Accompanied by all modern attractions, Abu Dhabi has become one of the top luxury tourist destinations in the world. An ideally located Abu Dhabi resort would let you make the most of your holiday as it gives easy access to some of the top attractions and shopping and entertainment venues in the city. Desert Islands Resort & Spa By Anantara is one of the top Abu Dhabi beach hotels recommended by most of the travellers to the place. One of the luxury ways of spending some romantic time in Abu Dhabi is by taking up a Dhow cruise dinner in Dubai creek. It is a unique experience one would get to experience and it’s a perfect way to propose to your fiancée or take her out for a romantic dinner. Your candle lit dinner would be accompanied by soothing live music or a vibrant dance of a belly dancer and the flamboyance of the Dubai creek would turn the whole romantic experience into a magical one. Umanga Kahandawaarachchi is a passionate travel writer who writes under the pen name, Maggie Tulliver. Her field of writing covers a wide array of content and articles related to travel and hospitality industry. Google+

Getting married and changing life forever has to be the most important day of any one’s life. Each couple wants to celebrate their wedding in their own special way and everyone wants it to be perfect, according to their own definition of the word.

Couples all over the world are increasingly turning to beach weddings as stunning locations around the world are just a plane ride away. Soft powdery sand underfoot, the stunning setting of a blue sea highlighted by striking tropical foliage and the background sound of waves lapping the shore is many couple’s idea of the best setting to celebrate that special day besides giving the proceedings a touch of informality. The beach is a naturally beautiful setting and there is no need to embellish such a venue, especially if it is a sunny tropical destination where a blue sea or a colorful sunset is always at hand to lend their magic. The biggest advantage of a beach wedding is that if family and friends are invited they too are assured of having a wonderful time prompted by the fun location. Everyone can be relaxed and less formally dressed and even be without shoes! There will be much less rushing around as the wedding ceremony and reception can all be held in one location and it will also help to keep things intimate. Another advantage is that everything can be conveniently arranged beforehand by talking to a wedding planner at the venue of choice. The onsite wedding planner will pay attention to the bride’s needs, provide menus, flowers, entertainment and will make sure that everything goes well. Perfect wedding planning will allow the bride and her family to be relaxed.

Although Koh Phangan is famous for its noisy and crowded full moon beach parties at Haad Rin beach, the island has several quiet bays, coves and stretches of golden sandy beaches dotted around that are away from crowds and are perfect for beach weddings. Many hotels offer comprehensive packages covering the ceremony, the reception, accommodation and even the honeymoon. Here couples can walk down petal strewn sand to a simple floral archway under which vows can be exchanged. They can choose to be married in a western or Thai wedding ceremony that will include a blessing from a Buddhist monk. The best time to get married at Koh Phangan is between December and March when the temperatures are pleasant, there is no rain and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy water sports. July and August just after the dry season is the other favorable period to consider getting married here.

Stay at Rasananda Koh Phangan Villa, Resort & Spa to enjoy a perfect tropical location right on the beach. As one of key Koh Phangan hotels, guests are offered a selection of spacious pool, ocean and garden villas and suites that is the ideal accommodation from which to enjoy the many aspects of a wonderful location. The other interesting features of one of prominent Koh Phangan resorts are dining venues that reflect the aesthetic of its location and amenities and facilities that provide the perfect background for an unforgettable vacation.

The Banana Republics in South America are famous for these yellow, banana shaped boat rides, but with the advent of time, the vogue caught on in Maldives where there is plenty of shallow waters. The Maldivian seas are versatile; some parts are shallow, some are deep, some are turquoise while others are crystal clear, while dolphins inhabit certain stretches and coral reefs are seen in other areas. Thus, it is not surprising to find a plethora of beach and sea activities to choose from when visiting.

The bright sunny coloured craft, which look like sturdy droplets of marigolds from a distance are actually inflatable canoes made from rubber. Two footboards sit on either side of the boat and an oar is deployed into the gushing sea waves by each rider to thrust the vessel forward.

Some use it to traipse between the many little islands that belong to the Maldives, while the kids try a few strokes with the help of adults. The waters closer to the coast are less strong and make banana boat riding a fun and safe activity. They are towed into the water by motor boats as they cannot be ridden in very shallow seas either. About six people can be aboard at a time and everyone is usually given a life jacket in case one gets thrown overboard. With constant motor boat patrols and watchful locals, there is no danger of drowning, but be mindful that you do not gulp down too much of the sea water if you fall off! Hold on to the frontals and position yourself comfortably on the polyester seats to avoid any unexpected ejections.

Probably kids and teenagers enjoy this experience the most as a group can engage in the action with an oar of their own. With a few strapping lads in the boat, you will easily be touring the Maldivian islands!

Enjoy one of the best holidays ever at affordable rates at a Maldives resort where tranquillity resides harmoniously with fun and frolic. Maldives bungalows are another good alternative to consider for accommodation with well known names such as Anantara Veli Maldives leading the way in the country.


