Maldives Honeymoon


In the Maldives, budget honeymoons can still be unforgettable and utterly romantic if you choose the right resort and here are some special experiences you can enjoy.

Have Sandbank Picnic

Plan an intimate escape to a secluded sandbank for two; ideally, your Maldives resort will provide a dhoni (traditional boat) ride to such a sandbank or a remote island where you can snorkel and laze in the sands to your heart’s content. When hunger strikes, savour a chilled picnic lunch served with drinks amidst this sublime topical paradise.

Indulge in Couples’ Spa Rituals

There’s no better way to relax on your honeymoon than getting a couples’ massage on a shared journey of wellness. To make this experience more magical, resorts like Kurumba Maldives offer outdoor treatments under the stars which include an aromatic bathing ritual, golden cowry shell massage, head massage as well as chocolate-dipped fruits and champagne!

Take a Private Sunset & Dolphin Cruise

Dolphin watching
Dolphin watching | Image via pixabay

Another of the popular honeymoon activities in Maldives is to embark on a private sunset and dolphin cruise; as you journey into an unending horizon and take in the spellbinding view of the setting sun, you also have a chance to spot spinner or bottlenose dolphins swimming and frolicking amidst the water. It will be an experience to truly treasure.

Enjoy Dining by the Sea

As the day ends, you can surprise your sweetheart with a romantic beach dinner! Many resorts will organise such intimate dining by the shore at a special area set up with delectable courses and fine wine. Best of all is the setting where you can enjoy the sights and serenades of the ocean, while myriads of stars twinkle above.


Around the world, you will find entrancing islands that are renowned for romance. In these visions of paradise, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an exotic escape with your loved one.


This archipelago set amidst the expanses of the Indian Ocean has secured a firm reputation as an outstanding destination for romance, featuring pristine beaches, picturesque scenery and a delightful tropical climate. A Maldives resort to consider for your romantic holiday would be Anantara Veli Maldives Resort.

Image of resort
Image Credit: Anantara Veli Maldives Resort

Bora-Bora in French Polynesia

The island of Bora-Bora in French Polynesia is sure to capture the imagination of the couple desiring romance. Here you will find turquoise lagoons, a striking coral reef, tiny islets and the jagged Mount Otemanu which is located within its heart.

Capri in Italy

The picturesque island of Capri is renowned for its villas on the waterfront and limestone cliffs. Undoubtedly an outstanding setting for romance, in Capri town you will encounter charming streets lined with boutiques. You will also find Anacapri, a quiet village offering seclusion and privacy.

Santorini in Greece

Santorini will be a delight for romance seekers with its whitewashed houses and striking churches with blue domes. It also features other attractions such as captivating beaches, outstanding wines and archaeological attractions dating from prehistoric times.

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Romance is always in the air in the Maldives; the island offers the perfect setting for a honeymoon and even a wedding. If you are thinking of saying ‘I do’ why not do it in style under a starlit canopy. The weather conditions in Maldives are perfect for a wedding ceremony, the view of the beach is spectacular and your guests will simply love digging their toes into the sand while they watch you walk down the aisle. You do not have to worry about the logistics of organizing your wedding ceremony because most of the hotels have package deals for such occasions.

Package deals include hair and makeup artists, a wedding photo shoot done by a professional photographer, floral decorations, champagne and wedding cake. Sometimes they throw in a couple of extras like a candlelit dinner after the ceremony and breakfast for the couple in a beach villa. All you have to do is send out the invitations and ask your guests to come over to Maldives.

Couples have the option of getting a wedding planner which is a burden off their shoulders. The planner will get in touch with all the service providers and ensure that everything goes according to schedule. The difference in having a wedding in Maldives is that you can include some of the local rituals for your ceremony. The ‘Bodu Katheeb’ or island chief can act as your efficient and perform traditional Maldivian rituals. A Maldivian drum performance is also a great addition if you want that traditional local feeling.

The best time for a wedding is in the evening because the air is much cooler. The most romantic ceremonies are the ones that begin just before the sun sets. Most often a Maldives resort will arrange for a few local practices to be included in your event. For instance, some hotels offer a coconut tree planting ceremony to celebrate the love between the couple. Maldives luxury resorts have their own private beach area making it an ideal location for a beach ceremony. Cocoa Island Maldives can be recommended as an ideal place to tie the knot and begin your new adventures together in this tropical island paradise.

