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Honeymoon in Kalpitiya

For the adventurous couple, Kalpitiya is a wonderful place to spend their honeymoon as this town is packed to the rafters with exciting activities and places to see and it keeps getting better with the implementation of the tourism promotion proposal of the Sri Lanka Tourism Board.
Kalpitiya benefits greatly from its natural location as it is a peninsular that serves to shelter the Puttalam lagoon from the ocean. Being such a peninsular, Kalpitiya is home to an amazing underwater wonderland. Honeymooners can opt to enjoy these marine wonders in different ways. For those who wish to simply see the coastal plains, the sandy beaches and the saltpans, they can opt to hire a boat and tour the area while the more adventurous can choose to scuba dive and explore the beautiful reefs that protect the coast from the harsh currents of the Indian Ocean. This marine sanctuary also attracts large populations of dolphins and whales and if it is the right time of the year, the coastline is peppered with dolphins, an experience that is sure to make your honeymoon all the more memorable. Begin your married life by exploring the wonders beneath the calm blue surface of the ocean with a glass bottomed boat that will allow you to enjoy its beauty without ever having to get into the ocean.
Newly married couples can also opt to see sea turtles and perhaps even release a couple of newly hatched turtles into the ocean, try their hand at lobster capturing and even see the collection of sea cucumbers. The flora and fauna of this area is diverse and varied and proves to be a unique collection indeed. Other activities that tourists can indulge in include visiting islands in the Dutch and Portugal Bay, visiting the Bar Reef Marine sanctuary and exploring the historical monuments in the area.
As the tourism industry in the area is still beginning to take off,Β Sri Lanka Beach ResortsΒ in Kalpitiya tend to be scarce. When visiting this town, especially on one’s honeymoon,Β Kalpitiya HotelsΒ that comes highly recommended due to its location and excellent service is Palagama Beach Kalpitiya.

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