Being compact, venues for intimate, informal or traditional Sri Lankan weddings such as palm fringed beaches and cool mountain towns can be easily reached. Many venues also assist with planning, helping to minimize wedding related stress.

Wedding in Sri Lanka | Image Credit - Peter van der Sluijs, CC By SA 3.0 via Wikipedia Commons
Wedding in Sri Lanka | Image Credit – Peter van der Sluijs, CC by SA 3.0 via Wikipedia Commons

Best Time to Wed
Although the weather is sunny for much of the year the best time to wed is between October and March. The weather is dry, humidity and temperatures are down in much of the island and it is the best time to plan outdoor events.

Eco Weddings
Head over to the central province and you could plan a magical eco wedding surrounded by the bounty of nature. Places such as Sigiriya or Dambulla offer beautiful rustic backdrops around which you could plan out a magical ceremony.

Cosmopolitan Colombo Wedding
In a land blessed with immense stretches of beaches and a myriad of breathtaking scenery, choosing a destination for your dream wedding in Sri Lanka can be a little bit hard. If you are planning on having your wedding in the metropolis, there’s a plethora of Colombo wedding hotels to choose from such as Pegasus Reef Hotel.

Hill Capital
Definitely promising to be a memorable occasion Kandy offers stunning backdrops around which to plan your dream ceremony. Choose from misty hillside backdrops to riverfront locations as well as traditional drummers to walk you in.

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While it may be one thing to say you will be hosting your wedding abroad, it is quite another thing when it comes to actually planning it! Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a wedding location on foreign shores.

Find the Perfect Setting

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When deciding on your location first sit down with your partner and decide what kind of backdrops or weddings venues you most prefer; it can be on a secluded beach, in an enchanting forest or even indoors in a grand ballroom. Choose your destination accordingly.

Choose the Type of Ceremony

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Apart from the location, you should also decide what style or type of ceremony you want to have. While you can host a typical western style celebration, many countries also give couples the option of celebrating their wedding in keeping with local customs and ceremonies.

Look for Special Packages

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Hosting weddings abroad can be quite an added cost though to help couples many hotel chains such as Berjaya Hotels & Resorts offer specialised packages; these include great deals and benefits from the planning and hosting stages to the honeymoon.

Keep the Honeymoon in Mind

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Ensure the place you are going to celebrate your wedding is also a destination where you can enjoy a perfect honeymoon, be it seclusion, adventure or a bit of both!


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White sandy beaches, picturesque karsts and with a glorious sunset, you will not find a more romantic setting other than in Thailand for your fairytale wedding ceremony. Although planning a destination wedding may have slight complications which could be avoided with great care.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Inform guests in advance

A destination wedding requires quite a commitment on the part of the guests, from travel costs to getting off work. It is only fair on your part to inform them well in advance by sending invitations at least 24 months prior to the event.

Pick the right season

The best Bangkok resorts provide special offers during the raining season in Thailand. Travel prices are also greatly reduced during this time although if you want a glorious tropical wedding under the crispy sunlight, the summer is the best time for you.

Pre wedding trip

An array of beach side resorts and riverside properties such as Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort offer wedding packages. It is always advisable to visit the place before the ceremony as it is easier to communicate your wishes and concerns in order to avoid disappointments.

Take care of the legal stuff

Make sure to contact your embassy and the Tourist Information Bureau regarding documentation and other specifications with regards to legalization of your marriage. Conduct a thorough research on the requirements as some countries require the couple to live in the country for a few days.

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A honeymoon vacation in Lisbon might sound like music to a bride’s ears. Lisbon with its streets paved with cobblestones, faultless food, and wines second to none in the world could be the ideal setting for your time away with your partner.


Lisbon is a coastal city and with its golden sunsets has been drawing plenty of visitors of late. It is an affordable European city to visit, with its gorgeous landscapes and olden day’s mysteries tied to its past.

Romantic Destination

Image Credit: AVANI Hotels & Resorts

Romantic weddings are every bride’s dream. They would want it meticulously planned and ensure that no expenses are spared to make it a memorable and a happy occasion. Lisbon often has been underrated and overlooked as a romantic destination.


Being one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world, Lisbon features many accommodations ranging from budget lodgings to luxury hotels such as AVANI Hotels & Resorts. Be sure to book your stay prior to your arrival if you are planning to stay in this city.

City Tour

Head downtown and acquaint yourself with some of its mysteries. This was reconstructed after the infamous earthquake of 1755. You could even hire a guide for a tour. Visit the 500-year-old architectural masterpiece, the Monastery of Jeronimos that is a combination of both European and Moorish styles.

Fritzjames Stephen is a travel writer, who writes content based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life.