Berjaya Praslin Resort - Resort Aerial Beach Against Sky
Berjaya Praslin Resort - Resort Aerial Beach Against Sky
Berjaya Praslin Resort – Resort Aerial Beach Against Sky

As one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations Praslin Island offers newlyweds a pristine piece of paradise all to themselves. Littered with Seychelles honeymoon resorts and hotels including the likes of Berjaya Praslin Resort and countless others, honeymooners are spoiled for choice when it comes to holiday packages in Praslin. Less than 29 miles from Mahé the island is the second biggest island in the country in both scale and populace. Lined with verdant valleys and forests of palm the island is a tranquil alternative to the more tourist congested Mahé.

Renowned for its white, sandy beaches and stunning coastlines couples can expect to find a beach holiday destination ideal for their first vacation as a married couple. The island’s most popular beaches include Anse Lazio which is frequently dubbed ‘The best beach in the world’ by many a travel publication and poll. Ideal for swimming activities, the granite boulder laden beach is also home to two scenic coves and serves as one of the best snorkelling destinations in the Seychelles. The beach is especially breathtaking at first light. The beach, however, is not all there is to marvel at when in Praslin as the iconic Vallée de Mai, the globe’s most extensive coco de mer forest and World Heritage Site, is also found here. The forest is perhaps best known as the leafy home of all six endemic species of palm trees in the Seychelles.

As an island which attracts many an artist, culturally inclined couples can also explore the many art spaces and galleries occupying the island including Galerie Passerose. The Cap Samy Art Gallery commands a captivating location 300m above sea level on a hillside location. Honeymooners can also venture inland to visit the biggest human settlement in Praslin named Grand Anse where local restaurants and other recreational facilities are found. The country’s national bird, the black parrot is also frequently spotted here, especially close to the Church of St. Matthew and its vicinity.

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beautiful bride on beach with long white wedding dress at sunset in Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
Picture Credit – Oaks Oasis Resort

Picture yourself walking along the soft sandy beach with your partner beside you, the warm sun shining down on you, while the waves touch your feet and the sea breeze gently touching your face; wouldn’t this be like a dream come true? This is what most couples get to experience after their magical weddings that take place in Caloundra, one of the most beautiful areas on the Sunshine Coast. Located in the third largest populated city in Australia which is Queensland, the Sunshine Coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Caloundra, Noosa Heads, Kawana Waters and Maroochydore are some of the areas that are coastal hubs and are known for the wedding venues in Sunshine Coast.

Those who dream of a beautiful beach wedding often end up in Caloundra because the area boasts a picturesque setting for weddings. Outdoor weddings take place in this area throughout the year because of the subtropical climate. Most of the hotels located in Caloundra such as Oaks Oasis offer wedding hosting services to their guests. Hiring a wedding planner from the area itself will make the process much more convenient. The soft white sand acts as a soft carpet down the aisle, where the beautiful ocean can be used as the backdrop while you exchange your vows and say I Do.

Beach weddings are the most popular functions but for those who prefer an indoor wedding can use the magnificent Caloundra Golf Club. At the golf club, there is a special outdoor location for the ceremony and an air-conditioned interior space for the function. The pictures that you will be able to capture in this area will be truly magical. If you need more excitement and uniqueness to your wedding another amazing location you would find in Caloundra is the Aussie World theme park.

Intrigued by history, art and food, Lavinia Woolf is a writer who is passionate about the extraordinary and writes of the exhilarating and enchanting.


Lover’s Leap is as romantic as the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet. Located in Trincomalee, Lover’s Leap can be found in the vicinity of the Koneswaram Temple. Many Trincomalee hotel providers list out Lovers Leap as a famous tourist attraction, and some hotels such as Trinco Blu by Cinnamon, even add it as part of a tour of the city! If you’re staying in the vicinity, do make it a point to visit the Koneswaram Temple and Lovers Leap.

Legend has it that Francina van Reed fell in love with a young Dutch officer and was believed to have been engaged until the time his period in the Foreign Service came to an end. Following the termination of the engagement, the young officer was set to depart to his home country from the harbour. Upon watching her beloved’ ship depart, young Francina threw herself off the cliff and died a tragic death. To commemorate her untimely and devastating death, her father, an officer of high ranks constructed a stone pillar inscribing the date April 24th 1687.

It has been known that lovers who couldn’t be together due to family restrains or other issues, have flung themselves off the rock, in the hope of being reunited together in the afterlife. However, despite the tragic stories that have come to surround Lover’s Leap, the view from the summit will simply take your breath away – without having to fling yourself off the rock.

Lovers Leap can only be accessed through the Koneswaram Temple so do bear in mind that as footwear is not permitted inside the premises of the Temple; the ideal time to visit would be in the early hours of the morning or at dusk. Also remember to dress appropriately or entry to the temple premises will not be permitted.

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Now showing Photo, Couple By Veli Heart
Romantic Activities in Maldives, Image Credit: Anantara Veli Maldives Resort

The very air of the Maldives is infused with merry sunshine, salty breeze and freedom, a wonderful romantic mix that is ideal for a couple looking for a romantic getaway. Before you start your romantic adventure in the Maldives, do a bit of research and plan well to avoid any kind of disappointments. Pick a Maldives resort hotel that offers activities for a couple while giving them space and the privacy they require.

Romantic activities for two are in plentiful in the Maldives. The two of you can bond over a couple’s spa day. Enjoy a fragrant bath of essential oils and flower petals and settle down to let a professional therapist work out the tension in your body while the two of you listen to soothing music and the sound of the waves in the ocean. Most resorts such as Anantara Veli Maldives Resort offer spa facilities to guests. Go for a scuba dive together and explore the vibrant reefs for sea creatures. An occasional turtle might pass you by. Book a passage in a luxury sea cruise and enjoy each other’s company while you traverse the seas in luxurious style.

During pauses, you can snorkel or scuba dive under the watchful eye of an instructor. A typical sea cruise serves sumptuous and intimate meals on the deck at night. Savour the goodness of your favourite seafood dish with your loved one under the twinkling stars while the night’s sky infuses a romantic aura around you. Instead of spending your whole vacation on one island, opt to “hop” islands with your partner on a sea plane to explore all that Maldives has to offer in terms of locations and hues of the sea.

To end your romantic getaway in style, book a ride on a submarine. These 45-minute rides will take you deep under to see everything from sharks to shipwrecks.

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