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Art Walking Tours Around Melbourne, a perfect way to experience the historic city

Walking tours in the environs of Melbourne, one of Australia’s most celebrated cities is a great way for travellers to acquaint themselves with the special features of the city while simultaneously providing pleasurable exercise. Some tours focus on exploring the actual art scene in Melbourne by visiting galleries and artists’ studios but many other walks tour the highlights of the city.

Melbourne art walks aim to acquaint the visitor with the inside knowledge of the art scene; the tour will take you behind the scenes to discover the world of art creation, meeting artists and art educators learning artistic secrets always guided by a knowledgeable art expert.

Other tours aim to introduce the city of Melbourne to curious visitors. Highlights on tours include such notable destinations as the Queen Victoria Gardens, where the visitor will encounter the Queen Victoria Monument; and as you explore the gardens, bask in the shade of the lofty trees, while enjoying the picturesque flower displays. The intriguing statues in the park include The Pathfinder, The Phoenix, Water Nymph and the Water Children.

Also on offer on this route are the much-admired floral clock and the statue of Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria. Other highlights include the famous Shrine of Remembrance, the Royal Botanic Gardens, and numerous other places of interest.

Alternatively pedestrians may choose to explore the waterfront taking in such well known landmarks as the Federation Square, a focus of cultural activities and the historic Princes Bridge; admire the ‘Dervish’ statue while relaxing to the tunes of street performers. You will also take in the Southbank Pedestrian Bridge and the Enterprize Wharf where you will see the beautiful Constellation carved figureheads.

For the visitor who prefers urban features, tours are available to take a glimpse of the city’s imposing edifices which include the majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral, the historic Melbourne Town Hall and the Manchester Unity Building, a famed building constructed in the 1930s deco style. You will also view the imposing Parliament House, the appealing Princess Theatre and the Chinese Museum. These are just a few of the myriad of pleasures that you will experience on walking tours of Melbourne.

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