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Soothing Sounds of The Beijing Music Festival

From the ancient times onwards china has been a culturally rich continent with diverse talent that has resulted in changing the world in a great deal. Beijing city is currently grooms many festivals that sheds light on this rich age old culture. Among many the Beijing Music Festival is a well celebrated event that has taken place annually since 1998.Tthe event intertwines various sounds and rhythms from the world all over, thus opening doors to all the musicians.

You are guaranteed to find music to suite your personal taste from Opera, symphonic, classical jazz or even dance drama. The event continues for about one month commencing from mid October. the festival presents about 30 odd performances which comprises of famous artists as tenors Jose Carreras & Kathleen Battle, pianists Martha Argerich, Fou Ts’ong, violinists Issac Stern, and conductor Valery Gergiev.

Other than appeasing ones ear the event also smphasises on music education and public welfare by providing free concerts for children. China’s pro-active stance to uplift its culture has certainly created a positive impact with the help of The Beijing Music Festival.

Although this is a little out of the ordinary romantic experience music being the language of love, this is an excellent opportunity for you to appease your easthetic sences. You can be part of this event while residing at a Beijing Hotel with abundant of services.

The video below is a minor glimpse of what you can grasp at this festival.