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Banana Boat Rides

The Banana Republics in South America are famous for these yellow, banana shaped boat rides, but with the advent of time, the vogue caught on in Maldives where there is plenty of shallow waters. The Maldivian seas are versatile; some parts are shallow, some are deep, some are turquoise while others are crystal clear, while dolphins inhabit certain stretches and coral reefs are seen in other areas. Thus, it is not surprising to find a plethora of beach and sea activities to choose from when visiting.

The bright sunny coloured craft, which look like sturdy droplets of marigolds from a distance are actually inflatable canoes made from rubber. Two footboards sit on either side of the boat and an oar is deployed into the gushing sea waves by each rider to thrust the vessel forward.

Some use it to traipse between the many little islands that belong to the Maldives, while the kids try a few strokes with the help of adults. The waters closer to the coast are less strong and make banana boat riding a fun and safe activity. They are towed into the water by motor boats as they cannot be ridden in very shallow seas either. About six people can be aboard at a time and everyone is usually given a life jacket in case one gets thrown overboard. With constant motor boat patrols and watchful locals, there is no danger of drowning, but be mindful that you do not gulp down too much of the sea water if you fall off! Hold on to the frontals and position yourself comfortably on the polyester seats to avoid any unexpected ejections.

Probably kids and teenagers enjoy this experience the most as a group can engage in the action with an oar of their own. With a few strapping lads in the boat, you will easily be touring the Maldivian islands!

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