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Colbert Nourrice Studio Gallery

The Seychelles is a beautiful Indian Ocean nation, blessed with year round sunshine. This makes it a favourite among European travellers looking for that perfect sun and sand vacation. The beautiful golden beaches and the turquoise blue ocean are great for relaxing evenings and exciting water sports. But beneath the surface, the Seychelles is also home to some great artists who express their thoughts and desires using their chosen medium. The country has a rich cultural heritage thanks to the influence of the native African and Asian cultures as well as the colonial French heritage.

One such artist who has had much acclaim is Colbert Nourrice; he is a young painter who has really put the country on the contemporary art map. Contemporary art transcends the traditions that were adhered to by artists previously; it is a means of pure expression of one’s innermost thoughts using just a blank canvas and paint.
As such many critics see this genre of art as being the closest to the public as the message conveyed by the artists resonates easily. The Colbert Nourrice Gallery which is located on Mahe Island is a treasure trove of this artist’s work. He was awarded the third place in the 5th Annual Contemporary Art Biennale which was the first time an artist from the Seychelles had been recognized on the international stage. His artwork is primarily paintings, while an occasional sculpture has also been attempted.
His work has been inspired by traditional African tribal art traditions as well classical Asian styles; in a way it is a fusion of several continents. This is fitting as the culture of Seychelles is also a mix of African, Asian and European influences. Nourrice’s artwork is notable for its use of bold colours and vibrant designs. He attempts to tell a storey through the canvas and each painting on display at the gallery has its own tale.
As the gallery is located close to most Seychelles resorts this is an attraction that travellers can easily enjoy. A Seychelles hotel such as Raffles Praslin Seychelles allows guests the opportunity to visit several other cultural highlights on the islands.