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Romantic Things to do In Bali

Whether it is a honeymoon destination one seeks or a romantic getaway, the Indonesian island of Bali is a wonderful choice. While other similar destinations such as the Maldives are wonderful, Bali offers a unique experience, especially for couples who wish to immerse themselves in the culture and traditions of the destination they visit. The island of Bali is idyllic and beautiful as well as aesthetically intriguing with areas such as Ubud boasting of the artistic pulse of the island. For a truly exquisite honeymoon, opt for a resort renowned for its spa facilities such as The Laguna Resort & Spa Bali and unwind after a hectic wedding. Enjoy the laid back atmosphere of the island and explore Bali at your own place while staying in one best beach resort Bali after another.

During daytime, one romantic thing to do in Bali is to explore the multitude of islands near mainland with a luxury catamaran cruise. A cruise would be complete with all the facilities and small luxuries one pleases and it would also provide honeymooners with the opportunity to witness Bali from a different perspective. Another wonderful option is to explore one of the villages during the day and trek through the rice fields and opt for a few hours at the spa to rejuvenate one’s tired bodies.

Wrap up an exciting day with a peaceful yoga session or enjoy a horse drawn carriage ride at sunset along the beach so as to witness the magnificent sunsets the island is famous for. As the cool ocean winds blow inland, a candlelit dinner near the ocean would be a marvellous end to a truly romantic evening.

The multitude of romantic things that can be engaged in when in Bali is numerous and given the natural scenic beauty and diverse Balinese terrain and landscape, it is no surprise that Bali is a haven enjoyed by all those who visit.


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