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Fascinating Discoveries

The natural beauty that Bali is famous for owes much to its varied terrain. The island’s numerous beautiful aquatic features of lakes, waterfalls, rivers and streams are as well known as its beaches and Gitgit Waterfall is one such beauty spot. To see water cascading down a green wooded hillside of a tropical rainforest is one of the most attractive sights anywhere. Gitgit Waterfall, part of the Gitgit river system in northern Bali, 10 km from Singaraja town and 70 km from Denpasar, is one of the most visited places in Bali on account of the elegant plume of water dropping 35 meters straight down from the edge of a cliff into a pebble lined pool below.Β 

It is relatively easy to hike to Gitgit Waterfall as it is about 500 meters downhill off the main road and the access route is well defined and signposted. The best time to visit it would be during the dry season between May and October when it is not dangerous to bathe under the waterfall as the water flow is generally less than during the wet season. There is also less likelihood of dangerous debris rushing down the hillside. Gitgit during the dry season is an ideal location to enjoy a dip in the pool below the falls, relax in the cool water just listening to the sound of water falling and gurgling away. However the waterfall is at its best during the wet months from November to April when the cascade is at its most spectacular and the water is really cold. Local legend has it that honeymooners should not swim in it as separation is inevitable if they do so. This is perhaps hinting at the danger of swimming under any waterfall the height of Gitgit. The thunderous roar of the waterfall is what greets visitors even before it comes into view and the first glimpses of Gitgit through the trees are always spectacular especially with the sun glinting off the falling water.Β 

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