapade along the Chao Phraya River as part of a captivating dinner cruise. Witness iconic sites, including the illuminated Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), casting a magical glow on the water at night. Some cruises offer candlelit dinners, accompanied by live bands and cultural performances, elevating the charm of your experience. Glide along the river with your loved one, creating memories to cherish against the backdrop of Bangkok’s enchanting skyline.

Thailand is a land like no other for your destination wedding. With gorgeous beaches, clear water and exotic tropical cuisine backed by sunsets that will last you a lifetime. There is plenty to enjoy and make lasting romantic memories on your special day.

Planning Your Wedding in Thailand

Many people choose Thailand as their wedding destination as you can be assured of having the perfect wedding tailored to your needs. The beauty of a wedding in Thailand is having specialised ceremonies such as having a Lanna Wedding with an elephant and drum procession that can be arranged at a resort such as Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort.

Image via Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort

When to Host Your Wedding

It is important to factor in when to host your wedding as you will have to take into consideration the tropical climate, budgeting concerns in peak and off-peak seasons and accommodation availability. Usually from November to February, the weather is pleasant with lower humidity and temperatures; however, since it is the peak tourist season, the prices will be higher. March to May is the hot season where it becomes more affordable to host your wedding as it is less crowded. On the other hand, the rainy season, spanning from June to October, introduces unpredictable weather conditions.

Legal Considerations for Getting Married in Thailand

According to Thai law, all formal paperwork and legalities should be followed. This will include spending some time at the Thai embassy of your local country to fill out the relevant paperwork and then waiting for confirmation that you have been registered at the District Office where the registrar will register the marriage and issue a marriage certificate in Thai. If this process seems overwhelming, hiring a proficient wedding planner can greatly ease the burden, as they are well-versed in the intricacies of the procedure and can navigate the necessary paperwork with expertise.

Considering Cultural Etiquette

It is important to keep in mind the customs and traditions to ensure that you and your wedding retinue show respect and honour during your celebrations. An example of such is; taking off shoes before entering a person’s house or a temple and covering up and dressing appropriately. A wedding planner would help you to familiarise yourself with the dos and don’ts and thereby you’ll be able to host a memorable and respectful occasion for you and your guests.