New York is one of the most energetic tourist destinations in the world, which offers a list of interesting attractions to its visitors. Apart from the great shopping and dining options available, the city is also home to a number of fascinating museums which are well worth a visit. The American Museum of Natural History is one of the most technologically advanced museums in the country which is equipped with a planetarium as well as an IMAX theatre. This museum houses thousands of exhibits which offer a wealth of knowledge to all its visitors. The Dinosaur Wing of this facility is a favourite among frequent visitors to the museum and is not to be missed if you’re in the city for the first time. The American Folk Art Museum is another interesting venue where visitors can learn a great deal about traditional art in the country.

Imagine floating by the Statue of Liberty while dining under the starry skies of New York with that special someone. In addition, visitors will also be able to see the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, Governor’s Island and the South Street Seaport. Most of the cruise ships that operate here prepare the meals on board the vessel itself which guarantees visitors a fresh meal. Dinner is always accompanied with great music and a superb selection of wines and other beverages as well.

One of the best ways to get a feel of New York is to go on a guided cruise which will give you the opportunity to experience this sprawling city at its grandest. While sipping on a glass of wine or enjoying a delicious meal, feast your eyes on some of the most breathtaking sights this mega city has to offer. A number of tour operators in New York offer guided cruises around the city which offer excellent service and outstanding dining options.

The Premier Hotel is ideally located in the heart of the city offering easy access to many of the cities key tourist attractions. This amazing hotel in Midtown Manhattan offers exquisite accommodation options and a range of useful facilities. The exclusive dining outlets available to its guests make it stand out as a luxury hotel New York is proud of.

Scattered to the southwest of the Indian subcontinent is the archipelago of the Maldives. These atolls hold exotic experiences for travellers waiting for that serene environment away from home. Each islet has its own special features which give a whole new meaning to adventure.

One of the newest cruisers ready to take on the waves has been built with modern engineering techniques along with traditional Maldivian boat building methods. Enjoy your vacation on Maldivian waters as it sails away into a melting horizon. The scenery and comfort is just one part of the total package – the luxury cruiser offers a variety of tantalizing wines and you can indulge in a plunge into the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean.

Another special yacht, which mainly attracts travellers who are on a limited budget, is often seen sailing along the coastlines. Recently revamped and featuring an experienced captain this cruise will take you through hours of surfing, snorkelling, fishing and cruising and if you are lucky, you may come across the playful dolphins that whirl through the sunny waves. Enjoy so much variety at a reasonable cost and make your holiday worthwhile.

This trip can accommodate small groups and includes its own bathrooms. You will find the vessel well cooled and ventilated to assure that foreign visitors will not find this new climate very uncomfortable. Assortments of mouth watering dishes are laid out especially prepared by the professional chef on board. Enjoy the delightful cuisine as you drift along the horizon to the perfect sunsets. You can also enjoy your favourite cocktail or have a concoction of your favourite spirits right at the cruise bar or treat yourself to an intimate dinner for two on the deck under a canopy of a million twinkling stars.

Enjoy a relaxing tranquil week with seven awe-inspiring sunsets that glamour the skies across the horizon. Watch as the colours melt into the tropical waters where dolphins play towards the late evenings.

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Romantic getaways are never limited to sunny isles with crystal beaches. You may be in for a surprise to acknowledge the beauty which lies within historic medieval structures. It is never a wonder that these creations add a spur in ones imagination to how life was like in the golden days of 14th century.

Belsay Castle is one such 3 story structure which was once home of the Middleton family which is now administrated by the English heritage. The castle is encircled by a large garden that also houses Belsay halls, an architectural masterpiece inspired by the temples of Greece. The british known for the art work in gardens the huge arrays of shrubs and flowers is an ideal stop for a picnic after a long days sightseeing.

This historic Newcastle attraction will expose you to the pristine heritage of Britain and its architectural marvels that has been preserved for years. This is an attraction that is guaranteed to appease your eyes. You can access this during your stay at any of the New Castle hotels. Let the film speak itself!

The city that never sleeps only serves our imagination as a modern high-tech world where time flies at the speed of a blink. But to our surprise there still remain few places that reverse the perception held on NYC. One of which is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

This 52 acre, garden bountiful of exotic flora and fauna collected from the world over has an abundant of gardens within gardens. Some of these specialty gardens are The Cherry Trees, Japansese Hill and Pond Garden, The Cranford Rose Garden, The Shakespeare Garden, Fragrance Garden & The Children’s Garden.