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The feeling of entering into the bonds of holy matrimony amidst the most scenic surroundings is ‘a dream come true’ for many. In the Maldives couples have the opportunity to make their dreams a reality. At affordable prices, the Maldives brings paradise itself to your feet. The gentle breeze caressing your skin, the sound of roaring waves making the background music, and the unmatched picturesque scenery without any effort induces the most tranquil desires in one’s heart. In the Maldives, the experience of a marriage is redefined, for the feeling is quite like nowhere else in the world.

Over the years, the Maldives has become a veteran at hosting weddings for couples from all over the globe. Each couple comes with their own set of needs and expectations and the best part about the Maldives is that somewhere somehow, one can get everything one wants for a simply perfect day to remember for years to come. There is no better way to seal a couple’s love than by basking in the breathtaking sunset or better yet exchanging vows at the dawn of the day. Rest assured that whatever you choose to do, however you like it, your satisfaction at flying all the way to this picturesque piece of paradise will meet no boundaries. The resorts in the Maldives play a huge part in making one’s marital dreams come true.

There are several prominent wedding locations on the list and wedding planners can easily access their websites from the comfort of home and decide exactly how to plan the big day to tell the grandkids someday. A typical wedding in the maldives is accompanied by the traditional beat of island drums performed by elegantly attired men and women, based on the couple’s theme. This adds an authentic feel to your Maldivian Wedding. Some like their weddings by the beach front, others like it in a Maldivian Dhoni or a yacht. Whatever the style you choose, the Maldives comes with a heavenly backdrop that always remains perfect for a wedding.

When choosing a resort, try the Naladhu Maldives. This Maldives Hotel, with all its perks and facilities, makes one of the most popular Maldives Island Resort. It also has some excellent ideas for planning the perfect Maldivian Wedding.

Discovered by Royalty who has maintained a passion for this ‘Royal Getaway’ in to the snug embrace of the solitary coastal stretch, Hua Hin has soon found itself playing the role of what nature obviously intended it to be – one of the best Honeymoon destinations in all Thailand.

This sleepy fishing village located on the sunrise side of the Gulf of Thailand was discovered by King Rama vii nearly a century ago and it did not take him long to make it his summer vacation place which led it to the place being followed by a train of royalty who clearly saw what all visitors to Hua Hin feels, a sense of dreamy reclusive ambience that inspires and is inspired by softer emotions, delicate expressions and timeless memories.

The spectacular beach of Hua Hin though seemingly stretches into endlessness is actually a 5 kilometre coastal area between a rocky headland and southern end that is a cliff which is graced with ancient Buddhist temples. The beach itself has in addition maintained quiet a demeanour, and a reputation for safety in contrast to other popular Thai beaches that is possibly due to the constant surveillance and presence of police and royal guards who are there for the occasional presence of royalty at his mansion.

In this heavenly surroundings that seems to have carved itself out of all boundaries of worldly constraints, time itself seems to stand still as one gazes into the spectacular beach at sunrise or sunset or better still soak up the sun at mid afternoon while sipping a refreshing fruit cocktail or snuggling up together to enjoy some succulent seafood at moonlight in a romantic seaside eatery. A couple can break away from the monotony if at all by taking a horse rider together or go kite surfing or jet skiing or better still stroll around for sightseeing of exotic Thai temples of which this region can boast of plenty.

With such a spectacular backdrop the Hua hin Hotels have the chance to grant their visitors some amazing ocean views from the sea facing rooms or just as picturesque sights of the lush green plantations on the inland suites. Anantara Hua Hin Thailand Resort offers an array of such excellent choices together with the well known international standards of hospitality that it has maintained over the years. This Hotel Hua hin exudes the charm of Thai interior designs and also offers the delightful flavours of authentic Thai culinary specialties to enthral its visitors.

You have heard of the captivating beauty of the Maldives, as one gazes at pristine white dunes and exotic surroundings. The sparkling sea surrounds the islands and seems to sit perfectly still while an occasional exotic bird soars off into the horizon. Most are very familiar with the lush tropical beauty that decorates the surface of these warm, inviting waters; however, little do most of us know of the wondrous sights that await us underneath the gently lapping waves.

One of the best ways to explore Maldivian marine life and corals is to dive right in, although caution is advised as some parts of the islands are full of sharp-edged corals and other dangers that might make it a little difficult to enjoy the splendour beneath the waves, unless one has received training. A safer, more accessible way for all ages to dive into the underwater world without actually suiting up is to take a glass-bottom boat ride. Guests can hire the glass-bottom boats from the comfort of their hotel suites and arrange for pick up for a morning of underwater sightseeing. These glass-bottom boats carry life jackets along with ensuring other safety measures for visitors of all ages.

The clear, cerulean Indian Ocean enables beautiful views of the lagoon floors. The variety of flora draped along the bottom of the sea, as well as the spectacular fauna dotting the water, can be marvelled at from the boat itself. The experience has been described by most tourists as a “great family adventure”. Thanks to the large number of glass-bottom boats available for hire, all visitors are able to treat themselves to a unique experience found only in tropical locations: the exploration of two worlds during one vacation.

