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The Maldives Honeymoon

Enter Maldives, a veritable paradise filled with gorgeous beaches and lush tropical foliage. Consisting of a few hundred islands scattered like gems across the warm waters of the Laccadive Sea, Maldives is a highly popular vacation destination. Offering tourists plenty of things to do, it is a place where one can kick back, relax and just have some fun. The variety of activities available here ensures that there is something for everyone to do. Not only is it the ideal destination for a family trip, it is also a great place to take a vacation with friends or go on a honeymoon.

Whether one wants a quiet, intimate honeymoon or one filled with adventure and excitement, Maldives is the place to go. It is a place where magical memories are created every day. A typical day could start with performing yoga on the beach while watching the sunrise. After a delightful breakfast take a boat ride to a secluded island. Have fun splashing around before trying a delicious picnic lunch. Go for a stroll along the beach and watch the sunset before going back to the hotel. Change and head out for a sumptuous candlelit dinner by the sea.

Alternatively sign up for scuba diving lessons and then explore the watery depths around Maldives. Exploring the world beneath the waves can really help couples bond. Other couple activities to try out include jet skiing, snorkelling, sailing, kayaking and paragliding. When going paragliding it is possible for two people to be strapped together. Taking part in these adventure activities together will not only make a couple’s bonds stronger, it also gives them delightful memories that they can treasure for the rest of their marriage.

There are numerous places that offer facilities for these activities and couples can choose the most romantic option. To ensure the perfect honeymoon one should take care when choosing one’sΒ Maldives resort. Those who want a romanticΒ Maldives luxury hotelΒ can try the Cocoa Island Maldives. Situated on a private island and offering delightful over water suites, it is a terrific place to stay. The resort also offers plenty of fun activities that newlyweds can enjoy.