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Santo Mikael Church in Bali

Home to some of the finest beaches and surf points in Bali, Seminyak is a vibrant place, filled with dozens of amazing restaurants, high-end designer boutiques, nightclubs and luxurious resorts, like theΒ Alila Seminyak Bali, a world classΒ hotel. SeminyakΒ is as stunning as Kuta to the south, minus the large crowds. The ambiance in Seminyak is much more sophisticated and relaxed, which provides a more secluded and intimate setting for romancing couples. All this coupled with amazing sunsets and beautiful settings, it’s no surprise the city has become an ideal destination for an unforgettable tropical weddings.

Located just a short drive away from the big resort area, surrounded by lush tropical trees and fragrant island flowers, is St Mikael Christian Protestant Church, popular among couples looking for a memorable setting to exchange vows. The Santo Mikael Church has served the local community for over thirty years and is famed for its rare gothic styled architecture, which is complimented by the stark white and blue colour scheme, making for a charming sight.

Inside the church, the interior is modest but beautiful, with white walls, high vaulted ceilings, and long dark wooden pews; however, once you walk up the 15meter long aisle to the altar, a mesmerizing sight awaits you. Five stained glass windows behind the altar casts a myriad of colours, as light passes through it, shining numerous patterns across onto the marble floors and ceiling, creating an enchanted backdrop. The historical piece of art, which depicts several biblical figures, was reportedly made in England over a hundred years ago, before making its way to the Santo Mikael Church.

Bali has several churches that stand out for their contemporary, avant-garde designs and stunning locations, but what makes the Santo Mikael Church so captivating, is its classic design and exquisite interior, that draws many couples to its humble steps.

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