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Glass-Bottom Boat Rides

You have heard of the captivating beauty of the Maldives, as one gazes at pristine white dunes and exotic surroundings. The sparkling sea surrounds the islands and seems to sit perfectly still while an occasional exotic bird soars off into the horizon. Most are very familiar with the lush tropical beauty that decorates the surface of these warm, inviting waters; however, little do most of us know of the wondrous sights that await us underneath the gently lapping waves.

One of the best ways to explore Maldivian marine life and corals is to dive right in, although caution is advised as some parts of the islands are full of sharp-edged corals and other dangers that might make it a little difficult to enjoy the splendour beneath the waves, unless one has received training. A safer, more accessible way for all ages to dive into the underwater world without actually suiting up is to take a glass-bottom boat ride. Guests can hire the glass-bottom boats from the comfort of their hotel suites and arrange for pick up for a morning of underwater sightseeing. These glass-bottom boats carry life jackets along with ensuring other safety measures for visitors of all ages.

The clear, cerulean Indian Ocean enables beautiful views of the lagoon floors. The variety of flora draped along the bottom of the sea, as well as the spectacular fauna dotting the water, can be marvelled at from the boat itself. The experience has been described by most tourists as a “great family adventure”. Thanks to the large number of glass-bottom boats available for hire, all visitors are able to treat themselves to a unique experience found only in tropical locations: the exploration of two worlds during one vacation.

Come face-to-face with the delicate and shy angelfish, or be surprised by the presence of a fearsome Barracuda. Experience awe at the brightly-hued butterfly fish, a reef-dweller famed for its attractive colouration. Pay a gleeful grin at the discovery of more clownfish than you ever thought existed, as you’ve found Nemo and possibly all his kin in one place. Whether one ventures below the waves or enjoys the land above it, the Maldives offers an experience unlike any other. From the moment you wake up to the sounds of the soothing waves lapping outside your room, until it’s time to sit and watch the glorious sunset on the horizon, the Maldives manages to take your breath away with its tranquil surroundings and natural splendour.

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