Ever wanted to renew your marriage vows in a setting that can be described as a paradise on earth? Then the Maldives is definitely the place for you and your life partner! Those in search of a Maldives resort which offers such ceremonies can consider staying at Anantara Dhigu Maldives. Apart from featuring luxuriousaccommodation in Maldives, it also offers beach weddings and vow renewal ceremonies which provide truly unforgettable celebrations amidst breathtaking coastal landscapes.

If you are looking to renew your marriage vows in Maldives, there are many enchanting settings one can take advantage of. The beach is an obvious choice and those renewing their vows during sunset can look forward to a spectacular backdrop as the sun dips below the horizon. One can even opt for traditional blessings which add some local charm to the ceremony. An alternative to the beach would be to go aboard a Dhoni which is a traditional vessel that takes you out to sea where you can re-pledge your love to that special someone. One can even hire a yacht and head to an idyllic destination of your choice, renew your vows and literally sail into the sunset!

If you are looking for a truly unique setting in which to enjoy meals in the Maldives then definitely consider beach dining. When looking for accommodation in Maldives try and find a resort that lets you enjoy such outdoor experiences. Anantara Dhigu Maldives is a Maldives resort that does feature beach dining along with offering a variety of other enchanting settings in which to enjoy a meal.

Beach dining in Maldives is a great way to not only soak up the soothing coastal atmosphere, but also enjoy delectable seafood dishes. A beach picnic provides an informal setting in which to laze on the sand and enjoy a private lunch or dinner amidst cooling ocean breezes. Another option would be to have a fine dining experience on the soft sands of the shoreline; perfect for a romantic evening meal, the beach is an ideal place to unwind with that special someone as you savour a meal and sip on wine as the stars shine overhead.

An idyllic coastal getaway known for its pristine beaches and magical sunsets, the Maldives is the perfect destination in which to enjoy an enchanting wedding. Couples in search of a Maldives resort which offers you the chance to have a traditional style ceremony can stay at Anantara Veli Maldives. This luxurious resort also has charming Maldives bungalows and is a perfect place to spend your honeymoon as well.

Maldivian style weddings incorporate local traditions and customs that provide your ceremony with a unique element that one would normally not enjoy. Typically taking place on the beach, these themed weddings are presided over by an island chief referred to as ‘Bodu Katheeb’, while it is also customary that the ceremony be accompanied by traditional drumming. Alternatively you can have Maldivian style weddings on a yacht or traditional dhoni which lend to the charm of getting married here amidst the stunning coastal backdrops that abound.

Enter Maldives, a veritable paradise filled with gorgeous beaches and lush tropical foliage. Consisting of a few hundred islands scattered like gems across the warm waters of the Laccadive Sea, Maldives is a highly popular vacation destination. Offering tourists plenty of things to do, it is a place where one can kick back, relax and just have some fun. The variety of activities available here ensures that there is something for everyone to do. Not only is it the ideal destination for a family trip, it is also a great place to take a vacation with friends or go on a honeymoon.

Whether one wants a quiet, intimate honeymoon or one filled with adventure and excitement, Maldives is the place to go. It is a place where magical memories are created every day. A typical day could start with performing yoga on the beach while watching the sunrise. After a delightful breakfast take a boat ride to a secluded island. Have fun splashing around before trying a delicious picnic lunch. Go for a stroll along the beach and watch the sunset before going back to the hotel. Change and head out for a sumptuous candlelit dinner by the sea.

Alternatively sign up for scuba diving lessons and then explore the watery depths around Maldives. Exploring the world beneath the waves can really help couples bond. Other couple activities to try out include jet skiing, snorkelling, sailing, kayaking and paragliding. When going paragliding it is possible for two people to be strapped together. Taking part in these adventure activities together will not only make a couple’s bonds stronger, it also gives them delightful memories that they can treasure for the rest of their marriage.

There are numerous places that offer facilities for these activities and couples can choose the most romantic option. To ensure the perfect honeymoon one should take care when choosing one’s Maldives resort. Those who want a romantic Maldives luxury hotel can try the Cocoa Island Maldives. Situated on a private island and offering delightful over water suites, it is a terrific place to stay. The resort also offers plenty of fun activities that newlyweds can enjoy.