If romance in the desert is your preferred idea of a honeymoon, Sir Bani Yas Island is your ideal option. Choose appropriate villas in Abu Dhabi that would complement your intimate getaway. A much prefreed choice among many is Anantara Al Yamm known to be an exclusive spa resort Abu Dhabi is proud of. Days are sunny here and quite cheerful as the tropical atmosphere surrounds clothed in the typical Arabian mystery. Go out for a sunset desert safari with your sweetie and witness the glorious animals loitering lazily in the sun. Feeling lazy? Just lounge about around the pool soaking up all the sun while sipping a delicious Arabian cocktail prepared specially for you. For the more adventurous couples, activities such as archery, kayaking or mountain biking are available. Sir Bani Yas Island is indeed the perfect intimate getaway for newlyweds seeking a quiet getaway with a difference. Perfectly cut away from the rest of the world, enjoy a secluded honeymoon with your loved one in the privacy of an isolated island in the sun. 

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The idyllic region of Kalutara on the southern Sri Lankan coast is the perfect place for a weekend of week-long getaway. Home to some interesting cultural locations and of course, ultra-pristine beaches, this unique stretch of tropical sand will provide an unforgettable vacation experience for everyone who visits. Of all beach hotels Sri Lanka has to offer its visitors, the selection of Kalutara hotels are infused with a charm all their own. You might consider checking into The Sands as it offers prime accommodation on the beach, with fun activities galore to entertain the entire family for hours on end, such as Crab Racing, and the chance to witness Coin Makers and Gem Cutters honing their craft. Close to Kalutara Beach is one of the most famous archeological sites in Asia: the Pahiyan-gala (Fa-Hiengala) Caves, which are considered to be the world’s oldest example of pre-historic life in Asia, as it has recorded artefacts and humanoid skulls dating back almost 37,000 years. A massive cave structure that can accommodate up to 3,000 people at one time, it claims the title of the largest natural rock in Asia, with an intricate network of tunnels running deep into the interior of the mountain. Pahiyan-gala is the name given to the humanoid species that inhabited the caves 37,000 years prior, and the location is also a significant Buddhist landmark, as a Chinese monk named Fa Hien was also an inhabitant of the cave in the fifth century. Modern visitors who visit the caves will now discover that it has been converted into a unique Buddhist temple, infused with a special aura of tranquility given its location in the cave. Affording an ideal spot for some meditation as you breathe in almost 40,000 years of history, the Pahiyangala (Fa-Hiengala) Caves are a must-visit item on your cultural itinerary in Sri Lanka.

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Koh Phangan has an array of exciting things to keep its visitors busy and content. Boat trips from Koh Phangan is one such must-try activity whne you are holidaying in this island. Most of the Koh Phangan resorts arrange these boat trips for their guests residing at their place. Rasananda Phangan Island Resort & Spa is one of the renowned Koh Phangan hotels which offers comfortable accommodation in the island and all other extra services in relation to your tours and excursions. Most of the boat trips start early morning and there are common itineraries for these tours when going in groups. There are various types of boats available for these tours and it can be traditional long tail boats or speedboats. Some of the places that you gonna explore during these boat trips from Koh Phangan are Than Sadet waterfall, Thong Nai Pan, Haad Khuat or Bottle beach and Koh Tae Nok. When taking up these tours do not forget to be well-equipped with sun block and hats to protect yourself from the scorching sun.

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Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and it is home to a unique brand of culture branded by European and local influences. The city offers an excellent range of Manila apartments that will provide the ideal base from which you can explore the wonders dotting the cityscape.  The Somerset Olympia Makati is one ideal choice for serviced accommodation Manila offers to all its visitors, so take a peek at its luxury interiors for a true taste of what awaits! Manila is a bastion of the Catholic faith, due to the prominent presence of the Portuguese during a significant portion of the country’s history. It boasts some beautiful Catholic churches that afford oases of calm and tranquillity amidst the hustle of the world outside the church walls. Of particular worth in the iconic Makati area is the Greenbelt Chapel, boasting a beautiful dome incorporating the classical cathedral architectural styles of Roman churches. This magnificent testament to the Catholic faith sits atop the beautiful emerald manicured lawns of the Greenbelt area located in the lush surroundings of the Makati district in Manila. It is also just a stone’s throw away from the Greenbelt Mall, which dedicates one of its floors entirely to supporting local Filipino artisans and businesses. The ambiance of the area is permeated with the Holy Spirit and mass is observed three times daily at the chapel. If you are looking for a welcome mix of tranquillity and quality artisan offerings, the Greenbelt area is worth exploring to enhance your time in the Makati area.


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The islands of Maldives are a theme of romance all by themselves with spectacular beaches, gorgeous sunsets and a cluster of beach and water villas and resorts that simply grow in to the beauty of the nature surrounding them. It’s the ideal backdrop for a fairy tale romance, and a picture perfect venue for a wedding, that can be as dreamy, as perfect or as unconventional as one prefers as nothing is impossible under these heavenly conditions in Maldives.
One of the unique ways of getting married in Maldives is having the ceremony on a ‘Dhoni’. This small but comfortable sail boat that is an inherent part of the lifestyle of Maldives offers a perfect cruise to have while undertaking the proceedings of the wedding. This traditionally hand crafted vessel has about it an authentic feel of the islands and offers a perfect platform to exchange your vows as the touquise blue waters of the Indian ocean ripple around you and the sea breeze gently ruffles the bride’s veil and the only sound may be the lull of the ocean waves as they lap against the vessel in perfect unison. Many couples prefer this unique venue, as the vessel, with its graceful ivory sails and handcrafted body also seems to have a picturesque feel to it, rather than a modern sail boat or cruiser and only adds to the oceanic feel of it all.

Then there are other ceremonies that simply chauffer the bride to her husband on a dhoni for a typical beach wedding. This remarkable vessel is indeed a convenient conveyer and an ideal vessel to escort the bride, and gives the perfect backdrop for her to appear with her long fluttering veil so matching against the ivory while of the sails and the exquisitely hand crafted exterior of the boat.

There are many Maldives bungalows, which fully support these unique and exceptional wedding ceremonies with many facilities for a creative theme as well as providing a romantic backdrop for ceremonies. Anantara Veli Maldives offer several options for wedding themes, from a romantic beach wedding decorated with white silks and a profusion of tropical flowers together with the sound of the local drummers adding an auspicious tone to a wedding ceremony upon a dhoni that is sure to create an unforgettable memory as one exchanges vows upon its platform with the Indian ocean waters playing as witness. A Maldives resort like this offers more than one option for wedding ceremonies as well as perfect residences that serves the perfect romantic escapade to a couple from over water villas to ocean villas that isolate a couple almost completely from the rest of the world.

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With its pristine beaches, quiet coastal hideaways and magical sunsets, it is little wonder the Maldives is one of the most popular destinations for a honeymoon. This is especially true for those staying at Maldives island resorts in the South Male Atoll such as Naladhu Maldives. This Maldives hotel provides a truly romantic island getaway in which to celebrate your love.

There is much to do for a honeymooning couple looking to spend their days as newlyweds in the South Male Atoll. Begin your day by taking a stroll on one of the many idyllic beaches the country is so famous for. If you are the kind of couple who like a bit of thrills, then there is also an array of exciting water sports on offer here including jet skiing, water skiing, diving and perennial favourite snorkelling which lets you get a glimpse of the colourful world that lies beneath the waves. As the day draws to a close you can opt to take a sunset cruise or enjoy a romantic walk on the beach as the setting sun paints the sky in vivid hues. End the day with a romantic dinner on the beach under the stars.

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