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Dhoni Weddings in Maldives

The islands of Maldives are a theme of romance all by themselves with spectacular beaches, gorgeous sunsets and a cluster of beach and water villas and resorts that simply grow in to the beauty of the nature surrounding them. It’s the ideal backdrop for a fairy tale romance, and a picture perfect venue for a wedding, that can be as dreamy, as perfect or as unconventional as one prefers as nothing is impossible under these heavenly conditions in Maldives.
One of the unique ways of getting married in Maldives is having the ceremony on a ‘Dhoni’. This small but comfortable sail boat that is an inherent part of the lifestyle of Maldives offers a perfect cruise to have while undertaking the proceedings of the wedding. This traditionally hand crafted vessel has about it an authentic feel of the islands and offers a perfect platform to exchange your vows as the touquise blue waters of the Indian ocean ripple around you and the sea breeze gently ruffles the bride’s veil and the only sound may be the lull of the ocean waves as they lap against the vessel in perfect unison. Many couples prefer this unique venue, as the vessel, with its graceful ivory sails and handcrafted body also seems to have a picturesque feel to it, rather than a modern sail boat or cruiser and only adds to the oceanic feel of it all.

Then there are other ceremonies that simply chauffer the bride to her husband on a dhoni for a typical beach wedding. This remarkable vessel is indeed a convenient conveyer and an ideal vessel to escort the bride, and gives the perfect backdrop for her to appear with her long fluttering veil so matching against the ivory while of the sails and the exquisitely hand crafted exterior of the boat.

There are manyΒ Maldives bungalows, which fully support these unique and exceptional wedding ceremonies with many facilities for a creative theme as well as providing a romantic backdrop for ceremonies. Anantara Veli Maldives offer several options for wedding themes, from a romantic beach wedding decorated with white silks and a profusion of tropical flowers together with the sound of the local drummers adding an auspicious tone to a wedding ceremony upon a dhoni that is sure to create an unforgettable memory as one exchanges vows upon its platform with the Indian ocean waters playing as witness. AΒ Maldives resortΒ like this offers more than one option for wedding ceremonies as well as perfect residences that serves the perfect romantic escapade to a couple from over water villas to ocean villas that isolate a couple almost completely from the rest of the world.

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