It a wonder if you do not feel the change of atmosphere which guaranteed to drag you to a different place in a different time. If you are on a romantic getaway in the big apple here is your reason to extend your vacation. Many New York City hotels are situated encircling the botanic gardens so that visitors have the opportunity to catch few glimpses of this magnificent garden.

Recently topping the list as the most charitable city in America, Minneapolis is a welcome change from the fast paced clamor of other big cities. Also known for its artistic visage, this “town on the prairie” has all the glory of liberated endurance. Topped with swank art museums, more than enough theatres and ethnic and organic eateries, it has rightly earned its name as the ‘Mini-Apple’ of the present day.
Looking further into the beauty of Minneapolis will unfold a gamut of natural beauty and tranquil locality. One such place that has captured nature at its finest is the Minnehaha Park. Situated at the intersection of Hiawatha Ave and overlooking the Mississippi River, this park has the privilege of being one the most oldest and popular parks in the city and manages to attract over 850,000 visitors per year.

Featuring lime stone bluffs, river overlooks and a 53-foot waterfall, this 193 acre park also contains a myriad of trees such as Cottonwood, Silver, Oak, Maple and native as well as prairie woodland wild flowers. Fast becoming a popular site for weddings, this park offers the visitor the freedom of many activities including picnics, concerts, wading pool, disc golf course, volleyball court and bike trails. If this is not enough, the park also houses several sculptors and is recognized to be sacred ground for American Indians.

Millennium Hotel Minneapolis would be considered an ideal place to stay for visitors looking to explore the park. Snug on the tree-lined side walks of Nicollet Mall, this downtown Minneapolis hotel is within walking distance to entertainment and shopping centres such as the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, the Metrodome and Target Center. Providing services such as indoor swimming pool and business centre, this Minneapolis hotel offers the guest a touch of class and elegance with creative cuisine and signature decorative style.

Quietly nestled among the cascading clouds 80km from Chiang Rai lies a Hill of Peace that has been left unaltered by the hands of time. Perched on a mountainous region 1800 metres above sea level Doi Mae Salong is a lot more than one of the country’s tea growing districts as the sheer natural beauty and charm of this stunning hamlet in the sky attracts visitors from far and wide to its breathtaking environs.
It is said that the beginning of January is the best time to visit Doi Mae Salong as the entire village begins to bloom with stunning Japanese cherry blossoms that dot the lush landscape with their brightly hued flower buds. The 4km stretch leading to the main town dubbed Sakura Route is quite literally infested with pink blossoms during early January making the entrance to Mae Salong all the more magical for visitors.

Apart from the town’s inherent natural splendour there is much to discover in the cool hamlet itself. Home to a number of Chinese temples that are located all across the region, the Chinese architectural elements in most of the town’s structures are equally engaging with their old fashioned and decidedly Chinese appearance. Jade and other Chinese specialties are also sold in most Mae Salong shops along with dried mushrooms, herbs, wines and preserved fruits.

Those with an interest in local cuisine will find that most restaurants in Mae Salong offer southern Chinese dishes and delicacies. Lined with quaint tea shops, these local cafes are the best place to discover the region’s brew of choice. Juicy lychees and sweet tasting peaches are also locally grown fruits that must be sampled for their sheer freshness and reputation. Mae Salong also houses a museum that documents the region’s rich history as well as a village market that sells locally produced items. Surrounded by several Akha, Hmong, Lisu and Mien tribal villages Mae Salong also serves as a great gateway to these indigenous communities.

When it comes to the best Chiang Rai resorts along the Thai border there’s no rest quite like the Anantara Golden Triangle, Thailand. With a stunning location that looks over the Ruak River and Mekong River as well as neighbouring Laos the accommodation is also one of the most picturesquely placed Golden Triangle hotels in the region.

Germany is re-known as a fast growing industrial country, but little did we know about the romantic cities that are still bountiful with medieval structures. Heidelberg is one of those cities with heavenly picturesque atmosphere. Its geographical location, residing besides the River Neckar between a steep valley in the Odenwald only compliments its breathtaking ambiance. The Heidelberg castle and baroque style town is one of its key romantic features. This is an ideal destination for quiet & Romantic getaway.

Let the pictures speak out loud!

