A honeymoon in Bali would be nothing short of a dream come true to a happy couple about to start their romantic new future together. Whether you are here for the first time or are a seasoned traveller, here is a list of unique things to add a little zing to your life.

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1. A Beachside Movie

Watch a romantic movie on the beach. It’s the perfect moonlit date out in the open cuddled together.

2. Horseback Riding

Go horseback riding at the Bali Equestrian Centre where its not just a circular track but offers various unique experiences like riding on the beach.

3. Make a Magical Wish

Make a wish on a magical tree. There is a 700-year-old Great Banyan tree in Gesung which is about 78 km away from any luxury boutique hotel in Seminyak Bali that is believed to be inhabited by tree spirits and locals believe that if one makes a wish on it, it will come true.

4. Ride a Helicopter

Explore beautiful Bali from the sky on a helicopter ride. You will see the land below in a whole other perspective and it will really colour your experience.

5. Sunset Dinner

Enjoy a sunset dinner on the beach. At Katamama, you can arrange for a private dinner after the two of you watch the sunset together and affirm your adoration of each other in the midst of nature’s beauty.


Home to some of the most exquisite looking beaches and daring surf points in Bali’s South coast; Seminyak is a vibrant city that draws travellers to its high end stores, nightclubs and chic resorts, such as the Alila Seminayak Bali, for example. Seminyak is a great alternative to the noise and crowds of neighboring Kuta; so if you want to experience the beauty and party atmosphere of Kuta, minus the masses, this is the place to be.

Seminyak’s ambiance is much more chilled out: with clear beaches and golden sunsets, it provides a great setting for anyone looking for a secluded and romantic vacation. And those are just a few reasons Seminyak Wedding Venues have risen in popularity among couples searching for the perfect topical wedding location.

One of those highly sought after locations is St Mikael Christian Protestant Church. Located just a short drive away from the resort enclave, surrounded by lush foliage and the heady fragrance of tropical flowers, St Mikael Christian Protestant Church is an iconic landmark continues to serve the local community. Constructed over 30 years ago, its famous for its Gothic designed architecture, something that is quite rare in the region.

The imposing structure is made charming by the white and blue shades that colour its exterior walls. Inside, beautiful but simple white walls and vaulted ceilings complement the dark tones of the wooden pews that lead you up the 15 meter aisle to the alter. The pièce de résistance here are the enchanting stained glass windows that rise up behind the alter, casting a kaleidoscopic of colours across the marble floors and ceiling. 5 in total, each one depicts scenes from the bible, and according to historians, the stained glass was originally made in England over a century ago, before they found a home at Santo Mikael Church.

Bali has several beautiful locations for a dream wedding, but the Santo Mikael Church, with its tropical garden, classical architecture and humble interior make it a perfect setting for a memorable wedding.

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Home to some of the finest beaches and surf points in Bali, Seminyak is a vibrant place, filled with dozens of amazing restaurants, high-end designer boutiques, nightclubs and luxurious resorts, like the Alila Seminyak Bali, a world class hotel. Seminyak is as stunning as Kuta to the south, minus the large crowds. The ambiance in Seminyak is much more sophisticated and relaxed, which provides a more secluded and intimate setting for romancing couples. All this coupled with amazing sunsets and beautiful settings, it’s no surprise the city has become an ideal destination for an unforgettable tropical weddings.

Located just a short drive away from the big resort area, surrounded by lush tropical trees and fragrant island flowers, is St Mikael Christian Protestant Church, popular among couples looking for a memorable setting to exchange vows. The Santo Mikael Church has served the local community for over thirty years and is famed for its rare gothic styled architecture, which is complimented by the stark white and blue colour scheme, making for a charming sight.

Inside the church, the interior is modest but beautiful, with white walls, high vaulted ceilings, and long dark wooden pews; however, once you walk up the 15meter long aisle to the altar, a mesmerizing sight awaits you. Five stained glass windows behind the altar casts a myriad of colours, as light passes through it, shining numerous patterns across onto the marble floors and ceiling, creating an enchanted backdrop. The historical piece of art, which depicts several biblical figures, was reportedly made in England over a hundred years ago, before making its way to the Santo Mikael Church.

Bali has several churches that stand out for their contemporary, avant-garde designs and stunning locations, but what makes the Santo Mikael Church so captivating, is its classic design and exquisite interior, that draws many couples to its humble steps.

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Whether it is a honeymoon destination one seeks or a romantic getaway, the Indonesian island of Bali is a wonderful choice. While other similar destinations such as the Maldives are wonderful, Bali offers a unique experience, especially for couples who wish to immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of the destination they visit. The island of Bali is idyllic and beautiful as well as aesthetically intriguing with areas such as Ubud boasting of the artistic pulse of the island. For a truly exquisite honeymoon, opt for a resort renowned for its spa facilities such as The Laguna Resort & Spa Bali and unwind after a hectic wedding. Enjoy the laid back atmosphere of the island and explore Bali at your own place while staying in one best beach resort Bali after another.

