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Sunset Views at Bakheng Hill

Popularly known as Bakheng Phnom, the hill is reminiscent of a temple mountain where you can catch one of the best sunrise and sunset views that you will see in the Angkor area. Atop the hill stands a temple that is built in a manner that resembles Mount Meru which is believed to be a shrine to the Hindu gods.

Streams of tourists crowd the upper levels of this famous temple hill to experience the magnificent rays of the sun as it highlights the surrounding area. An ideal time to ascend this mountain would be early morning before the sunrise to see the golden hues of the sun as it begins to radiate the magnificence of the area. The setting and rising of the sun illuminates the Angkor Wat main temple, which lies approximately 1.5 kilometers southeast in the lush greenery that surrounds Bakheng Hill. Other places such as the Phnom Krom to the southwest near the Grand Lake, Phnom Kulen in the east and the West Baray can also be seen in its majesty and splendour during this time.

Visitors wanting to view the beauty of nature in the rising and setting of the sun can also enter the mysterious world of the Khmer by exploring the temple that stands on this site. The mountain and the temple can be accessed from all 4 cardinal directions. You can take a peek into history as the site is home to ancient relics and architecture. There are 5 sandstone sanctuaries that lay in a quincunx design on the topmost level of the temple which is worth a look.

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