Cincinnati is the laid back counterpart of most cities in the United States. Famous for antislavery movements and underground railroads, this city has something to offer visitors who grace its shores. Some of the best things to do whilst in Cincinnati are to catch a game of baseball, or go paddle boating along the Ohio River. Pure relaxation is the key to appreciating Cincinnati. Mount Adams with its winding roads leads you to some of the best views of the city. With a rich and colourful past, there are still relics that remain to remind us of its glorified history. The arts and culture scene of this city can rival even that present in New York, coupled with amazing restaurants and seasoned nightlife, there is a whole lot to explore for the avid tourist. This city just waits to entertain you, from its major league sports to its world class roller coasters and water theme parks.

Whilst in Cincinnati, it would be an ideal option to visit a location that gives you a little bit of everything, from dining, shopping and be entertained. One such tourist attraction in Cincinnati is Fountain Square located in the corner of Fifth and Vine Streets. Dedicated to the people of Cincinnati, this public square offers a host of activities and facilities. For example, you can play a game of chess or checkers at Fountain Square, as most of the tables have the board printed right on the table. Two bicycle tracks can be found through the square, and for the sports fan, buy your Reds tickets at the kiosk based right at the square.

Fountain Square District offers a range of signature restaurants and cafes that cannot be found anywhere else in the city. From Brazilian, Mexican, American steaks, seafood to Italian, dining in Cincinnati has never been better with Fountain Square District.

For your dose of entertainment, Fountain Square hosts a range of celebrations and festivities right through the year. Just to list a few of the events in Cincinnati you can experience at Fountain Square; Egg Hunt for Easter, Macy’s Downtown Dazzle, Krogger’s New Years Eve Blast, MidPoint Music Festival, P&G Flower Carpet, P&G Movie Night, P&G Acoustic Thursday, P&G Fourth of July Bash, PNC Gospel Sunday, Skyline’s Santa Skates, THE Cincinnati Beer Festival, Turkey Bowl and so much more.

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The Portage Glacier is situated on the Kenai Peninsula, in Alaska and within the Chugach National Forest. In terms of its location it is just south of the Portage Lake and 6km west ward of Whittier.

Visitors could choose between driving down to the Portage Valley to see the Glacier or continue onto Whittier to see the amazing marine life at Prince William Sound.

The Chugach Eskimos are famed to have hunted in this area for thousands of years. Russian fur traders also used Portage Valley as a means of traveling between Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet.

The Portage Lake was formed behind the Portage Glacier since it began receding. A hanging glacier called the Burns Glacier can be viewed from a distance and is set in the middle. So where is the Portage Glacier? It is behind the extension of the glacier to the right of the Burns Glacier.

It’s difficult to see the glacier but it’s much easier to see where it used to be. Sadly during the past couple of years the glacier has begun withdrawing from the lake. All that remains today is a small piece in the centre of the lake, while the major portion of the glacier face goes down more than 100 feet into the lake.
But the Portage Glacier is still considered as a valley glacier and one of the most beautiful; even to date the amount of people it attracts has still not dropped in numbers. There are many “hanging glaciers,” or glaciers that are seen partly down a mountainside.

In order to see the glacier, one would have to drive a bit further along the lake to a sightseeing boat dock and buy a ticket for a cruise through the lake that takes visitors close to the glacier face. Be prepared to embark on a ride that can bump you through patches of icebergs.

A stay at an Anchorage Hotel would be the ideal end to a day at the Portage Glacier. There are many Alaskan hotels to choose from and a popular hotel is the Millennium Alaskan Hotel Anchorage, due to its position along the shores of the beautiful Lake Spenard. Here visitors can enjoy views of the lake from the hotel during there stay.

From the ancient times onwards china has been a culturally rich continent with diverse talent that has resulted in changing the world in a great deal. Beijing city is currently grooms many festivals that sheds light on this rich age old culture. Among many the Beijing Music Festival is a well celebrated event that has taken place annually since 1998.Tthe event intertwines various sounds and rhythms from the world all over, thus opening doors to all the musicians.

You are guaranteed to find music to suite your personal taste from Opera, symphonic, classical jazz or even dance drama. The event continues for about one month commencing from mid October. the festival presents about 30 odd performances which comprises of famous artists as tenors Jose Carreras & Kathleen Battle, pianists Martha Argerich, Fou Ts’ong, violinists Issac Stern, and conductor Valery Gergiev.

Other than appeasing ones ear the event also smphasises on music education and public welfare by providing free concerts for children. China’s pro-active stance to uplift its culture has certainly created a positive impact with the help of The Beijing Music Festival.

Although this is a little out of the ordinary romantic experience music being the language of love, this is an excellent opportunity for you to appease your easthetic sences. You can be part of this event while residing at a Beijing Hotel with abundant of services.

The video below is a minor glimpse of what you can grasp at this festival.