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Medieval marvels at Belsay Gardens

Romantic getaways are never limited to sunny isles with crystal beaches. You may be in for a surprise to acknowledge the beauty which lies within historic medieval structures. It is never a wonder that these creations add a spur in ones imagination to how life was like in the golden days of 14th century.

Belsay Castle is one such 3 story structure which was once home of the Middleton family which is now administrated by the English heritage. The castle is encircled by a large garden that also houses Belsay halls, an architectural masterpiece inspired by the temples of Greece. The british known for the art work in gardens the huge arrays of shrubs and flowers is an ideal stop for a picnic after a long days sightseeing.

This historic Newcastle attraction will expose you to the pristine heritage of Britain and its architectural marvels that has been preserved for years. This is an attraction that is guaranteed to appease your eyes. You can access this during your stay at any of the New Castle hotels. Let the film speak itself!