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What to Wear While Visiting London-Dress to impress but always carry an umbrella!

Being declared once as the world’s fashion capital, London is a multicultural city where culture meets fashion. The locals are dressed with an array of colours, designs and styles making it the largest and most diverse city in the United Kingdom. Tourists looking for hotels near Hyde Park London would find that Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel is a quaint building with a Victorian setting adding to the glamour and history of this city.

Much of the locals and tourists’ fashion styles are dependent on the climate for the day. As most days are usually gloomy, wet and cool; spring, summers and winters have a mind of its own as visitors might see more rain in spring than in winter. Always carry an umbrella, unless dancing in the rain on the streets of London is on the bucket list. Wellingtons or rubber boots, trench coats or jackets are a popular clothing item in London as the chances of using these accessories are quite high. Keep in mind that most people, although they dress with an air of glam and the latest trends; comfort is the key. Women typically boldly accessorise themselves with statement jewellery and eye-catching purses. From sneakers to stilettos, leisure apparel to designer wear, women’s fashion styles adds colour and life to the streets of London! Men’s fashion styles are no different, as the latest trends, comfort wear, various colours, styles and prints are popular amongst men’s clothes and accessories.

For an evening function or a cultural event, men and women don their best attire for special occasions. Shorts and flip flops should be avoided for a special evening function. Being smartly dressed, either in a dress and heels for women or pants and a button down shirt for men is usual on a night out in London. Also keep in mind that most clubs don’t permit jeans and sneakers.

If shopping has been allocated for a whole day in the itinerary, pack a minimum amount of clothes and get to the busy fashion packed streets of London to sport the latest trends and outfits.

Jayani Senanayake is a writer who dabbles in travel and all things exotic. Under the pseudonym of Caliope Sage, she writes of the allures that must simply be discovered.