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Unforgettable Honeymoon in Maldives

The Maldives is unquestionably one of the world’s most attractive holiday destinations, offering mesmerizingly beautiful surroundings and a delightful tropical climate. The pristine sandy beaches bordering glistening sapphire seas gleam invitingly in the balmy sunshine, creating an idyllic ambience to be found nowhere else on the globe. The swaying palm trees and picturesque coral reefs will remain in your mind long after your holiday ends.

For honeymooners there is no better destination than the Maldives with its seemingly endless attractions. The tropical sun and the hypnotically alluring sound of the lapping waves are the ideal backdrop for couples spending this special time of their lives. Take the time to walk in seclusion across the powder-soft sands, spending intimate hours with your loved one. The chance to enjoy an intimate dinner on the beach under serene starry skies is truly the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Maldives offers many leisure options for the holidaymaker. Some resorts offer over-water private bungalows, providing ultimate seclusion and privacy. The services of a private butler may be obtained to cater to your specific needs. World-class fine dining may be enjoyed in the Maldives, with dishes created to suit your fancy. The cuisine of many lands may be enjoyed in the islands, as experienced chefs will provide authentic international dishes with different kinds of healthy food also on the menu. You may choose from a selection of quality wines to complement your meals.

To truly unwind and immerse yourself in the holiday mood, take the opportunity to sample the diverse spa treatments available in the Maldives. There is no doubt that a spa treatment will be the ideal addition to a memorable stay in the Maldives.

As a popular leisure destination it is not surprising that there are innumerable water based activities to be enjoyed in the islands. You may try your hand at snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, sailing, water skiing, parasailing, knee boarding, kite surfing, jet skiing and many other water based activities.
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