During daytime, one romantic thing to do in Bali is to explore the multitude of islands near mainland with a luxury catamaran cruise. A cruise would be complete with all the facilities and small luxuries one pleases and it would also provide honeymooners with the opportunity to witness Bali from a different perspective. Another wonderful option is to explore one of the villages during the day and trek through the rice fields and opt for a few hours at the spa to rejuvenate one’s tired bodies.

Wrap up an exciting day with a peaceful yoga session or enjoy a horse drawn carriage ride at sunset along the beach so as to witness the magnificent sunsets the island is famous for. As the cool ocean winds blow inland, a candlelit dinner near the ocean would be a marvellous end to a truly romantic evening.

The multitude of romantic things that can be engaged in when in Bali is numerous and given the natural scenic beauty and diverse Balinese terrain and landscape, it is no surprise that Bali is a haven enjoyed by all those who visit.


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Indonesia’s visitor-friendly island of Bali is a top choice for destination weddings. With plush beachfront resorts, hinterland hideaways and cliff top villas on tap, brides and grooms-to-be have a world of choice at their fingertips. The island is breathtakingly beautiful. Bali is steeped in culture and heritage. There are many wedding venues in Bali, however to have a gorgeous, luxury wedding, the Intercontinental Bali resort is the ideal choice. The hotel is a world-class icon of hospitality. They offer the best packages to suit each and every bride and groom. There is a range of facilities and many benefits offered for guests, so that they can have their dream wedding, whether it’s a beach, garden or a ball room wedding. Couples will be spoilt for choice, as the hotel offers a wide variety of exclusive and magical wedding venues such as the Imperial villa, Spa retreat, Sunset Garden, Sunset Bay Villa, Taman Cita Garden and many more other venues within the hotel. The food offered at the hotel, will be of premium quality, as they have an internationally recognized team of culinary experts.

Generally the best time for a wedding in Bali is between April and October. From April to October the weather is better than during the monsoon season. During June to August prices for hotels, wedding venues, air-tickets are usually higher. It may also be more difficult to find hotels. The west coast town of Seminyak is a firm favorite for wedding bells. Guests can take pick between a sunset garden wedding overlooking the Indian Ocean or a luxury white wedding at the beach house. The idyllic setting of Jimbaran Bay on the southwestern tip of Bali, is also a good location for a wedding, as this sparkling bay is home to a plethora of wedding venues, many offering breathtakingly beautiful ocean backdrops for ceremonies and receptions.

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Legian is a beautiful beachfront town in SouthBali, located north of Kuta and South of Seminyaki. Legian has a very high profile with visitors due to the lovely beach frontage. The most popular stretch of Legian Beach is at the bottom of Jalaa Padma and is sometimes called the Padma Beach. Stretching north from Kuta, Legian offers easy access to a variety of bars, restaurants and cafes. The northern area of Legian, boarderingSeminyak offers a bit of an escape from the crowds and is also a popular surf beach. It is said that tourism in Indonesia began at Bali, and Kuta and Legian. OSSOTEL is a popular luxury Legain HotelBali.This luxury and modern hotel is situated right in the center of the iconic Padma Legianneighborhood, it is located just minutes away from the island’s best bars, restaurants and vibrant club scene. Guests can enjoy the 88 meter pool at the hotel, the rooms, and the suites at the hotel are elegant, modern and offers the most modern comforts.

Most of Legian can be covered on foot, taxis are plentiful as there are motorbikes rental outlets. Legian beach is one of the best in Bali, to view the sunset. There are many things to do and see in Legian, such as the Kuta Night Market which is an enclave of stalls and plastic chairs that bustles with locals and tourism workers. The Waterbom Park covers 3.5 hectares of landscaped tropical gardens, and it has assorted water slides, a swimming pool and a supervised pool. The Double Six Club is a legendary club and continues reinventing itself. The Swimming Pool is still available for use. KutaCarnival is also a big beach party on the big beach in Kuta, consisting of games, art, competitions, surfing and much more. It usually also includes a food festival.Legian Beach is the most popular, as it is relatively peaceful and quiet. When the tide runs out, the beach seems to stretch forever and guests can take a leisurely stroll along the beach. There are also nightly games of football that happens on the Blue Ocean Beach.

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The city of Bali is one of those destinations that echo’s the ambience of love. Painted with nature’s finest attractions, Bali for decades has been a favorite location for sealing the feeling of Love. As the gentle breeze magically flows into your dream wedding setting and the waves roar at a distance, the matrimonial vow that you will exchange with the love of your life would feel genuinely blessed from the heaven above. So run away from the busy city that encapsulates your life and bring your lover to Bali; for there is no better place to unite in matrimony and spend the first few days as man and wife.