Come face-to-face with the delicate and shy angelfish, or be surprised by the presence of a fearsome Barracuda. Experience awe at the brightly-hued butterfly fish, a reef-dweller famed for its attractive colouration. Pay a gleeful grin at the discovery of more clownfish than you ever thought existed, as you’ve found Nemo and possibly all his kin in one place. Whether one ventures below the waves or enjoys the land above it, the Maldives offers an experience unlike any other. From the moment you wake up to the sounds of the soothing waves lapping outside your room, until it’s time to sit and watch the glorious sunset on the horizon, the Maldives manages to take your breath away with its tranquil surroundings and natural splendour.

Looking for Accommodation in Maldives? One option that might intrigue guests is the Anantara Dhigu Maldives. The property is a beautiful Maldives Resort that is reputed for its luxurious ambience and warm hospitality.


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If you would love to start your new life with your partner in style and class, one of the best honeymoon destinations that one could fly to is Bali. The turquoise, clear water of the sea and the soft white sandy beaches that spread a long way around the island join together to create a magical moment. The lush green fields that spread inland add more beauty to the surroundings.

If the both of you are into some adventure, the sea is the best place to experience some memorable moments. Surfing is one exciting option that one can experience; cut through the large waves that would come towards you and glide smoothly in the clear water, enjoying the soft breeze that caress your skin. Dive deep down and explore the amazing world under water. The colourful marine life and the beautiful corals are sure to keep you mesmerised.

While you walk through the streets of Bali, you would come across a huge number of temples that belongs to three major religions; namely Buddhism, Hinduism and Animism. This land is known as the island of 10,000 temples. Visitors may come across festivals organised by these temples that might be held frequently and seemingly without warning. Enjoy a bit of the Balinese culture by taking part in these festivals. Villages will parade through streets dressed in colourful attire dancing to the sounds of drums till late night.

If preferring a relaxed honeymoon, Bali caters to that type of vacation as well. The number of spas located both within hotels and privately is numerous. Choose a spa and indulge yourself in the luxury services offered by them. Have a late night dinner with you partner in a secluded area of the beach while the stars would shine above and the soft sound of the waves lapping the shore would be heard in the background. Walk on the soft sand during the sunset and watch the sky changing its colours making the environment romantic.

There are several ways that you could organize these romantic Bali tour packages. There are many agents that would provide this type of service. Out of all Sri Lanka travel agents, Mackinnons is considered as one of the best for this job. They would find the right places for an affordable price to help make your dream honeymoon come true.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers. Google+

Phuket, an island surrounded by emerald blue waters is blessed with a pleasant tropical climate which makes it ideal for a memorable romantic getaway. Phuket resort accommodation caters to variety of tastes and a Phuket beach resort such as Anantara Phuket Resort Thailand is a choice you will not regret making. Spend your romantic holiday having fun in the sun followed by an intimate beachside dinner. The smaller islands surrounding Phuket can also be visited during a day trip. These islands with their excellent diving and snorkelling sites can be easily reached by boat, within an hour or two. Also make it a point to pay a visit some of the island’s leading attractions including Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World, temples and waterfalls. Sailing and yachting are two more exciting experiences that await you in this part of Thailand.

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Enter Maldives, a veritable paradise filled with gorgeous beaches and lush tropical foliage. Consisting of a few hundred islands scattered like gems across the warm waters of the Laccadive Sea, Maldives is a highly popular vacation destination. Offering tourists plenty of things to do, it is a place where one can kick back, relax and just have some fun. The variety of activities available here ensures that there is something for everyone to do. Not only is it the ideal destination for a family trip, it is also a great place to take a vacation with friends or go on a honeymoon.

Whether one wants a quiet, intimate honeymoon or one filled with adventure and excitement, Maldives is the place to go. It is a place where magical memories are created every day. A typical day could start with performing yoga on the beach while watching the sunrise. After a delightful breakfast take a boat ride to a secluded island. Have fun splashing around before trying a delicious picnic lunch. Go for a stroll along the beach and watch the sunset before going back to the hotel. Change and head out for a sumptuous candlelit dinner by the sea.

Alternatively sign up for scuba diving lessons and then explore the watery depths around Maldives. Exploring the world beneath the waves can really help couples bond. Other couple activities to try out include jet skiing, snorkelling, sailing, kayaking and paragliding. When going paragliding it is possible for two people to be strapped together. Taking part in these adventure activities together will not only make a couple’s bonds stronger, it also gives them delightful memories that they can treasure for the rest of their marriage.

There are numerous places that offer facilities for these activities and couples can choose the most romantic option. To ensure the perfect honeymoon one should take care when choosing one’s Maldives resort. Those who want a romantic Maldives luxury hotel can try the Cocoa Island Maldives. Situated on a private island and offering delightful over water suites, it is a terrific place to stay. The resort also offers plenty of fun activities that newlyweds can enjoy.