The whole of Bali is blessed with a scenic tranquility that makes it look almost magical. A resort in Bali that perfectly blends all the elements of Balinese beauty is the Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort & Spa. To top it all, this exquisite 5 star hotel is by far the finest choice of venue if you are looking to tie the knot in this sacred city of Bali. Inspired by love; weddings at this resort captures beauty beyond romance. The scenic backdrop, the unparalleled services and the exquisite large most romantic honeymoon suites make this location a dream come true for any couple who wishes to be wed here.

There are several wedding packages readily available for couples in Bali. Ceremonies include handling all the legal details that are demanded of a wedding. Merging a bit of the deep rooted culture and the scenery of pure bliss, there is a unique sacredness to the vows undertaken in Bali. Most hotels offer you an array of choices when it comes to choosing the perfect venue. So take your time and look around because Bali is a city that offers love nothing but perfection.

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When planning a wedding, the number of details one will need to care of are truly too numerous to count. Conventional wisdom dictates that you start planning the event at least a year in advance and for that one year, the number of issues one will need to sort out will most likely be overwhelming. Given this reality, it is truly no surprise that many couples nowadays opt for destination weddings. Having a destination wedding does not mean you have to compromise on the grand plans you had for your ceremony: it simply provides you with a change of scenery and a truly memorable backdrop against which to be married. For instance, a couple can opt to travel to Indonesia and choose to have a beach wedding in Bali, one of the most scenic islands belonging to the country.
A destination wedding provides you with numerous advantages and one such huge advantage is that most resorts including Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Indonesia,offer couples with the option of choosing a wedding package. This reduces not only the cost, but the hassle of having to organise it yourself. Given that the wedding will take place on the beach, one can also save on décor, for the stunning setting alone will be more than sufficient. It’s also ideal for guests seeking to go away on vacation, for most resorts will happily negotiate a reduced rate for a large number of guests making it more affordable. The only glitch is ensuring that you aim to have the wedding during the peak season for a beach wedding on a rainy day is surely not the way to go.
A beach wedding in Bali is also more likely to be less stressful than a wedding back home. The change of scenery contributes to a change of pace and instead of meeting and greeting your new in-laws for a few minutes, couples will feel more inclined to take their time and mingle with their guests. The wedding will be a lovely combination of elegance, relaxation and celebration for most resorts will go that extra distance to ensure that the venue is beautifully decorated. Just imagine the marvellous photo opportunities! With a destination wedding, the choices are limitless.

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Located on the western end of the Lesser Sunda Islands is the Indonesian island of Bali. Known for its rich culture & heritage and natural beauty, Bali is one of Southeast Asia’s hottest tourist destinations. With its multi-ethnic and multi-religious society and lifestyle, Bali is a great place to spend an exotic vacation as it is also known to have many cultural & recreational attractions, fascinating visual arts and performances, and breath-taking scenery.

The tropical atmosphere of Bali is also one of its highlights as the gentle breeze and the warm, yet mild, temperature of the island ensures hours of outdoor activity. At nighttime, the island becomes blissfully quiet and relaxing, and thus is a great place to embark on a romantic sunset dinner cruise around the island. Considered to be a truly romantic and blissful experience, a sunset dinner cruise in Bali is sure to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

A typical Bali sunset cruise departs the shore at about 5.45pm, just as the sun begins its slow descent to the horizon. As the cruise begins, one can sip on some wine or cocktails and watch the beautiful sunset with light music being played by live bands aboard the ship, giving you a great opportunity to share some intimate and romantic moments with your loved ones. As the sky is engulfed in darkness and as the stars begin to dot the sky, you will be served a delicious spread of international and local dishes and meals, accompanied by an assortment of sides and desserts, which are sure to be a treat for your senses. While you dine, the ship will have various light entertainment items such as live music and performances which add a tinge of liveliness to the blissful and relaxing ambience of the cruise. You can even get your dance moves on after your dinner, as some dinner cruises have disco and dance floors too! Therefore, for a truly blissful sunset cruise in a tropical haven, visit Bali with your family and loved ones!

A luxury hotel group offering traditional oriental hospitality infused with modern amenities and luxuries is the COMO Hotels and Resorts. With unique accommodation, excellent service, and luxury facilities, a stay in an award winning hotel of this group is highly recommended for a memorable experience.

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Renowned for its impeccable natural splendour, Bali is a premier tourist destination in the world. Couples planning to tie the knot in this paradise island will find no better alternative to a beach wedding. A beach resort in Bali such as Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali is always open to cater to your requirements for a dream wedding. You also have the option of looking beyond a hotel in Nusa Dua and opting for an independent option. Say “I Do” against the mesmerising ocean backdrop, be it in the morning or during sunset in the evening which is the most ideal time. The island is blessed with pristine beaches, some facing the magical sunrise and some overlooking breathtaking sunsets; these include Uluwatu Beach, Canggu Beach, Legian Beach and Balangan Beach. Hence wait no more and plan your beach wedding in Bali to mark the height of your bond in style.


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